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Chen Xiang used his full strength. In the shortest amount of time, he had left the City Lord's Mansion, and at this time, he was already close to the city gate. It was also at this time that he heard an earth-shattering roar coming from the direction of the City Lord's Mansion, it was from that old man.

No one would have thought that Chen Xiang would actually take action and s.n.a.t.c.h it, even Du Hai was stunned. He scolded in his heart, because he had long ago warned Chen Xiang to keep a low profile and not provoke the Chaotic Mountain again, but who would have known that in his heart, he would steal away two Chaos fire s from them right under his nose?

This was also the first time Du Hai had encountered this kind of thing. Forget about Chen Xiang, this kind of fellow with an ant's strength, even with his strength, he would not dare to do this. Yet, Chen Xiang had done it, and even managed to retreat safely.

"What an idiot, he's holding such a precious thing in front of my eyes. Serves him right!" Chen Xiang flew out of the Sacred Dan City, and continued to fly, he did not dare to change his form, afraid that the old man would sense his presence.

From the ambition the old man had just shown, there were clearly powers in Chaotic Mountain, the old man was unsatisfied with the person in charge, if he succeeded, he would naturally not care about the trade between Du Hai and the people in charge, and would come looking for him sooner or later.

Chen Xiang was not an idiot. He had let one of the sons of the traitors die, while the other was injured. He did not believe it, which was why he took action so decisively and s.n.a.t.c.hed away the two Chaos fire s.

In this way, without the Chaos fire, the old man's prestige in the Chaotic Mountain would drop greatly, and he would not be able to easily usurp power and usurp the throne.

In the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, only after arriving here did he turn back into his human form. Only here did he feel safe, the Sacred Dan Meeting had already ended, and he had gotten what he wanted. He only needed to hide here for a while, and then go back to buy a batch of Ground level pills from Yan Zilan early, before returning to the Mortal Martial Realm.

It was because he did not plan to stay in Sacred Dan Realm that he did not have any qualms, and this also made him cry out loudly.

"This old guy is really grabbing to death!" Chen Xiang took out a broken arm, pulled off the two Chaos fire s from the old claws that were as thin as steel, and chuckled.

After playing with it for a while, Chen Xiang set fire to the broken arm and mumbled: "Now there are still three Chaos fire s left, which should be in Chaotic Mountain's hands. It seems like there's no way to take them."

Chen Xiang now had the pellets, the Dry Sun Holy Water, and the Dragon Pearl. What he needed to do was to quickly raise his strength and step into the peak of the Hundred refining realm as soon as possible so that he could deal with the incoming Great War between Three Realms.

However, after a few days, the entire first level of Sacred Dan Realm was covered in portraits of Chen Xiang, and there were even billions of bounty of money.

Chen Xiang had long gotten used to this kind of thing when he was at Mortal Martial Realm, and this made the name Chen Xiang extremely popular throughout the entire Sacred Dan Realm.

… ….

In the region of the eighteenth floor in Sacred Dan Realm, the huge mansion of the Du Family was located on the top of a huge mountain. A dense immortal aura surrounded it and the mansion was filled with noise, as if it was a small city.

"Grandfather!" The moment Du Yanyao saw Du Hai, she threw herself into Du Hai's embrace like a little girl. It had been many years since she had seen Du Hai, and although she knew that her grandfather was very strong, she was still extremely worried.

From what Chen Xiang was doing now, it could be seen that he had completely angered the Chaotic Mountain. Since she was young, she had heard quite a few things about the Chaotic Mountain, and Chen Xiang was currently opposing this enormous monster.

"Grandfather, can you help him?" Du Yanyao pleaded.

Du Hai lovingly caressed Du Yanyao's head and laughed: "Don't be afraid of that brat. Don't look at how he is, he's even craftier than an old cunning fox.

"Little girl, I got to know this kid back at Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even know when I would be able to return." Du Hai laughed: "Your Fire Soul has evolved, the flames have increased by a lot, it's time to attack the Nirvana Realm. I, your grandfather, will do everything I can to help you, cultivate in peace!"

Du Yanyao nodded. She knew that Chen Xiang was the one who told her to return so quickly, and she knew that the relationship between Chen Xiang and herself was very good. This made her feel a lot more at ease.

"d.a.m.n it, have we reached a bottleneck?" Chen Xiang frowned. He had tried many times to circulate his Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and other mystical techniques but to no avail. He was unable to compress the Innate Qi into the Zhenyuan granule.

Although he had Long Xueyi to imbue a large amount of Dragon Power, it was useless for him to be unable to compress the Dragon Power into the Zhenyuan granule.

"You are currently at the Soul Martial Realm, and your Congenital kungfu soul has not reached its limit yet, so you are obviously unable to advance any further. It seems like you have to first push your Congenital kungfu soul to its peak, and that will require your own effort." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang knew that he had cultivated too fast, so he had to slow down and start concocting the pills, he had to master the high grade profound level and Nine quenching body Dan s that he had refined during the compet.i.tion.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had stayed in the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest for over a month, he was already familiar with refining Small shaping Dan, Dinghun Dan and Nine quenching body Dan.

He had only made ten batches of Nine quenching body Dan, but he had failed by only producing three pills each time. Right now, he had almost thirty of these Nine quenching body Dan, but he needed to ingest a lot of these pills to be able to replicate. As long as it was above Ground level, that was the case, so Chen Xiang had to condense even more creation divine liquid in order to be able to create even more high levelled herbs.

Of course, he would not forget to refine the Profound Beast Pill for Long Xueyi.

The difficulty of refining this Mysterious Beast Pill was much lower than that of the Nine quenching body Dan, he had only failed for three batches before succeeding.

"A pot of five pills isn't too little!" Chen Xiang said with a smile, but Long Xueyi had already started to eat. At the same time, he was praising the taste of the Profound Beast Pill, and at the same time, gave her a lot of energy.

"It's time to go out for a stroll!" Chen Xiang tried again, but still failed to think of a way to break through the bottleneck, and could only go out and relax.

After disguising himself, he went to the Sacred Dan City, but the City Lord here had already changed. Chen Xiang did not look for them, when he saw that the city was covered with his portraits, he could only shake his head and smile.

He wanted to look for Yan Zilan, but he couldn't find her. Yan Zilan had previously said that after the Sacred Dan Meeting was done, she would rest for a while.

"I'm really stupid, why didn't you let Yan Zilan leave a contact method for me?" Chen Xiang had also wanted to give it to him, but after he stole someone else's thing, it had disappeared, and Yan Zilan couldn't find him at all.

As Chen Xiang was walking on the main street, he suddenly saw a group of people running frantically towards the city gate. From their attire, he knew that they were City Lord's Mansion's city guards.

"Sigh, the fissure that sealed the Demon World's entrance is now in the Demon World again!" An old man sighed helplessly.

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