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Yun Zhu was able to successfully fuse the Fire Soul. Chen Xiang was relieved.

"Sisters, I will be going to Heaven Sacred City now, I need to take a good look at the terrain first, at that time, Sister Bai Xing will need you to master the time and summon that star here in time." Chen Xiang cupped his fists and said.

Yan Zilan said worriedly: "I'll go with you. If something goes wrong, I can still save you!"

"No, when the time comes, I will contact Sister Bai Xing and ask her to display her Inherent Skill and summon the stars down." Chen Xiang gave Bai Xing a jade token, which was used to send messages.

Yan Zilan knew that once Chen Xiang left and they succeeded, they would return to the Mortal Martial Realm. At that time, it would be unknown how long it would be before they could meet again.

The three women sent Chen Xiang out of the valley.

"Please help me greet Yanyao." Chen Xiang said.

"I will treat her like a sister, don't worry." Yan Zilan's heart was filled with an indescribable melancholy as she stretched out her jade hands to caress Chen Xiang's handsome face.

"Be careful!" Yan Zilan warned.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, but at this time, Yun Zhu walked over, stood on his tiptoes and kissed Chen Xiang on the cheek: "Thank you, you must come back to the valley and play again in the future."

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded: "They will definitely come, take care!"

Chen Xiang donned a black robe, flew at a fast speed, and disguised herself. Only after Chen Xiang had left and disappeared from their line of sight did the three Yan Zilan sisters return to the Zi Lan Mountain Valley. Chen Xiang's appearance had changed their lives greatly, to the point where she was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang.

Within the Heaven Sacred City, Chen Xiang was walking around the side of the plaza. Although he could not get close, looking from afar, he could see that there were a lot of people setting up formations, but their methods were extremely secretive, so outsiders would not be able to see them.

"In order for you to dare to attack, they will definitely not place any experts in the plaza. At that time, we will just need to use the Seventy-two changes in combination with the Heaven tour method, and we will not need to step into the plaza to obtain the Chaos fire." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang stayed at the tavern that was the closest to the plaza. He had been observing the stage all day, waiting for the day the event would begin.

This was the last vote he had in the Sacred Dan Realm, and he was extremely moved when he thought of how he would not leave any regret behind.

In the blink of an eye, a few days had pa.s.sed, and today, the entire plaza was filled with people. All of them were dressed extravagantly, with solemn expressions.

"It's finally here!" Chen Xiang anxiously took out a jade token, which was used to communicate with Bai Xing.

"Sister Bai Xing, if you summon the stars, how long will it take for you to land?" It was still early in the morning, and the Chaotic Mountain had announced that the summoning ceremony would be held at noon.

"In about ten breaths' time, that fiery star will fall from the sky. I specially selected that star. "After being summoned, it will burn up a large amount of fire and electricity, and rush to the ground at an extremely fast speed. From the energy contained within the star, if that group of old fellows didn't intervene, they would all die." Bai Xing said in a serious tone, "If they don't stop us at that time, I'll have the star explode in the sky, in case we destroy the city and harm the innocent."

Chen Xiang said: "Mn, at that time, if they really don't stop you, you don't have to be depressed, even if the stars self-detonate in the sky. This group of old fellows are more afraid of death than me, they will definitely intervene. "

Although he said that, he could not help but feel shocked in his heart. This Bai Xing's Inherent Skill was really too terrifying.

"Summoning stars can only be done once every five hundred years or so. If it could be carried out consecutively, White Tiger Race would be the ruler of the entire Heaven Realm long ago." Long Xueyi said.

could still see Fan Yakun and Lin Xi Yi, even Yan Zilan had come. If they could not stop the descending star, then everyone here would be done for.

"It's about to start, when the time comes, everyone will say that Chaotic Mountain summoned that star down, and it won't be me." Chen Xiang felt extremely nervous at this moment. "I hope that those old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds will be able to make their move in time!"

Many people were looking around to see if Chen Xiang was around. Although Chaotic Mountain said that he was summoning the G.o.ds with his Chaos fire, everyone could tell that it was a trap set up for Chen Xiang.

If Chen Xiang was able to win, then Chaotic Mountain would be utterly embarra.s.sed, and would have lost the last Chaos fire in their hands.

"It's starting!" Chen Xiang's heart tightened. Seeing a white-haired old man wearing a grey robe flying up to the stage, he took out three Chaos fire and inserted them into a wooden board. Then, he jumped down and stood in the middle of the crowd.

Chen Xiang's mind stirred, and he released his Fa Li. He wanted to do the same thing as last time when he stole the Jade Dragon Flower, to use a deceptive trick and create an illusion above the stage, and inside the illusion, Long Xueyi would form a big hand to catch the three Chaos fire and bring it back.

In order to prevent himself from being caught when the time comes, Chen Xiang would make Bai Xing summon that star down, and then perform an ability to steal together with Long Xueyi.

Chen Xiang's soul was now much stronger, and his mana was even more powerful. He was able to instantly cast that deceptive spell, so he did not need too much time.

"Sister Bai Xing, let's begin!" Chen Xiang held onto the jade tablet, and sent a message to Bai Xing. At the same time, he and Long Xueyi released their mana, allowing the mana to come up to the stage.

Suddenly, the array formation in the plaza flashed with a gold light, and Chen Xiang, who was in the hotel, appeared on the stage after blacking out.

Chen Xiang was extremely shocked. He did not understand why he had to push and pull them over, which caught him off guard, but he still put the three Chaos fire into the Storage magic treasure just in time. The Chaos fire was real, which made him feel a lot more at ease.

Seeing Chen Xiang suddenly appear on the stage, Yan Zilan was extremely shocked in his heart, because Chen Xiang had said that he would never step into the plaza later on. Standing around the plaza, the spectators were all stirred up, because Chen Xiang had really come and took away the Chaos fire, but it would be impossible to escape now.

"Chen Xiang, you really have a good method. Although I do not know what kind of power you used to quietly enter the plaza, but you were still sensed by the formation we set up. Then, the formation opened, the universe shifted and you were brought in through the s.p.a.ce." The gray-robed elder laughed out loud: "Hand over the Chaos fire in your hands, I guarantee that Chaotic Mountain will not pursue this matter any further."

At this moment, the faces of all the experts at the edges of the plaza changed greatly. They raised their heads to look at the sky, only to see a huge rock that was burning with flames and flashing with lightning descending from the sky.

"Quick, everyone! Otherwise, we will all die! The entire 18th level will be destroyed!" Du Hai bellowed, his eyes turning red, he anxiously jumped up.

All of the experts jumped up as fast as they could to gather their strength. They were prepared to catch that giant star and then move on to other places. If they exploded right here, then the entire city would definitely be smashed to smithereens.

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