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Not only did the dragon pearl contain the dragon's rich strength. was currently absorbing both of these powers at the same time, strengthening his soul, and strengthening his Innate Qi.

Long Xueyi was also helping Chen Xiang with her cultivation now. Chen Xiang held onto her delicate hand that was holding onto the dragon pearl, and absorbed the power of the dragon soul from within, while she absorbed a large amount of energy from the dragon pearl, turning it into Dragon Power. She then pressed one hand on Chen Xiang's abdomen, and poured it into Chen Xiang's body.

Dragons were born with the ability to use the Dragon Power, but humans could only use it through cultivation. Furthermore, the conditions to cultivate the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu were extremely harsh, so humans with the ability to use the Dragon Power had terrifying strength.

The energy contained within the Dragon Power was extremely majestic. After entering Chen Xiang's dantian, it was refined by Chen Xiang and refined into a large amount of Genuine qi of five elements. He compressed all of the Innate Qi into the five Beast statue and lit them up.

At the same time, Long Xueyi also entered a state of half cultivation. The energy in the dragon pearl was so dense, that after entering her body, she would absorb some of it. The speed at which he absorbed the energy using the Dragon Power into his body made Chen Xiang exclaim in surprise, but he knew that this method was not common, and it would take a period of time.

Chen Xiang had been holding onto Long Xueyi's jade hand the entire time, and the dragon pearl was currently held in the middle of this big and small palm.

This caused Chen Xiang to turn pale in fright. He remembered that there was an extremely large amount of energy in the dragon pearl, it was not possible for it to be absorbed by him and Long Xueyi in such a short amount of time.

Very quickly, he discovered the reason. What he did not expect was that the Youyao Yugong inside the ring was absorbing the energy at a crazy rate, and it was actually not under his control.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang was getting a little anxious, because the ring was absorbing energy at a very fast speed. Right now, he treated the dragon pearl as a treasure for his cultivation.

Long Xueyi who was cultivating also opened her eyes, because she could clearly feel that the dragon pearl in her palm was slowly shrinking. What made her feel serious was that both her and Chen Xiang's hands were stuck to the dragon pearl and were being sucked in by a bizarre suction force.

"The problem with the ring, hurry up and cultivate. Else, the dragon pearl will be lost. This is not a bad thing, there is no need to worry." Long Xueyi's eyes flickered with white light as he let out a sigh of relief. He gave Chen Xiang a sweet smile, then continued to close his eyes to increase the speed at which he transferred Dragon Power to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was also at a loss at this moment, but he knew that if he was any slower, this dragon pearl would have dried up. What made him most depressed was that the ring actually absorbed the power of the dragon soul.

Not long after, Chen Xiang calmed himself down and entered a quiet cultivation state, crazily refining the Dragon Power that Chen Xiang had sent over to him. What made him a little surprised was that the speed at which he refined the Dragon Power was getting faster and faster, and his body was getting hotter and hotter. The Refine Power that was released from the Raging Flames Dantian was even more tyrannical, and he could feel that his flames had actually become a lot more powerful.

Unknowingly, Chen Xiang's entire body was covered in flames, and he quickly found out the reason behind this. His Fire Dragon kungfu soul was actually quickly growing stronger, which surprised him a little, especially with such a speed.

As his Innate Qi and spirit continued to improve, everything within his body was being refined and becoming stronger. He felt that it wouldn't be long before he entered the Hundred refining realm.

"What is this?" Chen Xiang was suddenly shocked, he felt a white liquid gushing into his body. He could clearly feel that this was not energy, but a white blood liquid, and a large amount of it was currently appearing in his body. It seeped into his limbs and bones, and seeped into his blood, bones, and muscles …

At this moment, he felt as if his body was a dried up piece of land that was continuously being irrigated by this white liquid, causing him to feel extremely comfortable.

"It's from the ring!" Chen Xiang felt it, the ring was frantically releasing the liquid, it allowed the white liquid to continuously enter his body and flood over his body. Although he did not feel his body strengthening, he felt a wonderful feeling.

"This is the Yulong blood, your Fire Dragon kungfu soul is currently excited, the Jade Dragon is called the Immortal Dragon among the Dragon race, as long as it is a Jade Dragon, it will never die." This is the Yulong blood, your Fire Dragon kungfu soul is currently excited, the Jade Dragon is called the Immortal G.o.d Dragon among the Dragon race, as long as it is a Jade Dragon, it will never die when it is born. Long Xueyi said.

The Jade Dragon had always been a mysterious existence, but they did not know that there was actually such an earth-shattering secret.

"Your current Yulong blood should have been pulled out by someone else and injected into this ring. Only by absorbing a large amount of Dragon Power and Dragon Soul can this blood be revived!" Long Xueyi continued, "The other Emperor Dragon Kings and some powerful humans require the Yulong blood because they have taken a fancy to the Jade Dragon's innate regeneration ability!"

Su Meiyao was shocked, and asked: "Is this the reason why the Jade Dragon's body and soul are indestructible and indestructible? If that's the case, once Little Scoundrel merged with his Yulong blood, wouldn't he be able to pa.s.s through the tribulation easily? "

"Logically speaking, it's like this, but it depends on how many Yulong blood s he fused with, these are all blood essence of the Jade Dragon. After the Jade Dragon is injured, it doesn't need to absorb energy or anything like that to recover quickly, so after capturing one Jade Dragon, we can extract a large amount of Jade Dragon blood essence and refine it into our bloodlines every once in awhile." Long Xueyi replied.

"A jade dragon is not immortal, but if it is you, no one can kill it. It is said that once a jade dragon is captured, it will choose to self-destruct, releasing flames that can even scare G.o.ds."

Chen Xiang was secretly excited, because the large amount of Yulong blood s that surged out from the ring still continued to enter his body, and did not reject him in the slightest. What made him extremely happy was that there were even waves of white mist that surged out from his sea of consciousness and entered his soul.

After three days and three nights, the dragon pearl seemed to be as big as a grain of rice, and at this time, the Yulong blood had no longer flowed into his body.

"Enough, it has already fused into your body and soul. After you obtained the Devil-suppressing blood, you acquired the Bone soul's body, and now with this Yulong blood, I think you really won't die! However, if you are attacked by a powerful expert, I'm afraid you will need a long time to recover. " Long Xueyi said.

When Chen Xiang obtained the Devil-suppressing blood, his body was already exceptionally strong, reaching the Immortal Devil Body level 45. And in the Mortal Realm, the bodies of many strong warriors were at most 25%.

Although his physical body was stronger than some of the Nirvana Stage s, it did not mean that he was stronger than any of them, because the Innate Qi that he had trained in was extremely strong, and could injure him severely with just a finger, but in terms of comparing physical strength, he was invincible within the Mortal Realm.

"It seems like you will be able to cultivate the G.o.dly Body Finger soon!" Bai Youyou's voice carried a trace of excitement.

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