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These Alchemist s were easy to refine. From the aspect of difficulty, profoundyang fire Dan s were harder to refine than Small shaping Dan s, but because of the medicinal ingredients, Small shaping Dan s were harder to refine than profoundyang fire Dan s.

Chen Xiang, who had always been leading the way, was actually lagging behind many others. This made people suspicious, but when they saw his sweating face, many of the old Alchemist could see something!

"Looking at his appearance, could it be that this is his first time refining such a pill and using the Foreseeing Alchemy to such an extent?" An old man said. As long as one used the Foreseeing Alchemy to refine a stranger's pill, it would usually be extremely strenuous, because it would consume a lot of energy.

Right now, Chen Xiang's mind was concocting a Congealed Pellet. And the moment an error occurred, the furnace would explode in his mind, and he would discover the mistake in time to correct it before continuing the concoction … This was often repeated many times, and one had to be extremely fast. If one didn't correct their mistakes in time, the furnace would explode.

"The difficulty of refining this Small shaping Dan is not difficult at all!" Chen Xiang opened his eyes and let out a long sigh. He opened the lid of the pill furnace and took out two pills that were as red as blood.

It was actually two pills! Seeing that color, many people could tell that it was of high quality. Many people could not understand why Chen Xiang was still pursuing his limits in this situation, and why he was so serious about it even though it was his first time refining it.

What they didn't know was that Chen Xiang's subconscious would never allow him to refine pills carelessly. Furthermore, in his eyes, concocting pills with low quality or quant.i.ty was the same as concocting pills perfectly.

Chen Xiang took his time to process the Dinghun Dan's medicinal herbs. Looking at him, he did not care about winning or losing at all, but viewed refining pills as a matter of great pleasure, one that was completely immersed in the process of refining pills, and one that received happiness from it.

This was a kind of realm, only those who wholeheartedly refined pills would be able to reach this realm, and it was also a realm that many old Alchemist only started chasing after when they were old, and this realm would greatly increase for the Alchemist.

The more it was like this, the more terrifying it was. Although Fan Yakun, Lin Xiyi and Xie Nanfeng, the three geniuses were far ahead of them, they still felt a strange pressure, and this pressure was all coming from Chen Xiang.

When they saw Chen Xiang handling the Dinghun Dan's medicinal ingredients, his movements were very rough, and everyone could see that Chen Xiang had never refined a Dinghun Dan before!

Anyone who knew about pill refining, would know that Chen Xiang was challenging his limits and was constantly surpa.s.sing it. He actually treated this compet.i.tion as his own experience, which was why he was willing to wholeheartedly refine pills. This was because this kind of extreme result was far more important than the Holy Water of Qianyang.

For example, that Nine quenching body Dan, if they lost to Chen Xiang in this compet.i.tion, then that would not be a normal loss, but a complete loss, because Chen Xiang had never refined these pills before.

That was why Fan Yakun and the others felt an inexplicable sense of pressure. If they lost here, then it would be extremely embarra.s.sing for them if they lost, and even if Chen Xiang lost, no one would laugh at him.

After a person dies, their soul will dissipate and leave their body. But after eating the Dinghun Dan, he can stabilize his soul for a period of time, and after using the Soul Resurrection Technique, he can resurrect a person, or he can consume a pill that can bring a person back to life and revive them.

This kind of pill could also be considered a life-saving pill, especially for some people when they were cultivating, their souls would be affected, making it easy for one's cultivation to go berserk, causing their soul to suffer injuries. However, if one consumed a Dinghun Dan, they would live in peace for a long time.

"The main ingredients are only the Soul-Lock Gra.s.s and the Calming Flower. As long as you can overcome this difficulty, the most difficult part of the two ingredients are the backlash and being able to follow his consciousness to attack your soul. Especially when it's being burned by the flames, it can even affect your Fire Soul."

With Su Meiyao's guidance, it made it easier for Chen Xiang to refine pills, but it was just experience. If he wanted to succeed, he had to experience it for himself.

Long Xueyi said: "If your spirit power is insufficient, I can use that dragon pearl to channel some energy for you. That dragon pearl still has a lot of energy."

"We'll talk about it later." Chen Xiang threw all the ingredients into the pill furnace. He was the slowest one in the third furnace.

However, everyone knew that the Dinghun Dan was not easy to refine, so even for someone with some experience, if they were slightly careless while refining it, their soul would be attacked. The pain was something that many old Alchemist were afraid of, so once they were affected by the backlash of the two main ingredients, it would basically mean that they had failed.

Not long after it started, Chen Xiang heard a scream. One of the pill furnaces had exploded, and the person was rolling and howling on the ground, when an old man suddenly came to his side, fed him a pill, and then left the compet.i.tion grounds.

"As long as it's the first time, even the soul can't avoid being attacked. It seems like Chen Xiang is going to fail here." Xie Shilong said, and thought back to the first time he refined it, which still left a lingering fear in his heart.

Chen Xiang had already set fire to the medicinal herbs, but he could already feel a strange and tyrannical power wreaking havoc on the pill furnace, causing it to shake.

"I'm afraid that it would be difficult to practice the soul attacking power changes with the Foreseeing Alchemy. In order to refine Dinghun Dan, one has to rely on experience." Xie Shilong laughed, he felt that he would see Chen Xiang rolling and howling on the ground very soon.

Just as Xie Shilong had said, the power released by the Soul Calming Gra.s.s and the Calming Flower was extremely hard to fathom. If one did not have a fixed pattern of power, it would be difficult to use the Foreseeing Alchemy.

However, Chen Xiang's Foreseeing Alchemy had already achieved a breakthrough long ago, so he could observe the changes in the energy at a very careful rate. Although there was no pattern to the changes, but when the changes were extremely slow in Chen Xiang's eyes, he had a way to merge the energy into the purple red Foreseeing Alchemy, and correct the mistakes that would occur.

In just an hour, five people had their souls attacked by the medicinal herbs and had no choice but to withdraw. What made many Alchemist surprised was that Chen Xiang's first time refining a Dinghun Dan bird was actually longer than others, and had completely overturned the knowledge of many Alchemist. One must know that most people were tortured to death the first time they refined it.

"c.r.a.p!" Chen Xiang could not help but shout out, following that he let out a low roar, and his Pill Refining Furnace started shaking frantically.

The thing that everyone was looking forward to finally happened. Seeing Chen Xiang act this way, they were sure that Chen Xiang had failed, but the shaking pill furnace suddenly stabilized!

Seeing Chen Xiang's pain, he knew that he was enduring it from the inside of his soul. Even so, he was unwilling to give up, and he stabilized his pill furnace, preventing it from exploding!

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