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Fan Yakun dejectedly left the arena. Right now, he had also become an spectator. Looking at Chen Xiang and Xie Nanfeng who were in the arena, he realized that there was still a huge gap between him and Chen Xiang.

"It's already not easy for these low grade pill furnaces to be refined to the end. Nine quenching body Dan is a Earth Grade Low Rank Dan. The tyrannical power generated during the process of condensing the pill can easily destroy these low grade pill furnaces." An old man patted Fan Yakun's shoulder, and laughed: "Boy, you have done a good job. If you return it to me, I'm afraid that I will not even be able to forge a high grade profound level with this pill furnace."

Fan Yakun shook his head and laughed: "But they can do it, especially Chen Xiang, it's his first time refining this kind of pill, and he's even using this kind of broken pill furnace."

The old man stopped talking and lowered his head in thought.

To Chen Xiang, no pill furnace was important anymore, and the mana he used could easily suppress those tyrannical Medicine aura. This allowed him to walk a much smoother path of alchemy, and right now, when fighting against the tyrannical Medicine aura, he was not as th.o.r.n.y as Su Meiyao said he would be.

"There's only two hours before this day ends!" Yan Zilan said.

Chen Xiang was only at the middle stage. He had already completely incinerated all the medicinal ingredients, turning them into medicinal powder and Medicine aura. What he was going to do next was to fuse a variety of Medicine aura and medicinal powder together, and condense them into a pill.

"The latter stage is the most difficult, you have to be careful!" Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang's brows trembled, because the furnace had already exploded during his training, and that was because there was a major problem.

"It really is difficult!" Chen Xiang sweated profusely as he continuously trained in his mind, continuously discovering major mistakes. Even when he was about to correct himself, and when he corrected his mistakes just now, his mind would once again practice, allowing him to quickly discover his mistakes.

Chen Xiang's furnace shook even more, and so did Xie Nanfeng's. However, Xie Nanfeng's expression was much more relaxed than Chen Xiang's, while Chen Xiang's seemed to be on the verge of exploding.

If Chen Xiang did not place a layer of mana on the furnace walls of the furnace to create a furnace, the furnace would have probably exploded long ago. This was because when the Medicine aura fused with each other, they became extremely tyrannical, like a volcano erupting violently or a meteorite colliding.

"I'm done refining!" Xie Nanfeng suddenly shouted.

Xie Nanfeng leisurely wiped the sweat off his forehead, but suddenly the Pill Refining Furnace burst open, a gold light shot out from within, the golden mist surged out in all directions, and a golden pill the size of a peanut floated in the midst of the golden mist.

Chen Xiang frowned, because that golden mist was an extremely dense Medicine aura and medicine, but Xie Nanfeng did not use it completely. After spending so much, he felt a bit of heartache, if it was him, he could definitely condense two pills.

Many people had seen Nine quenching body Dan before, but normally only the old Alchemist could refine one. Seeing that such a young Alchemist could refine one, many old Alchemist were shocked, feeling that living this age was a waste.

With a single glance, one could tell that the glittering Nine quenching body Dan was of high quality. Many Alchemist were impressed by the fact that it was able to refine such a good Nine quenching body Dan in such a short period of time and in such a low quality pill furnace.

"If a Nine quenching body Dan can only produce one in a single furnace, with his speed being so fast, and furthermore, it's of high quality, then even if Chen Xiang could also refine a Nine quenching body Dan of the same quality, I think the final victor would still be Xie Nanfeng, because his speed is much faster than Chen Xiang's." An old man said as he stroked his beard.

After Fan Yakun heard this, he let out a bland laugh. "That's not necessarily true, everyone has witnessed the amount of pills that Chen Xiang has produced. If he could refine two Nine quenching body Dan s, then he would definitely be the winner, even if it's two pellets of inferior quality, in terms of value and alchemy skills, Chen Xiang would definitely be the victor."

Eating two quality high quality pills together was far better than one. Even if Chen Xiang was a little slower, he would still win at the same time.

"It's hard, it's his first time refining it, and Nine quenching body Dan are very strong, it's difficult to split them into two, so he can only give up a portion of them, so since ancient times, when Nine quenching body Dan came out, it's also known as the Golden Mist." The old man shook his head: "The reason why this Nine quenching body Dan is expensive is that here, giving out one pellet is extremely difficult to refine. In the Earth Grade Low Rank Dan, it is the most difficult to make, and if it is more useful, it can be given out more, and it is considered a middle Ground level pellet."

Chen Xiang's furnace was shaking violently, but now that everyone was used to it, even after shaking for so long, it did not explode, causing everyone to be disappointed.

"When I refined this Nine quenching body Dan, I could only produce one pellet, and if it was you, I think I could give you two, but you have to think carefully, because this Medicine aura has already been fused into a ball, and if you want to separate from it, the resulting explosion would be very loud, and could very likely cause you to fail." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang had already merged all of the medicinal powder and Medicine aura into a ball of golden mist, and this ball of mist was very big, so he felt that it could be divided into three parts.

"Three pills!" Chen Xiang made up his mind. He released all his Fa Li and started to tear off the gentle air fog in the pill furnace. During the process, the incomparably violent Medicine aura started to surge and actually caused the furnace to jump high into the sky.

Seeing Chen Xiang's pill furnace suddenly shoot up, everyone felt that Chen Xiang was done for, but Chen Xiang remained calm, because his mana was still inside the pill furnace.

The pill furnace quickly fell down again. Just as it was about to touch the ground, it suddenly slowed down and then gently landed on the ground. The pill furnace quickly fell back down and suddenly slowed down when it was about to touch the ground.

"There's only an hour left!" Xie Nanfeng was actually a little nervous at this moment, because Chen Xiang had yet to fail and had persevered on. If Chen Xiang could refine a Nine quenching body Dan as well, even if its quality was not as good as his, he would still feel unhappy winning because this was Chen Xiang's first time refining it.

Chen Xiang's starting point was much lower than others, yet he was able to reach the final step. It could be seen that his foundation and potential was extremely huge.

The fiercely shaking pill furnace suddenly quieted down, Chen Xiang exhaled, and opened his eyes. His face was pale white, because he had exhausted too much of his mental energy, and seeing that, everyone knew that he had succeeded!

The first time he refined a Nine quenching body Dan, he successfully completed it using his Foreseeing Alchemy. This made Xu Alchemist exclaim in shock, because he believed that he was incapable of refining a Nine quenching body Dan like Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang opened the lid and took out three black pellets, causing the entire audience to be in an uproar. Because the good Nine quenching body Dan s were gold in color, but Chen Xiang's was black;

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