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After Chen Xiang found out about the pill refining compet.i.tion. He felt quite a bit of pressure, but he wasn't afraid of it at all. This was a good opportunity for him to level up, as it would allow him to gain experience in using Foreseeing Alchemy.

"The victory of the best refined Nine quenching body Dan is determined by the quality and the number of pills produced, and the time limit is only today!" Yan Zilan continued to explain the rules.

Out of the twenty, only three of them were qualified to refine Nine quenching body Dan, which made everyone feel quite a bit of pressure.

In order to let everyone understand the rules, Yan Zilan said again, among these people, the one with the greatest pressure was probably Chen Xiang, because until now, he only knew how to refine a high grade profound level pill. If he wanted to obtain the final victory in the compet.i.tion, he would have to concoct many different kinds of pills that he had never refined before, and he had to succeed for sure.

The Foreseeing Alchemy was created to allow Alchemist to succeed in refining a rare medicinal ingredient. In order to use the Foreseeing Alchemy well, one had to refine many different kinds of pills that had never been refined before.

"The three high-grade profound level pills that you are refining are Dinghun Dan s, Small shaping Dan s, and profoundyang fire Dan s. We will provide the medicinal ingredients, and in order to better test your alchemy standards, the quality of the medicinal ingredients will be slightly lower." Even though Yan Zilan said this, everyone could guess that it was definitely as bad as the Five elements Zhenyuan Dan's medicinal herbs that were just now.

In the Sacred Dan School's eyes, these rotten herbs had no value at all. Even if they were Nine quenching body Dan s, they could still be used for auction if they were in the Mortal Martial Realm.

Not long after, it confirmed everyone's thoughts. Those medicinal ingredients were indeed very rotten, to the point of making people curse the Sacred Dan School, but it was indeed a very challenging method. If he were to refine the perfect medicinal ingredients, wouldn't the compet.i.tion be boring?

The moment Yan Zilan announced the start of the process, Chen Xiang immediately began to process the profoundyang fire Dan's medicinal ingredients. His movements were crisp and smooth, he had refined profoundyang fire Dan quite a few times before, thus it was extremely easy for him.

However, there was someone who was faster than him. That was Xie Shilong's grandson, Xie Nanfeng, and the Lin Xiyi who came out of Chaotic Mountain, they had all started a fire at the same time and started refining pills.

There were only three spots available, and only the three people who concocted pills the fastest would be able to obtain one. Therefore, everyone had to make the best use of their time, not asking for quality nor quant.i.ty of pills, but only for speed and success!

At noon, the sun was scorching and the land was steaming, but in Alchemist's eyes, this kind of heat was nothing.

The first person to refine the pill was Chen Xiang, and what was unexpected was that Chen Xiang actually refined four profoundyang fire Dan!

Under normal circ.u.mstances, four pellets being refined was already the limit for many Alchemist s, but Chen Xiang could still use rotten medicine to refine them, and everyone could see, if Chen Xiang used perfect medicine, then he could probably concoct five pellets. Although the difference was one pellet, when it came to high levelled pellets, one more pellet would bring about an additional, and the benefits could be imagined.

In this kind of compet.i.tion, Chen Xiang still treated the ingredients like they would normally, and did not waste any medicinal ingredients, ensuring the quality of the medicinal pellets. This fact made many Alchemist secretly admire, this kind of att.i.tude was very precious, it was the kind of respect Alchemist had for the medicinal ingredients, giving them the best home!

Looking at the four glittering pills, some of the old Alchemist on the stage felt deep veneration for Chen Xiang. This was because this was the spirit that Alchemist should have, at least it was forgotten in the end.

"Look at them, they are all concocting pills for the sake of obtaining the Holy Water of Qianyang, but Chen Xiang is concocting pills for the sake of concocting pills, he has already blended himself into the realm of concocting pills, I'm afraid that he is not thinking of winning right now, but only thinking of using the best ingredients to the best of his abilities!" Yan Zilan said unhurriedly, staring at the fully focused Chen Xiang.

Xie Shilong nodded his head: "That's right, this is a pill refining compet.i.tion, and our rules do not set a requirement for the quant.i.ty of quality, so not many people would follow this requirement. They only thought that these are all rotten herbs, as long as they can concoct pills and win, it would be urgent."

Yan Zilan smiled and said: "It seems like in terms of pill refining skills, many of the old Alchemist s cannot compare!"

Xie Shilong self-deprecatingly laughed, "When Alchemist was young, he was always eager for quick success and quick wins. But when he gets old, he actually pursued a pill refining att.i.tude like Chen Xiang did, but by then, it was already a little too late."

Many of the partic.i.p.ating Alchemist s secretly mocked Chen Xiang, who was actually so focused on refining such a high-quality pellet, and even so many of them. But in the eyes of some of the younger Alchemist s, Chen Xiang viewed this process as a form of experiential learning.

Fan Yakun had only refined a profoundyang fire Dan. Compared to Chen Xiang, he felt that he was inferior, because Chen Xiang had guaranteed his speed, quant.i.ty and quality!

To be able to do this, it meant that Chen Xiang had always done this for pill refining. This was already a type of habit, but for Alchemist, this was a good habit.

"Small shaping Dan, the difficulty isn't too high, you should be able to deal with them. At that time, the Dinghun Dan will be more difficult to deal with." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang had already dealt with the Small shaping Dan. Even though it was a medicinal ingredient that was already rotten, he still had to do his best to refine it. Even in a nervous atmosphere, he still maintained a calm heart.

"The Ginseng Spirit Fruit is rather weak and a little rotten. When you refine it, you must believe that the Muscle Bone Gra.s.s and the Human Blood Mystical Ginseng are rather difficult to deal with. The fire force needs to be raised a little." Su Meiyao warned.

These three were the main ingredients, so there were no problems with the other tattered supplementary ingredients. Chen Xiang could easily deal with them.

The Spirit Ginseng Spirit Fruit was like a small baby, just that one of its legs was gone, and the Muscle Bone Gra.s.s could not only refine a Small shaping Dan, but it could also make a human's bones, and the Human Blood Ginseng, this kind of ginseng, contained a large amount of blood essence. It was the same with the humans, Chen Xiang had all three types of medicinal herbs, and they were all obtained in the First profound Realm.

Chen Xiang had already put the ingredients in the pill furnace, and only a small number of people had just finished concocting the first batch. During Chen Xiang's second batch, he was still in the lead.

Of course, Chen Xiang had only wanted to buy more time before this, to give himself more time to concoct the two unfamiliar high-grade profound level pills.

The pill furnaces used to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion were all the same, the ingredients used were all also terrible, and right now, he was refining a high grade profound level pill, which took a bit more time. After four hours, there was finally someone who managed to concoct a second batch, and that person was Xie Nanfeng.

Immediately after, Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi also opened the lid, and each took out a Small shaping Dan.

Normally, Small shaping Dan would produce only one pellet. Although it was easy to refine, it was extremely difficult to refine one pellet using broken ingredients.

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