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He was getting closer and closer to the Great War between Three Realms. Therefore, there would be more and more spatial rifts, and most people in these worlds would not let these demons come in through these rifts, so they had to seal these rifts and let the demons. .h.i.t them at the biggest entrance. When that time came, they would guard there and wait for the demons to come in and ma.s.sacre them.

Chen Xiang had heard that because there were many worlds that did not seal those cracks, when Great War between Three Realms first started, they were filled with demons. There was no way to gather all of them together and deal with them.

"The eighteen floors of the Sacred Dan Realm have probably been invaded by the Evil Demon. Didn't they say that there's still some time before the Great War between Three Realms begins?" An old woman said worriedly. No one wanted a war, because there would be no one left alive.

"It's not that serious. It's just that a small number of them came over. However, what's coming has to come sooner or later."

There were thousands of city guards, all of them were of decent strength, all of them were at the ninth level of True Martial Realm, in this first level region which was like the Mortal Realm, it could already be considered not bad.

"The 18th level is where the strong are as common as the clouds. I really want to go there and take a look!" Chen Xiang looked into the distance. The Sacred Dan Realm was like a flight of stairs, divided into eighteen floors. The highest level area was where the wealthiest and most powerful people resided, as well as the locations of the famous forces in the Sacred Dan Realm.

"There are probably a lot of people from the Nirvana Stage there. If you walk on the streets and find out that the people around you are all from the Nirvana Stage, are you afraid?" Su Meiyao laughed.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "Looks like I should just go to the lower levels to take a look."

He actually wanted to go to the Du Family to take a look, but Du Yanyao had said before that on the eighteenth floor, if he were to go by himself, he would have to travel through mountains and rivers, and pa.s.s through layers and layers of danger in order to reach there. Under normal circ.u.mstances, it would be impossible to go from the first floor to the eighteenth floor without being led by strong people.

Now Chen Xiang understood why, because the closer he got to the second floor, the more he felt a strange power pressing down on him, causing his movements to slow down.

"The s.p.a.ce here is very st.u.r.dy and has a strange gravity. It seems that if you were to continue flying, you would probably fall." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to use the Luotian Gate s to jump in s.p.a.ce, but who knew that he would use most of his energy to open the spatial door.

If not for his transformation technique, he would have already been caught by a few of the demon beasts in the forest.

"If I had the ability, I would definitely take out their beast cores!" Chen Xiang's journey there could be said to be filled with danger. All the demon beasts he met were all extremely powerful;

After going deeper into the Sacred Dan Realm, only then did Chen Xiang realize that, other than the cities that had people gathering, there were a large number of demon beasts in many mountain forests. Their strengths were different, but the places that those cities occupied seemed very small compared to the mountain forests.

He was now very convinced that Du Hai had told him before that the Sacred Dan Realm he saw was only the tip of the iceberg. He guessed that there might be more powerful transformational immortal beast than humans, right? It's just that they usually don't interact with humans, so no one knew about it.

Finally, he arrived at the tenth floor, where a city dweller lived. He had also heard Du Yanyao mention that most of the people on the tenth floor were at the peak of the Hundred refining realm.

Not only was the celestial spiritual energy here rich, there was also a huge pressure that allowed people to cultivate and strengthen their fleshly bodies.

In this city, his portrait was everywhere, and as long as they could capture him alive, they would be able to receive five billion Spar. In the eyes of many Hundred refining realm, this was an extremely huge amount of wealth.

Other than being able to purchase pills and some cultivation resources, Spar s could also create arrays, because non-Nirvana Stage warriors would need to use an array formation to convert their immortal energy into a type of energy that they could absorb. If there were more Spar s, the duration of the array formation would be longer, and the array formation would be better.

Chen Xiang ate in a hotel and ordered several dishes made from demonic beast meat. Not only could he enjoy delicious food, he could also replenish his energy.

Just then, a waiter suddenly rushed in and shouted: "The latest news is about the Chaotic Mountain!"

Seeing the waiter stop to speak, a few generous people immediately threw him a few Spar and let him continue.

The always mysterious Chaotic Mountain had been walking around outside very frequently recently, so everyone suspected that the Chaotic Mountain might be the main force to fight against the demons in the future.

Chaotic Mountain is on the 18th floor releasing a message, saying that they will be hosting a huge conference, and are anxious for the various powers in Sacred Dan City to join forces to discuss on how to fight Demon and Devil Realms. It seems that Chaotic Mountain is going to be the leader of the group. The waiter said.

"Right now, the Sacred Dan Realm is also a piece of loose sand. If all the major powers are unable to unite, then of course, they would need a strong force to organize them and lead them together. Only then would they be able to deal with those demons better." One of them said.

"The news released by the Chaotic Mountain also said that they will take out three Chaos fire and choose three people who can give out orders. They will give these three Chaos fire to these three."

The words of the waiter made Chen Xiang's heart move. There were only three pieces of the Chaos fire in the hands of the people from the Chaotic Mountain, and they were only trash in their hands.

However, Chen Xiang could, and he wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the huge meeting, but he had to go to the 18th floor first.

"When will the Chaotic Mountain hold that convention?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Three months later!"

Chen Xiang secretly thought that he had to have enough power to go to the eighteenth floor, otherwise it would be difficult for him to find Yan Zilan.

"I should also go back. I wonder how is Mortal Martial Realm doing? How much time has pa.s.sed? " Although Chen Xiang had not left the Mortal Martial Realm for long, he still missed them a little. However, he did not finish the last thing, which was to purchase a batch of Ground level Pills.

"Three months, I want to step into the Hundred refining realm!" After making up his mind, Chen Xiang ate all the dishes on the table and bought a quiet house in the city.

Right at this moment, many people wearing armor were quickly walking toward his residence from all directions.

After Long Xueyi found out, she immediately told him.

"My whereabouts have been discovered? "That's impossible!" Chen Xiang anxiously walked out from underground.

Then he saw that the armored men had also jumped in from the surrounding walls with black sabers in their hands, surrounding him in the middle.

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