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At the door. After entering, he saw a square in front of him. Pa.s.sing through the square to the backyard, he saw many immortal fields that were filled with immortal energy, although there were nothing planted on them, a white mist was floating in the soil.

There were a lot of houses here: gardens, lakes, flowers, trees … There were many of them, just like a palace.

What shocked Chen Xiang the most was that after he entered, he could feel that a few formations had appeared in his mind. These formations were extremely profound, and all of them were powerful immortal formations that required a large amount of energy to activate.

"I can finally go out for a stroll!" Chen Xiang's arm flashed, and a cute girl dressed in white appeared, floating down from the sky, watching with a dumbstruck expression.

"Little Naughty Dragon, when did you grow up?" The last time he met Long Xueyi, she was only a little girl around ten years old, but now, she looked to be thirteen or fourteen years old. What was most shocking was that her full and upright chest, was completely different from her outer appearance.

Chen Xiang only described this little dragon girl as a child's voice.

"You mean where did he grow up?" Long Xueyi laughed, raising her chest, then chuckled: "Now you know that I'm not young anymore!"

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also came out from the storage ring at this time, because this immortal estate was protected by a huge array, it was absolutely safe inside, so they didn't need to worry.

Looking at the lady dressed in the same n.o.ble purple dress, Chen Xiang's eyes grew a little dazed. Although he had chosen to wear these clothes himself, seeing them with his own eyes, Chen Xiang still felt astonished.

"It's really big. I don't need to hide in that little mansion anymore. Aiya, there's even a hot spring!" The moment Su Meiyao came out, he started walking around the enormous immortal estate with light footsteps. From time to time, he would hear her exclamations, and Bai Youyou would also be walking around everywhere to see if they could find a place to live for a long time in the future.

The two girls were very satisfied with this immortal estate. Bai Youyou also revealed a rare smile on his face, making Chen Xiang's heart itch.

"Little Scoundrel, you're really something!" Su Meiyao smiled as he floated in front of Chen Xiang and kissed his lips. When Chen Xiang wanted to hug her and give her a good kiss, she instead smiled and moved away.

"Give this ring back to me, I will take out the things inside. In the future, this Jade Dragon Immortal Palace will be renamed as the Youyao Yugong and it will belong to me and senior sister!" Su Meiyao chuckled, holding Bai Youyou's arm and dancing with joy.

Chen Xiang curled his lips. Then, he threw over the ring that Su Meiyao had given him previously, but he was actually very happy in his heart. The Jade Palace was a spoiled child, and it was even two great beauties.

He walked out of the Youyao Yugong and with a thought, the jade palace suddenly disappeared and returned to his finger.

"Little Naughty Dragon, where are you?" Chen Xiang looked at his left shoulder. The white dragon tattoo was still there, but he felt that something was missing. Furthermore, he did not see Long Xueyi returning to his arm just now.

Long Xueyi laughed heartily: "I'm inside the Youyao Yugong, I'm bathing in the hot spring with my two big sisters, do you want to come in?"

"What?" I want to join in the hot spring as well! " Chen Xiang said while grinding his teeth. Just as he was about to release the Youyao Yugong, he thought about the scene of the three women soaking in the hot spring without any blood, and his lower abdomen became extremely hot.

"Don't disturb me!" Hearing Bai Youyou's bone-chilling words, the fire in Chen Xiang's lower abdomen was immediately extinguished.

Long Xueyi and Su Meiyao immediately giggled. What was even worse was that this little dragon, Long Xueyi, was actually capable of saying many words that would make people think about them.

"Ah …" "Sister You You You's Mimi is so cold. It feels really comfortable to touch, but not as big as mine …"

"Little girl, I'll pinch you to death for you to grow so big …" Su Meiyao giggled.

Chen Xiang clenched his fist: "You guys are so noisy, you big chested brainless woman, don't think that you can provoke me just like that, it's useless!"

"Little Scoundrel, don't worry. I won't pinch that white rabbit of theirs. If I pinch her, I'll pinch her for you from now on!" Long Xueyi's voice was filled with incomparable charm, causing Chen Xiang's mind to become tranquil and calm. He almost wanted to ruthlessly teach this little girl a lesson, and actually tease him again and again.

"Hmph, your Little Naughty Dragon Mimi is definitely fake. You created it yourself with the Seventy-two changes." Chen Xiang said in disdain.

Long Xueyi said in a pitiful voice: "sister Meiyao and Sister You You You can bear witness. They are squeezing me very comfortably now, so don't talk about me like that.

When he thought of the three women in the hot spring, playing and rubbing each other's chests, his blood started to boil once more.

"Little Scoundrel, my soul is still on your arm. If you need my help, I can lend you my strength at any time." Long Xueyi laughed.

Previously, due to the ring, Long Xueyi was unable to enter, but now, this ring was of the highest level, so Long Xueyi could act like Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, and move inside the Youyao Yugong.

Chen Xiang found a place where there were very few beasts and carved out a cave. After setting up a formation, he started to cultivate inside.

If he wanted to break through his current bottleneck, he would have to first cultivate the Congenital kungfu soul to its limit and let the Congenital kungfu soul awaken for him to use. Only at that time would he be able to step past the Soul Martial Realm and enter the Hundred refining realm.

His Congenital kungfu soul was from the Fire Dragon kungfu soul, so he did not know how to make this Martial Spirit strong, because whether it was his spirit, body, or Innate Qi, he could not continue to improve, and had already reached a saturated state.

Long Xueyi still could not understand why Chen Xiang would have a Fire Dragon kungfu soul. It was because from what Chen Xiang had described, that was the strongest Fire G.o.d Dragon Soul in the Imperial Dragon Race.

What Chen Xiang needed to do now was to communicate with the Fire G.o.d Dragon Soul and obtain a way to strengthen this Martial Spirit.

"Even if it's my Imperial Dragon Race's Fire Dragon, it's still very difficult to have a Fire G.o.d Dragon Soul. But if it's possessed, it means that this dragon can become a Divine Dragon in the future, which means that I have a Divine Dragon Soul with great difficulty. You're not a dragon, so it's reasonable that you don't have one." When Long Xueyi talked about this issue, he was very puzzled.

Chen Xiang himself didn't have such a thin dragon's blood like Leng Youlan. He had obtained the dragon's blood after fusing with the Devil-suppressing blood, but that was after he obtained the martial spirit.

"Could it be because you cultivate the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra that you have it?" Long Xueyi suddenly said: "A human who has never cultivated Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra before, it's very possible that it's like this!"

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