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Chen Xiang's Pill Refining Furnace shook violently. More and more cracks appeared, and flames were spewing out of them. The energy within was extremely tyrannical, and everyone was on tenterhooks, waiting for the moment he would explode.

Yan Zilan frowned, gritted her teeth, and sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "I'll take you away later, there's no need to worry!"

Once Chen Xiang failed, it would mean that he had to withdraw from the compet.i.tion. At that time, the people from Chaotic Mountain would also take action, so Yan Zilan had to stand by his side the entire time just to protect Chen Xiang.

With regards to the matter of the Chaotic Mountain's people suddenly hating him, Chen Xiang only kept it in his heart. Right now, he did not have the mind to bother about it, he was calculating the time, making good use of the time to change the furnace.

Yan Zilan suddenly felt a wave of spirit power, because she was also a cultivator of the divine way, and Chen Xiang was unrestrainedly releasing it, she knew that it was spirit power, and it was extremely dense, she never expected Chen Xiang to have such a strong spirit power with his strength.

But she was very suspicious, she didn't know what Chen Xiang wanted to do.

Chen Xiang had obviously released his Fa Li in order to condense it into a Magic method furnace!

Just as Yan Zilan felt the Fa Li, a weak gust of hot air suddenly attacked him, causing a "boom" sound. Chen Xiang's pill furnace suddenly exploded, stirring up a cloud of dust.

Looking at the pile of dust in front of Chen Xiang, everyone let out a sigh of regret, and the people from the Chaotic Mountain were also waiting for Chen Xiang to leave the venue.

Just as everyone was feeling sorry for Chen Xiang, an incomparably dazzling multicolored light shot out from the dust. As long as it was a Alchemist, they all knew very well what this multicolored light was.

Seeing this, Fan Yakun heaved a sigh of relief, but he secretly exclaimed in his heart, although he had already seen it once, he was already stunned.

Chen Xiang blew away the dust, the piercing five colored light became even brighter, enveloping the entire compet.i.tion grounds.

Five types of multicolored light twined inside Chen Xiang's Magic method furnace, and like glue, they formed into a ball of rainbow colored air, shooting out five types of glaring red light, as if they were miniature suns that could release five types of light.

Chen Xiang had already reached the stage of fusing all of the Medicine aura and medicinal powders together, and this was also the most crucial moment. During the fusing period, all sorts of Medicine aura, due to their mutual repulsion, appeared extremely tyrannical, causing the light they emitted to become even more intense.

Seeing this scene, no one even blinked their eyes, appreciating this peerlessly beautiful scene. At the same time, they were also secretly surprised in their hearts, just what did Chen Xiang do?

Amongst the people present, only Yan Zilan knew that Chen Xiang had used the spatial transformation within the Seventy-two changes to create a transparent pill furnace and concoct pills inside. Although she could see this, she was still shocked by it and was captivated by it.

As for the Alchemist s, they were all staring at the ball of air inside the transparent pill furnace. Because this ball of air was very big, it meant that Chen Xiang had a lot of pills.

When suppressing the multicolored ball of air, Chen Xiang felt very relaxed, because he had used his mana. Very quickly, he fused the five Medicine aura s and the medicinal powder together, and in that instant, they released an even more dazzling multicolored light, which was then quickly split by Chen Xiang into seven small b.a.l.l.s of air.

It was actually seven pills. If he had used undamaged medicinal ingredients to refine, Chen Xiang could refine ten pills, but the majority of the other Alchemist s only had eight. In the eyes of the Alchemist s, Chen Xiang had neared the perfect number of pills he would produce!

Very quickly, Chen Xiang's transparent pill concocting furnace condensed seven transparent pills, their final form after the fusion of the five types of light.

Xie Shilong and Yan Zilan were both here. The Five elements Zhenyuan Dan that Chen Xiang had refined were all of high quality that they had appraised!

Especially those people from the Chaotic Mountain, they didn't only want to capture Chen Xiang, they also wanted to force Chen Xiang to hand over the Chaos fire.

heaved a sigh of relief. Just now, she was already prepared to take Chen Xiang and escape, but she did not expect Chen Xiang to actually use such a miraculous consummate skill.

Chen Xiang was the fifteenth person to refine a Five elements Zhenyuan Dan, and he had already successfully entered the next round. At this time, he was also secretly cursing Du Hai as well, as he still hadn't helped him settle those Chaotic Mountain people after so many days, causing him to almost lose his life just now.

"Are these guys forcing me to use that second Chaos fire?" Chen Xiang was furious in his heart. If the compet.i.tion ended and the people from the Chaotic Mountain surrounded him, he would definitely use the second Chaos fire.

Now, everyone knew that not only was Chen Xiang's strength ferocious, his pill refining skills were also exceptional. They also understood why he was able to become Du Yanyao's fiancé.

Chen Xiang took out another pill furnace. This was a little better than the Magic method furnace, after all, he did not know what kind of cruel compet.i.tion would follow after.

"I never thought that there would be someone in the Sacred Dan Realm with a Dragon Fire Soul. This guy is very shrewd, he is still concocting pills, but he must be slowing down on purpose." As Long Xueyi said this, Chen Xiang immediately looked towards the person she was referring to. It was a handsome man who somewhat resembled Xie Shilong.

Fan Yakun was also looking at the man. Chen Xiang nudged him and asked: "Who is that?"

"One of Xie Shilong's most prized grandson, Xie Nanfeng, although the Fire Soul is mysterious, it is very strong and normally keeps a low profile and rarely comes out to travel. He has a high talent for alchemy and I heard that he is one of the few people who can compete against the geniuses in Chaotic Mountain." Fan Yakun said.

Chen Xiang also noticed that both Lin Xiyi and the other man from the Chaotic Mountain were ranked at the top of the rankings for the third round. He had previously heard that the people from the Chaotic Mountain were very good at refining pills, so Du Hai had learned from them before.

"There should be a Pill Sage within the Chaotic Mountain. It is the birthplace of the alchemy civilization, so for the people that came from, it is not surprising that their alchemy skills are powerful. That Lin Xiyi is very powerful." Fan Yakun continued.

The round had ended. Xie Nanfeng had entered the next round as the 20th place, and seeing his calm expression, he knew that he had done it on purpose. Such a person was truly not bad, and Xie Shilong also nodded with satisfaction and smiled towards his grandson.

"Next is the third round. This third round can be said to be linked with the fourth round, which is to ask everyone to use the fastest speed to refine three high grade profound level pills. As long as you refine these three high grade profound level pills, you will be able to exchange them for the ingredients for the Earth Grade Low Rank Dan s from me."

Yan Zilan smiled lightly: "And I only have three sets of Nine quenching body Dan's medicinal ingredients here. Which is to say, out of the twenty of you, only three of you can obtain the fourth round's medicinal ingredients from me."

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