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Yun Zhu and Bai Xing understood Yan Zilan very well. Of course, they had absolute trust in Yan Zilan. Of course, they had been together with him for a very long time, and for the sake of the three of them having a good environment to cultivate in, Yan Zilan was willing to help them with the protection of the Sacred Dan School.

They were women, and there were even two immortal beast s among them, both objects that many powerful immortals wished to conquer. It was not easy for them to have a safe environment right now, so they naturally did not want to be destroyed like this.

After Yan Zilan told Yun Zhu and Bai Xing that he wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the three Chaos fire, the two girls were so scared that their faces turned pale. They were immortal beast, and were both very strong, so if they went together with Yan Zilan, they might be able to win.

"Sisters, I won't let you take the risk to help me steal something." When Chen Xiang saw the two girls' expressions, he said anxiously: "I just need big sister Bai Xing to help me out with a little favor, when the time comes I will do it myself."

Yan Zilan said seriously: "You must promise me, you definitely won't let Bai Xing into a dangerous situation, if not I will definitely not let you go at that time."

Yan Zilan nodded towards Yun Zhu and Bai Xing, and Yun Zhu also sat down. Yan Zilan was their big sister, the three girls had once supported each other with their lives, their relationship towards each other was extremely good, and they could tell that Yan Zilan had some sort of kindness towards Chen Xiang, so they would definitely help Yan Zilan as well.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Sister Bai Xing, do they know about your situation?"

Bai Xing nodded his head, which surprised Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu. Bai Xing's background was the most mysterious, but Chen Xiang knew about it.

Chen Xiang anxiously replied: "It's not her that told me, it's just that I happened to read a book that described the matters when Big Sister Bai Xing was born."

"But big sister Bai Xing, you probably only know that you came out from a giant star and don't know why you came out of it, right?"

Bai Xing sighed lightly: "I searched for a lot of information in Heaven Realm. After I came to Sacred Dan Realm, Big Sis also helped me search for it, but I didn't know about this matter."

Chen Xiang said: "Of course, you are the most mysterious and special clan in the White Tiger Race, called the Starry Tiger Tribe. You cultivate by absorbing the power of the stars, and you can also roam the starry sky.

Yun Zhu and Bai Xing now somewhat understood why Chen Xiang had such a good relationship with him. Over the years, they had met many powerful experts with vast knowledge, but no one knew about these things.

"Cough cough, it was the boss of White Tiger Race who told me this." Chen Xiang laughed and continued: "You probably have never tried to absorb the power of the stars before right? Not only can you become stronger by absorbing the power of the stars, you can also use the special ability in your body to summon out the stars."

The three girls were not stupid, they now understood why Chen Xiang wanted Bai Xing to help him. Back then, when Bai Xing descended onto a continent in Heaven Realm, it was only with the help of many experts that he was able to stop the star.

"You only need to stay here to do it. Other than us, no one else will know that you did it. When you summon the stars, no one else will be able to sense it. Don't worry." Chen Xiang said.

This was an extremely powerful force. There were countless stars in the vast starry sky, and things like the moon and sun all belonged to the stars. If it could be summoned down, then it would lead to the destruction of an entire world.

Both Yan Zilan and Yun Zhu's faces were filled with shock, and there was even a hint of excitement. This was because their sisters possessed such a terrifying ability, that would allow them to better survive in this world where the strong preyed on the weak.

"I... What am I going to do? I don't know if I have that ability, and I haven't noticed it in years. " Bai Xing tensed up and asked softly.

Long Xueyi had already told Chen Xiang how to awaken his abilities. This was extremely simple.

"This is because you didn't perform the awakening ceremony. After you awaken, you will receive the inherited memories. This is something that many high level beasts have. When that time comes, you will know how to cultivate your star power and use your innate ability." Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't be nervous, this is a good thing for Sister Bai Xing!"

She already knew that Chen Xiang wasn't an ordinary fellow, otherwise, she wouldn't have obtained their White Tiger Race's divine weapon. Now that she knew Chen Xiang's ident.i.ty, she was even more certain that within this Sacred Dan Realm, there had never been anything that would cause Chaotic Mountain to suffer a big loss.

Chen Xiang had to admit that in order to guard against White Tiger Race, Imperial Dragon Race had done a lot of research and had a very good understanding of him. He even knew about this awakening ceremony. Back then, when Chen Xiang fought with the White Tiger, it was only because Long Xueyi told him about the White Tiger's weakness that he was able to win.

Long Xueyi knew all of this, but he needed the special power of the White Tiger Race. This point was not difficult for Chen Xiang as he had the White Tiger Divine Weapon, so he could make Bai Xing set up the array himself.

Until night time when Chen Xiang finished setting up the awakening array.

"Sister Bai Xing, just sit cross-legged in the middle, then close your eyes and let yourself sleep. This kind of ceremony should have been done when you were very young, so you wouldn't feel any pain." Chen Xiang wiped his sweat and heaved a sigh of relief. This Awakening Formation was still a little complicated, but thankfully his foundation was not bad.

Bai Xing was a little agitated, and immediately sat cross-legged inside the array. After that, she closed her eyes to ease herself up and entered into a deep slumber, the array very quickly emitted a faint golden radiance which enveloped Bai Xing's body. Bai Xing's delicate body slowly floated up, and floated above the array, starlight shrouded her entire body, and her beautiful pitch-black hair fluttered in the wind.

"She's absorbing a lot of star power. She might be modifying her body!" Chen Xiang revealed a smile, "It should be fine by morning, you don't have to worry."

"What exactly are you doing in the Mortal Realm? Many of the old people in Sacred Dan Realm and the Heaven Realm didn't even know about this kind of thing, yet a little kid like you actually knows about it. " Yan Zilan heaved a sigh of relief, and smiled at Chen Xiang.

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