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He arrived at the entrance of the shop. When Chen Xiang saw Fan Yakun taking care of the herbs, he could not help but laugh because Fan Yakun's pill furnace was actually a transparent pill furnace. Obviously, he had obtained some inspiration from's Magic method furnace.

But Chen Xiang knew, this kind of transparent and anti-burning ingredients were very rare, if not many Alchemist would have one of these pill furnaces, this way, they could let people or their own disciples see the changes in the furnace better and learn from it.

The pellet Fan Yakun refined was a Nine quenching body Dan, after the ingredients were placed into the furnace, it immediately released a dazzling gold light, attracting many people's attention, and very quickly, the five storefronts' entrance became bustling.

There were many people who did not attend the pill refining compet.i.tion, so they did not mention anything about Chen Xiang using Magic method furnace s to concoct pills, but now that they saw it, they were all dumbstruck. They were all shocked, and some even clapped and applauded.

Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed, he realized that Fan Yakun's business knowledge was not bad, he looked inside the shop, and saw many people entering, and the shop's name was called Xi Yi Pavilion, which was actually named after Lin Xiyi. Through the shop, he could see a door that led to the back. From that door, he could see that there were many herbs growing inside.

"It's only been a few months, but this guy has already fallen in love with the Chaotic Mountain's woman. He really is a love expert!" Chen Xiang laughed in his heart, he remembered that Lin Xi Yi was a woman with very high standards.

Chen Xiang had to admit that Fan Yakun's talent in alchemy was very high. Now that he had a good pill furnace, refining the Nine quenching body Dan was very easy. What made many men jealous was, when he refined till they sweat profusely, Lin Xi Yi, that delicate beauty, would help him wipe his sweat with a gentle and moving expression.

Fan Yakun's current pill furnace looked like a transparent crystal pill furnace, and the material of the pill furnace also had a special type of strengthening light, which caused the light produced to be even more beautiful and resplendent. It was also the first time that Chen Xiang had seen someone else concoct pills with his own eyes, so he patiently admired the pill, waiting for Fan Yakun to finish refining.

"It's only one pill, this fellow probably isn't familiar with this cauldron!" Chen Xiang waited for more than two hours, and finally, he waited for Fan Yakun to finish. Although there was only one pill, this pill was still valuable, and it was of a high quality.

In Sacred Dan Realm, even though there were Heaven level Pills, they were still too expensive. There were many Ground level Pills, their prices were low, and they were suitable for many people.

Everyone also saw, I can refine Ground level Pills. When I have time in the future, I will refine a mid grade Ground level Pills for everyone to see, I will also be in charge of this shop from now on, and will be the Alchemist of this place. Fan Yakun laughed.

The business of the pill shop had become extremely hot. Chen Xiang looked at Fan Yakun and used his consciousness to send a sound transmission to him. "Brother Fan, good move!"

Just as Fan Yakun was about to put away the pill furnace and leave, he heard Chen Xiang's voice echo in his mind. His body trembled slightly, and when he turned his head to look, he saw a middle-aged man.

"Hehe, let's chat inside!" Fan Yakun was extremely shocked. He thought that Chen Xiang would hide himself, but he actually ran all the way to the eighteenth floor.

Chen Xiang followed Fan Yakun to a hall, and Lin Xi Yi followed.

"Chen Xiang?" Lin Xi Yi said with a frown, her charming face was full of surprise, and then she hastily closed the door to the hall.

Chen Xiang laughed, "I never thought that Miss Lin and Brother Fan would actually fall in love, I never expected that!"

"Chen Xiang, do you want to die? You actually came here, don't you know that it is time for all sorts of experts to gather here? " Fan Yakun said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Have you seen when my life is on the line?"

Lin Xi Yi snorted: "Aren't you afraid that I'll tell Chaotic Mountain? You have four Chaos fire s in your hands, many old fellows in Chaotic Mountain are always thinking about them. "

"If you're afraid, then I'm not coming. Is this shop owned by the Chaotic Mountain?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"No, it was my parents who secretly supported me. After that …" Lin Xi Yi glanced at Fan Yakun, her charming face turning slightly red: "Then he came to help."

Chen Xiang nodded his head and said, "I suggest that you guys build a tall tower. After that, Brother Fan should refine pills in the tower from time to time, and use that cauldron.

Fan Yakun's eyes lit up: Not bad, if there's anything you need my help with, just say it. If there's nothing else, you won't come looking for me.

Lin Xi Yi glared at Chen Xiang: "Don't tell me you're here to take care of those three Chaos fire s? Those are the last three holy tokens of our Chaotic Mountain. "

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "Do you think it's possible for me to obtain it? I am here to look for Yan Zilan, do you know any way to contact her? "

Fan Yakun and Lin Xi Yi looked at each other. Last time, during the compet.i.tion, Yan Zilan kissed Chen Xiang. From this, they could tell that Chen Xiang and Yan Zilan's relationship was not ordinary.

"What is your relationship with her?" Lin Xi Yi asked hastily.

"Yanyao followed her for cultivation, and because I've done some big business with her, her relationship with me is not too bad." Chen Xiang chuckled: "I even slept on her bed before."

She is an important figure of the Sacred Dan School, so she will definitely come to this meeting that the Chaotic Mountain is hosting. It would be best if you go to the Violet Orchid Valley next to the Sacred Dan School to look for her, and if she does not go into closed door cultivation, you can find her there. "" Alright. Fan Yakun said.

After Chen Xiang heard this, he said, "Thank you!" Then, he turned around and quickly left.

"Hey, don't you dare partic.i.p.ate in the convention hosted by the Chaotic Mountain. It was a trap set up for you …"

Chen Xiang had already jumped over a wall, but he heard Lin Xi Yi's warning.

After leaving this shop, Chen Xiang walked around the street a few times, then entered a relatively low cla.s.s and also a very large inn.

The Sacred Dan School was at the east side of the Heaven Sacred City, so Chen Xiang was walking towards the east gate. When he arrived at the entrance, he suddenly saw a notice posted, it said that there was something related to the compet.i.tion.

"The Chaos fire contains divine power and will be used to communicate with the G.o.ds at the start of the conference. When that time comes, the Chaos fire will be placed in the middle of the plaza and used to summon the G.o.ds, no one can get close to them!"

Seeing this, Chen Xiang finally understood why Lin Xi Yi said that it was a trap.

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