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The dragon pearl had completely absorbed all of the energy. Chen Xiang's divine soul had also become stronger by quite a bit. After breaking through to the next stage, he had been stuck at the stage of transformation and had now cultivated his divine soul to the third stage of metamorphosis.

According to what Long Xueyi had said, his current soul was vastly different from his physical body and Innate Qi. Back then, cultivating his soul was extremely difficult, and even Chen Xiang had no choice.

In the cave, Long Xueyi leaned against the wall of the cave as she held a fruit in her hand. The fruit had been bitten a few times on it and she was currently watching Chen Xiang cultivate.

The dragon scales on Chen Xiang's body merely appeared for a few brief moments before disappearing. Then, his body once again released a fiery-red radiance, as if his body was surrounded by a layer of soft flames. The red crystal-like dragon scales suddenly appeared again, and then disappeared …

was completely immersed in his cultivation now. He felt that he was standing on a dragon head that was carved out of fiery red crystals, riding this dragon, soaring about the Taiji yin and yang map in his dantian.

Of course, the Fire Dragon that was so huge in Chen Xiang's eyes, in comparison to the five Beast statue, still looked like an ant and a mountain, but Chen Xiang was even more so. Sooner or later, he knew that he would be able to drive the five Beast statue formed with Innate Qi!

"Xue Yi, what's the situation now?" When Su Meiyao came out of the ring, it was because it was meant for her and Bai Youyou to live in, so Chen Xiang gave it such a name.

He might be able to turn this Martial Spirit into a dragon that he can drive in the future, but he will probably have to wait a long time. He can use the power of the Fire Dragon now, and this little scoundrel is now a mutant dragon! Long Xueyi laughed: "That means he doesn't inherit the dragon's bloodline all the time, but has used his own fortuitous encounter to give himself the power to fight against the dragon. This kind of person is what the Imperial Dragon Race fears the most."

Suddenly, Chen Xiang opened his eyes and a red light flashed, it looked just like a pair of fire dragon eyes, the terrifying flames ignited in his eyes, his body was ignited in flames, the faint fiery red dragon scales overflowed the surface of his body, but he did not look sinister at all, instead, he had a kind of strange beauty, just like the way he revealed his profoundwu diamond armour s domineering aura.

"We've entered the Hundred refining realm!" Long Xueyi laughed, her small face revealing an ambiguous look that did not match her outer appearance: "sister Meiyao, besides the t.i.tle Immortal Dragon, does Jade Dragon have another t.i.tle in Imperial Dragon Race?"

After knowing that Chen Xiang had entered the Hundred refining realm, Bai Youyou also came out from the ring. Looking at Chen Xiang's beautiful dragon scales, her eyes flashed with a strange light, and she couldn't help but take a few more glances.

Chen Xiang was focused on absorbing the Power of giving. After absorbing the Power of giving, he would be a Hundred refining realm warrior.

"What nickname?" Bai Youyou asked, but not long after she asked the question, she was already regretting it.

"This name is only limited to Gong Long, and is commonly known as Yin Dragons. Those powerful male dragons in the Imperial Dragon Race are indeed very perverted, which is why there are many demon beasts with dragon blood in their bodies, but male Jade Dragons are much more perverted." Long Xueyi chuckled: "Actually it's not like that either. It's just because there are too many female dragons trying to tempt the Jade Dragon, and because if I were to do that with the Jade Dragon, I can also obtain that kind of indestructible power!"

Su Meiyao scoffed, and used all her strength to pinch Long Xueyi's pill: "Little Dragon, what do you mean by that?"

Long Xueyi laughed tenderly: "As for whether there will be any benefits from doing that with Chen Xiang, I'll have to let the two sisters verify it!"

"Why didn't you personally verify it?" Bai Youyou blushed slightly and asked softly.

"I'm still young!" Long Xueyi stuck out his tongue.

Su Meiyao grabbed towards her chest, grabbed onto an imposing object, and snorted: "You're still young?"

Chen Xiang didn't know that these three beauties were playing with each other, otherwise he would definitely be distracted.

Long Xueyi played with Su Meiyao for a while before continuing. "Because the jade dragon was too hot going, it was driven out and killed by many royal dragons. Otherwise, these royal dragons would not have been able to find a good mother dragon to give birth to a pure descendant."

"sister Meiyao, so you have to look favorably on a little man. If the news of him possessing a Yulong blood spreads, let alone a woman, even a man … "Hehe."

Chen Xiang suddenly heard it and almost choked to death on a mouthful of blood.

"Don't say anymore, it's not good to go berserk later." Bai Youyou looked at Chen Xiang with concern. If she wasn't a little afraid of the heat emitted from Chen Xiang's body, she would have definitely wiped off Chen Xiang's sweat.

Feeling Bai Youyou's tenderness, Chen Xiang's mood immediately improved, and he absorbed the Power of giving a little faster.

Su Meiyao pinched Long Xueyi's face, and laughed: "Little Milkman, do you also want to steal my little man?"

Long Xueyi pouted but did not reply.

The cave was silent for a moment, then Long Xueyi muttered: "I should be a big milk dragon … …"

This made Su Meiyao burst out in laughter, as he reached out and took this mischievous and sweet little dragon girl into his arms.

Five days had pa.s.sed, Chen Xiang's body suddenly trembled, a dragon's roar came out from his body, causing the entire forest to shake slightly, and that dragon roar spread out along with the shock. Thinking back to the forest, the birds and beasts were startled, and they all started to flee.

When Chen Xiang opened his eyes, two streams of flames would frequently spurt out from his eyes, converging into what seemed to be a flaming dragon, bared its fangs and brandished its claws, and directly smashed apart the shattered rocks inside the cave.

"I've finally broken through!" Bai Youyou heaved a sigh of relief, looked at Chen Xiang gently, and returned to the ring.

Su Meiyao walked over, gave him a kiss on his lips, then petted him a little.

Long Xueyi pursed his lips, the little girl actually revealed a kind of flirtatious expression, startling Chen Xiang.

"What are you going to do now?" Chen Xiang looked at her chest where her clothes were about to burst, and asked with curled lips.

"You've broken through, but it's all thanks to me. Give me some rewards!" Long Xueyi stretched out his small hands and chuckled as he looked at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took out a Nature fruit and placed it on her palm. "Eat it.

On the other hand, there was still a white dragon tattoo on Chen Xiang's left shoulder, which was left behind to allow Long Xueyi to quickly borrow strength to give it to him.

He walked out of the cave and fiercely stomped his feet. A burst of lightning and fire shot out, causing the ground to immediately crack and form a network of cracks with blazing with fire and lightning.

"Using the Seventy-two changes now should be much simpler!" Chen Xiang transformed into a small hawk and flapped his wings, instantly flying into the sky and gliding in the air.

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