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Chen Xiang did not fail. But on the edge of failure, towards his kind of endurance, the Dinghun Dan Alchemist who had refined before, they were incomparably impressed. It was because they knew that if they had to endure the pain while stabilizing the furnace, it was impossible for them to continue concocting pills.

But now, someone had done it. After walking over the years, the pain that Chen Xiang had endured, was something that he could endure with astonishing endurance and also something that he had endured from the pain of his soul. And the pain of being counterattacked by the power of medicinal herbs, was simply nothing compared to the pain he had endured in the past.

"A mere plant wants to steal my soul? You're courting death!" Chen Xiang was infuriated as the soul in his sea of consciousness suddenly opened his eyes. A bizarre soul force flowed through his entire body, devouring all of the soul attack energy that entered his body.

Seeing Chen Xiang's expression soften, everyone was shocked, because without pills, it was difficult to dispel the pain.

However, Yan Zilan was able to do it after being separated by a short while, which made people puzzled. However, Yan Zilan was able to guess something, she knew that Chen Xiang was the same as her, he had a powerful divine soul, and Chen Xiang knew the Spirit Cultivation Method, so the soul attacks of the flowers and plants could not do anything to him.

"Humph, not much!" Chen Xiang released his power and poured it into the pill furnace, suppressing all of the power that wanted to attack his soul. As long as he could deal with all of the power that knew how to counterattack and attack his soul, it would be much easier.

Fan Yakun suddenly said: "I'm finally done."

He held three High Rank profound level pills and walked in front of Yan Zilan, exchanging them for the Nine quenching body Dan's medicinal ingredients. These were the perfect ingredients, so when judging victory or defeat, it would depend on the quality and the amount of pills that came out.

There were only two out of the three Nine quenching body Dan s left, but Lin Xiyi and Xie Nanfeng were slightly ahead of him. Although they did not manage to refine any Dinghun Dan, everyone thought that the two ingredients were theirs, was it too late for Chen Xiang?

After overcoming the backlash of the Soul-Fixation Gra.s.s and the Calming Flower, Chen Xiang's speed suddenly increased. Right now, he felt that it was as easy as refining the pills he knew best.

"Completed!" Xie Nanfeng's voice was filled with excitement, he anxiously took the pill and went to Yan Zilan to exchange it for the Nine quenching body Dan's ingredients.

There was only one portion left, and everyone was holding their breath as they waited for the last owner of the Nine quenching body Dan's medicinal ingredients.

The entire arena fell into silence as an extremely tense and oppressive atmosphere enveloped the entire plaza. Of course, the person who everyone had the most hope of obtaining the last set of Nine quenching body Dan medicinal ingredients was Lin Xiyi and another Chaotic Mountain.

Moments later, two voices sounded at the same time.

"Alright!" Lin Xiyi shouted.

"Finally done!" Chen Xiang also opened his pill furnace.

and Lin Xiyi looked at each other, then hurriedly picked up the three high-grade profound level pills, and arrived in front of Yan Zilan in a flash. Their speed was extremely fast, and they had even arrived at the same time.

Yan Zilan was also caught off guard. He looked towards Xie Shilong, and asked for help.

"If it wasn't because of the circ.u.mstances, you all should have had a good fight. Being able to survive is a compet.i.tion of flames, but this has a great impact on your time. Moreover, if you were to be injured, it will also affect your performance." Xie Shilong also felt that it was difficult, it was already dark, it was only about six hours from the end of the day.

Lin Xiyi rolled his eyes and said: "Thank you Leader, I have a way to draw a circle or two on the ground, and let one of you do one thing, if the other person can't do it with you, it would count as a loss. If not, then even if I win, I have to make it simple and fast, and I can't walk out of this circle."

"Even if you say that if I do something, if he can do it, even if I win, give me the Nine quenching body Dan's medicinal ingredients. If he can do it, even if I lose, the Nine quenching body Dan will be his."

Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "Your thoughts aren't bad, but if you had thought of something, you would have definitely thought of something long ago to stop me from following you. If you let me do it first, that's more like it."

Although Xie Shilong felt that it was childish, if the two of them agreed, then it would be up to them. Everyone found it interesting too, wanting to see what Chen Xiang would do in a group that Lin Xiyi would not follow.

Lin Xiyi scoffed disdainfully, "You're a man, and you actually want me to let you go? Fine, I'll let you go first!"

There were two circles on the ground, and both Chen Xiang and Lin Xiyi were standing in the circle when they were around three meters apart.

"Begin!" Xie Shilong never thought that at his age, he would have to play such a childish game with these little ghosts.

Chen Xiang laughed, and quickly took off all his clothes.

"Hehe, Miss Lin, if you can strip naked like me, then I'll consider it your win!" Chen Xiang laughed out loud, and the men all started laughing out loud. It was normal for men to be naked, but for women to take off their clothes, everyone would have a feast for their eyes.

Lin Xiyi cursed in her heart as she blushed red and looked miserable.

"Wow!" With a sound, this charming beauty suddenly burst into tears. Her delicate and touching look made Chen Xiang feel that she was a bit shameless.

When a woman cried, many men would have a headache. Chen Xiang also felt that it was a headache and quickly comforted her: "Forget it, that did not count, this time I'll let you go first!"

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, Lin Xiyi's crying stopped, but it still continued to lightly sob, causing Chen Xiang to suddenly curse that he was being too merciful, if he was more ruthless, he would have received the Nine quenching body Dan's medicinal ingredients already.

"That's what you said!" Lin Xiyi dried his eyes.

"That's right, everyone heard it. Even if I lose, I won't cry, and I won't act shamelessly either." Chen Xiang curled his lips and said: "Even if I wanted to cry, I would hide and cry."

This caused everyone to laugh out loud, they wanted to see Chen Xiang crying, and Lin Xiyi feeling ashamed.

"Zi Lan Immortal Fairy, can you come over and kiss my cheek?" Lin Xiyi said gently as he looked at Yan Zilan with his watery eyes.

Chen Xiang secretly cursed in his heart. If Yan Zilan really went over and kissed Lin Xiyi, then he might lose. Although Yan Zilan had a good relationship with him, letting her kiss a man in front of everyone was something very easy.

But Lin Xiyi was a beautiful woman, there was no harm in kissing her face. If Yan Zilan was not close to her, there would be people who would say that she was not a compa.s.sionate person. Furthermore, everyone understood Yan Zilan very well, and knew that she was an extremely kind and gentle woman.

The lady was obviously helping the woman, so Yan Zilan walked over, and her red lips lightly touched Lin Xiyi's cheek.

Lin Xiyi was very happy as he laughed, "Thank you, Zi Lan Immortal Fairy."

Then, she mischievously looked at Chen Xiang: "It's your turn!"

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