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Chen Xiang did so. On one hand, they were able to deepen their relationship with the three sisters Yan Zilan. Although they were female, they were powerful, had lofty statuses, and were very beautiful as well. When he came to the Sacred Dan Realm in the future, he would definitely be taken care of by them.

On the other hand, he also wanted to confirm if he really had the ability to extract the Fire Soul from the dead and infuse it into the dead.

If he succeeded, in the future, when he had the strength, he would hunt down people from the Fire Divine Palace and take out Fire Soul from their bodies. Then, he would treat them the same way, letting them experience what kind of feeling they had after the Fire Soul was taken out.

"Take this and eat it when you're in pain. It should be able to alleviate the pain." Chen Xiang took out a piece of fresh, red, beautiful fruit flesh. This was the fruit flesh of Earthly fruit s, and the moment Chen Xiang took it out, Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu could immediately see that it was not ordinary.

Yan Zilan was in charge of the Sacred Dan School's business, since she was a knowledgeable person, she realized that the grade of the fruit was much better than the immortal fruit she mentioned before.

Yun Zhu did not accept it. Although Chen Xiang gave it to her with an indifferent face, she did not dare to accept it because it was too precious!

Yan Zilan chuckled and pinched Yun Zhu's pure face: "Elder sister, I spent a lot of effort just now, take it."

When she thought about how Yan Zilan had sacrificed his looks and even tried to act spoiled in order to get benefits for her, her heart warmed and she received it with her jade hands.

"With the Devouring magic kungfu and my Fa Li, I should be able to pull out the Fire Soul!" Long Xueyi said. She had long ago discussed all kinds of methods to extract the Fire Soul with Su Meiyao and the others. In the end, she felt that this method was the safest and most effective.

The Devouring magic kungfu was able to extract all the energy from a person's body, which was why Chen Xiang had used this technique to swallow the Thunder soul. However, at that time, the Thunder soul had entered's body, and if he added in the powerful control of his Fa Li, he would be able to prevent the Fire Soul from entering his body during the process.

"I'm going to start now. When the time comes, I must focus all my attention. You all must help me protect me!" Chen Xiang's expression changed, he became solemn: "Also, do not leak out this matter, at that time it might not only be the Fire Divine Palace who wants to deal with me."

When used on Devouring magic kungfu, if others knew that he had such a terrifying devilish art, he would be in deep trouble. Others either wanted to steal this devilish art or kill those who understood it, lest the day comes when he himself was devoured.

Yun Zhu and Yan Zilan both nodded.

Chen Xiang released a formless mana that wrapped around his palm and then released his consciousness. He entered his body and felt the Fire Soul that blended into every part of his body.

He originally had powerful Heaven fire soul on him, and coupled with his powerful divine sense, he could immediately sense them. Then, he would circulate the Devouring magic kungfu and choose to devour those Fire Soul s.

Yan Zilan also wanted to see what kind of method Chen Xiang used to extract the Fire Soul, but she only sensed that Chen Xiang was releasing mana and wasn't able to tell anything else.

Chen Xiang's hand was placed on top of the corpse's chest, and a weak purple flame suddenly leaked out from the corpse, upon seeing it, both Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu fiercely stared at it with their beautiful eyes wide open. This was truly a purple Fire Soul, and in the Sacred Dan Realm, it was a priceless treasure, especially for some of the older Alchemist, they would definitely be able to make a rich Alchemist throw their money away to exchange for it.

A ball of purple colored flames slowly condensed into form within Chen Xiang's palm as it violently jumped. It was shining with an extremely dazzling purple light, and under the darkness of the night, it was as if a bright purple star was spewing out light.

Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu now understood why Chen Xiang had said that he could make this corpse valuable. They looked similar, but what kind of benefits killing a person with a Fire Soul would have, if this ability was known to some powers, they would probably think of ways to make Chen Xiang work for them. If Fire Divine Palace knew, then Fire Divine Palace would definitely do whatever it took to eliminate Chen Xiang.

Thus, they understood why Chen Xiang cautiously allowed them to keep their secret. For Chen Xiang to reveal such an important secret in front of them, meant that he absolutely trusted them. This also meant that Chen Xiang treated them as friends who could entrust their lives to each other.

Before long, the purple Fire Soul in Chen Xiang's hand became extremely large, and like a watermelon, it flickered with waves of intense purple light.

"Completed, I didn't expect it to be so fast!" Chen Xiang sealed the body again, because there was still a lot of energy inside, allowing him to absorb it in the future.

"Sister Yun Zhu, are you ready?" Chen Xiang smiled slightly.

Yun Zhu's eyes flickered with an excited and excited Qiubo, he looked at Chen Xiang with extreme grat.i.tude, and nodded. "Mmm!"

Holding the purple Fire Soul, Chen Xiang pressed it into Yun Zhu's abdomen. Yun Zhu's face instantly revealed a pained expression, and his clothes were also instantly burnt up, revealing his snow-white body covered in faint purple flames. Chen Xiang's eyes started to flicker as he looked.

"Sister Viola, hurry and bring her to a quiet place. She's purposely going to convert the materials into cost and fuse them together." Chen Xiang anxiously shouted: "Sister Yun Zhu, hurry up and eat that fruit flesh I gave you."

Yan Zilan flew over, embraced Yun Zhu tightly and flew in one direction, while Yun Zhu endured the pain of eating the Earthly fruit.

Not long after, Chen Xiang saw a purple light flashing and appeared at a place in the valley far away. From time to time, he heard weak howls of wolves, and in order to not disturb Bai Xing and the Sacred Dan School, Yan Zilan set up a barrier around himself, isolating himself from Yun Zhu's howls and purple light.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I succeeded, from now on, those fellows from Fire Divine Palace are my best prey, haha …"

"Great, this group of fellows, relying on their solid foundation in the Heaven Realm, they can be domineering in the Mortal Realm, plundering Fire Soul and high grade fire type medicinal ore." Su Meiyao said with extreme hatred, "You better return to the Mortal Martial Realm and join forces with your Junior Nephew and the others to annihilate the Fire Divine Palace. Otherwise, you will be stabbed in the back when the Great War between Three Realms starts."

"We'll talk about it when the time comes, I won't let the Fire Divine Palace in the mortal kungfu realm get away with it!"

A flash of ruthlessness flashed across Chen Xiang's eyes. It was precisely because Elder Dan was persecuted by Fire Divine Palace that caused him to come here, and he knew that in other worlds, there were many people who had been pulled out of the Fire Soul by Fire Divine Palace and then killed.

Yan Zilan flew back, and revealed a sincere and grateful smile: "Yun Zhu is much stronger than I thought, thank you for giving her such a good gift!"

"There's no need to be so polite, just don't object to me chasing after her!" Chen Xiang laughed wickedly: "Sister Yun Zhu's pure temperament and gentle personality is really an ideal wife, it's just that she's a immortal beast … …"

Yan Zilan saw that Chen Xiang was all smiles, she lightly bit her lips, stomped her foot, and pouted. "You little scoundrel, what else do you want?"

Chen Xiang looked at Bai Xing, then looked at Yan Zilan, and praised: "If you three sisters go out walking frequently, you are really a scourge to the world. Why don't I take you in, and take the justice for the heavens …."

"d.a.m.n you!" Yan Zilan laughed and used the jade to point at Chen Xiang's forehead.

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