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Yan Zilan kissed Lin Xiyi's cheeks. And Chen Xiang also had to do the same thing in order to win against Lin Xiyi.

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth twitched, he glanced at the people on stage, all of them had fierce expressions, as though if Yan Zilan just kissed him, the people would immediately rush over and beat him up.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and looked at Yan Zilan who had an embarra.s.sed smile on his face, Yan Zilan's heart was thumping hard. She secretly regretted kissing Lin Xiyi, because if this happened, if Chen Xiang was going to win, he could only ask her for help.

"Zi Lan Immortal Fairy, can you kiss me?" Chen Xiang mustered up his courage and said, but at the moment, he felt countless pairs of eyes filled with killing intent staring straight at him.

Only they knew the relationship between Yan Zilan and Chen Xiang. In Yan Zilan's eyes, Chen Xiang was her kind, and he thought that they cultivated the divine way. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had helped her greatly, giving her many precious cultivation methods.

Right now, Chen Xiang needed her help urgently, and this sort of help was nothing to her. She only considered for a moment, and slowly walked towards Chen Xiang.

When they saw Yan Zilan's cherry red lips lightly tap on Chen Xiang's face, everyone felt as if they were struck by lightning. After wiping their eyes, they could not believe that Yan Zilan would kiss a man's face in front of so many people.

She found it even more hard to believe. Originally, she thought that she had won, but she did not expect Yan Zilan to so straightforwardly agree to Chen Xiang's request.

Yan Zilan did not kiss Lin Xiyi so straightforwardly just now. This was something that was difficult for people to understand, and they did not believe it was because of Chen Xiang's good looks.

Chen Xiang said while grinning: "Thank you, Sister Zi Lan."

Yan Zilan's face reddened slightly as she smiled sweetly: "If it wasn't on behalf of Yanyao, I wouldn't even be bothered, don't lose!"

After saying that, Yan Zilan took out the portion of Nine quenching body Dan s' medicinal ingredients and pa.s.sed it to Chen Xiang. Everyone suddenly realized, and guessed that Du Yanyao and him were friends, that was why Chen Xiang was so close to him.

Lin Xiyi looked at Yan Zilan with a hidden bitterness, then looked at Chen Xiang. Sighing lightly, he walked out of the arena.

When Chen Xiang got the Nine quenching body Dan's medicinal ingredients, he immediately started to process the medicinal ingredients. These were perfect ingredients and he had them too, so he had a certain understanding of the medicinal ingredients, and now he was even more serious, because these were Ground level pills.

If he were to refine the Earth Grade Low Rank Dan now, it would be very difficult. But until now, he could only try his best to refine them, no matter if he failed or succeeded, because in this compet.i.tion, his gains were the greatest.

When Fan Yakun and Xie Nanfeng found out that it was Chen Xiang who had obtained the set of ingredients, their expressions became even more solemn. If it was Lin Xiyi, even if they lost, they would be fine.

However, losing to Chen Xiang who had concocted pills on the way here made them lose face. To them, this was a huge blow.

There were only three people left on the stage, but Lin Xiyi and the other person from the Chaotic Mountain had not reached the end. This made many Alchemist s feel that it was a little unexpected, because the Chaotic Mountain's pill refining techniques were all very strong, far surpa.s.sing the other forces in the Sacred Dan Realm.

Chen Xiang never thought that Fan Yakun, who had always mocked himself, would actually be able to fight till the end, and he already knew that Fan Yakun was not simple. Last time, during the compet.i.tion with Fan Yakun, it was only because of a problem with the pill furnace that caused Fan Yakun to lose, but now, being able to compete again made both of them feel excited.

There were three types of Nine quenching body Dan's medicine, the Lava Fruit, Yellow Jade Lotus Seed and the Vajra Spirit Ganoderma. The Lava Fruit, on the other hand, produced a kind of strange body tempering power, after fusing it with the medicinal power of the Vajra Lingzhi, it could strengthen the body, but during the body tempering process, it would also damage the body, so he needed the medicinal ingredients, the Yellow Jade Lotus Seed, to fuse the three types of medicine together and refine them into a pill.

For example, the Lava Fruit can easily damage the efficacy of the Yellow Jade Lotus Seed. However, the Diamond Ganoderma and the Lava Fruit are opposed to each other, especially when fusing with the Medicine aura. Su Meiyao explained the difficulty and main points of the refinement.

Chen Xiang remembered it all. He placed a big pile of herbs into the pill furnace and started a fire to refine it.

Under the night sky, Xie Shilong threw a white pillar into the air. It emitted a white and gentle light that illuminated the entire plaza, allowing people to clearly see what the three had done while they were refining the pills.

The furnace released waves of heat. If one were to pay close attention, they would notice that the heat was changing. Although it was very subtle, many Alchemist in the compet.i.tion grounds could feel it.

When Chen Xiang started the fire and refined the pills, he used the Foreseeing Alchemy. The medicinal ingredients for the Ground level Pill were surprisingly hard to refine, the fire power would destroy the spiritual energy in the ingredients too quickly, it was too small, the speed of burning would be slow, and the quality of the Medicine aura would also be affected. However, after being refined and corrected hundreds of times by the Foreseeing Alchemy in his mind, he finally managed to grasp the appropriate fire power.

Moreover, the firepower required for these three types of medicinal herbs was different. When he burned them, he still had to use his mana to isolate the three medicinal herbs and to burn these three main medicinal herbs separately.

Therefore, the times he needed to practice and correct would only be a short period of time. He suddenly realised that the fastest speed in the world was the speed at which his brain worked.

As time trickled by, the day was about to end. Although Chen Xiang's furnace was shaking non-stop, and beads of perspiration were rolling down his face, he did not explode.

The advantage of Foreseeing Alchemy was that it allowed people to successfully refine pills that they had never refined before, but that was only because of the fact that he had a very good grasp of the Foreseeing Alchemy, and Chen Xiang had been successful a few times already, so it could be seen that his Foreseeing Alchemy foundation was extremely solid.

Chen Xiang frowned slightly as he opened his eyes. In front of Fan Yakun was a pair of pill furnace fragments, which were still burning with flames, and a rich medicinal aroma wafted across the plaza, causing him to feel refreshed after smelling it.

Fan Yakun had actually failed, seeing his unreconciled look, everyone secretly felt pity, because they had almost succeeded.

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