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The pill refining compet.i.tion ended. The Sacred Dan Meeting that happened once every hundred years had also finished, so Chen Xiang and Du Hai were now secretly chatting with each other inside the City Lord's Mansion.

"Why did you get settled so late? I was almost killed by the people from Chaotic Mountain! If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have believed you had the guts to come and join this Sacred Dan Meeting!" Chen Xiang complained, it was this Du Hai who gave him the guarantee, that was why he came.

Du Hai laughed and scolded: "You little brat, acting good after getting lucky, do you know how much pressure those old fellows in Chaotic Mountain will feel after you get recognized by the Chaos fire? And now you even used this Chaos fire to kill a fellow with decent strength. "

Chen Xiang curled his lips: "These guys asked for it, don't blame me!"

Du Hai stroked his beard, and laughed: "Although this boy gives the people of Chaotic Mountain a great sense of danger, they will still let you off after seeing the martial arts you gave them. However, you still have to keep a low profile."

"Could it be that not a single person in Chaotic Mountain is afraid of this Chaos fire?" Chen Xiang thoughtfully asked. If it was really like that, he would not be afraid of Bird Chaotic Mountain in the future.

Seeing that Chen Xiang was thinking about something, Du Hai hit him on his head fiercely and said: "Be more honest, that Chaotic Mountain is not a joke. I guarantee that even if you have my strength now and are able to enter with a Chaos fire, if you are able to exit, you will definitely be thrown out by them."

"That Chaos fire indeed brought them quite a bit of pressure, but it does not mean that they have no way of dealing with it. Don't think that this Sacred Dan Realm is too simple, the Sacred Dan Realm that you are seeing right now is just the tip of the iceberg."

Chen Xiang rubbed his head that was hurting, and muttered a few words.

"You are my grandson-in-law after all, so of course I have to watch over you a little. Hehe, I didn't think that you would actually be able to grab hold of this girl, Yanyao." Du Hai had just received the news too, he did not care if Chen Xiang and Du Yanyao were real or fake, in short, he had his eyes on Chen Xiang, as long as Chen Xiang was in Sacred Dan Realm, he would admit to it.

Chen Xiang's apothecary talent surprised Du Hai. It was enough for Du Hai to be proud of his achievements in the Sacred Dan Realm, but back then, he wasn't even as heaven-defying as Chen Xiang. Now that Chen Xiang had gotten along well with his proud granddaughter, he was obviously happy.

"Father, someone from the Chaotic Mountain requests an audience!" Du Kangsheng seemed to be extremely careful in front of Du Hai, as he was worried that he would anger Du Hai to such an extent. Only now did he realise just how formidable Chen Xiang was, to think that he could actually get along so well with his temperamental father.

Du Hai frowned, "Could it be that the fellow from the Chaotic Mountain is still here for your sake? Back then, they had promised me that they would temporarily not pursue the matter of you taking away the Chaos fire and killing Guo Huaqing. "

Chen Xiang asked: Do not pursue the matter for now? So when are they going to start? "

"Don't worry about this. They are currently engrossed in training their Demon Suppressing Technique. If it wasn't for that, I would have come looking for you when they were in a hurry to deal with the demon …" "Cough, cough, at that time, I even discussed martial arts with them for a few days and nights."

"Let's go and see what the people from the Chaotic Mountain have come to find me for!"

After walking out of the secret room, he went into the City Lord's Mansion's hall. There were six or seven people sitting in the hall, among them were the experts who had besieged Chen Xiang previously, and also two new faces.

"If you have something to say, just say it!" The moment Du Hai arrived at this place, he did not bother to be polite and spoke straightforwardly.

An old man with wrinkles all over his face stood up and said, "We already know why the higher-ups told us not to pursue this matter. This deal can indeed be let go of the higher-ups."

When Chen Xiang saw these seven Chaotic Mountain s, he knew that they were not weak. However, from their words, they had to listen to other people's orders, and now he knew why Du Hai did not underestimate the seven Chaotic Mountain s. Indeed, what he saw was just the tip of the iceberg.

"If you have something to say, just say it!" Du Hai said.

The old man looked at Chen Xiang. That pair of deep old eyes were like an unfathomably deep ocean, causing Chen Xiang to feel a chill in his heart.

"Chen Xiang, you have two Chaos fire in your hands. This Chaos fire has no other uses other than being able to deal with our Primal Chaos tribe. It's useless for you to keep it, so please return it to us!" The old man's tone was extremely unyielding, which made Chen Xiang extremely disgusted.

Chen Xiang sneered: "I didn't even think about it!"

However, according to the ancient records of our Imperial Dragon Race, the people of this Primal Chaos clan are all very strong. I don't know about the specifics, but looking at the fear they have towards the Chaos fire, they should have been sent here from the Primal Chaos Realm, or perhaps escaped from here. "

The old man was a little angry. Chen Xiang actually rejected him so stubbornly.

"Then what do you want the Chaos fire for?" the old man asked.

"Nothing. I only feel that this will allow me to keep my life, so I must keep it." Chen Xiang said: "I can let this Chaos fire recognize me as its master, I cannot use its power right now, but maybe in the future."

The old man's expression became gloomy: "Looks like you definitely know some of the Chaos fire's secrets, but from what I know, with seven Chaos fire, only two of them are completely useless to you."

"That's none of your business." Chen Xiang's heart trembled as he said this calmly. He thought that the people of Chaotic Mountain did not know the heaven-shaking secret of the Chaos fire.

It was obvious that no one would recognize him as master. "I have two Chaos fire in my possession, I know that if you recognize me as their master, you might be able to obtain benefits from that big secret, but as long as I destroy these two, you can forget about me for the rest of your life."

Chen Xiang's heart moved. Looking at the wrinkled old man, he suddenly felt that this old man's ident.i.ty was definitely not ordinary. Otherwise, he would not have possessed two Chaos fire.

"What benefits do you have from having a Chaos fire?" Chen Xiang had also taken out his Chaos fire, causing fear to instantly appear on the faces of those from the Chaotic Mountain.

"As long as I have enough Chaos fire, I will be the master of the Chaotic Mountain. I can promise you that if you don't pursue the matter regarding the past, I will give you a lot of benefits." The old man's voice was full of excitement, and his eyes burned with a wild fire.

Chen Xiang held a piece of Chaos fire that did not recognize its master, and forced a drop of blood from his finger, and merged with the Chaos fire.

After the Chaos fire absorbed Chen Xiang's blood, it immediately shot out a burst of silvery-white light that filled the entire hall. This was the protective divine light that was released when the Chaos fire recognized it as its master.

Right now, Chen Xiang's hand swept out like lightning, and a huge cyan colored monster appeared with a flash, hacking into the old man's arm, chopping off the arm that was holding the two Chaos fire s tightly.

Chen Xiang picked up the arm and quickly left the hall. He transformed into a small worm and flew away from the City Lord's Mansion.

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