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There were only fifty or sixty people still competing on the stage. The young beauties who were dancing had already retreated. The males who were watching the compet.i.tion were already full of eyes, and they hoped to see a little more.

However, this made it difficult for the Alchemist s who had insufficient mental fort.i.tude, because they had been eliminated hatefully.

"Originally, we only wanted some beauties to cheer everyone up and ease this boring pill refining compet.i.tion. However, we never expected that so many little fellows would feel so regretful. As for the remaining people, you should thank me for helping you eliminate a large number of your compet.i.tors …" The old man laughed sinisterly, causing the eliminated Alchemist s to grit their teeth in anger. They wanted nothing more than to throw a brick at him and smash apart all of his remaining teeth.

To most of the Alchemist present, refining a Five elements Zhenyuan Dan was not difficult, but right now, they were all using very inferior quality medicinal ingredients. Furthermore, they were not very satisfied with the quality of the furnace, as it was very inconvenient for them to use, affecting their performance.

This was the rule for his refining, but he had already refined it very smoothly, and had already reached the middle stage. All the medicinal ingredients were incinerated, and after the medicinal ingredients were incinerated, he separated the unique Medicine aura s and the medicinal powders that did not contain any impurities. As long as he combined them together, he could enter the final stage of pill condensation.

In this regard, he was far ahead of the others. In the [Charm Storm], only Chen Xiang and that Lin Xiyi were not affected. Although the others had not exploded, they had more or less been affected.

In the Sacred Dan Realm, there were very few girls who could refine pills, so these kind of girls were the targets of the disciples from famous sects.

When he was in the Mortal Martial Realm, Chen Xiang had already known about the two famous female Alchemist s, Hua Xiangyue and Elder Dan. However, after he had been in the Sacred Dan Realm for a while, he had yet to hear about any famous female alchemist master.

Only Du Yanyao was famous, but she only received attention, and did not reach the stage where she was respected, so she could not be considered as one.

Yan Zilan suddenly appeared again, flying over from afar. Only someone of her level would dare to casually fly about in the Sacred Dan City.

"The next compet.i.tion will be hosted by Purple Orchid. Everyone, please cooperate and remain quiet so that Alchemist can refine pills quietly." Yan Zilan laughed indifferently, attracting the gazes of many people.

Seeing that the old man who owed a beating had left, the Alchemist s that were partic.i.p.ating in the tournament all sent him off with the most malicious curses in their hearts, especially those Alchemist that were eliminated.

Originally, they still had some hope of obtaining the Holy Water of Qianyang, but after being disrupted by that d.a.m.ned great gift, many people were eliminated. However, this was a test for them, so they could only blame themselves for not being strong enough.

The entire arena fell into silence as everyone waited for the results.

"Something's wrong, be careful!" Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, at the same time, Yan Zilan turned into a purple shadow, flying straight towards Chen Xiang like lightning, she waved her hand, releasing a purple Innate Qi, dispersing the Qi that was attacking Chen Xiang.

Although Yan Zilan blocked the powerful force, Chen Xiang still felt a wave of Innate Qi that was mixed with lightning and flames heading towards him. His pill furnace was also affected and had a few cracks on it.

"How dare you!" Yan Zilan stood behind him and shouted loudly.

A middle-aged man suddenly appeared in the middle of the arena and coldly said, "He let my son die, one injured. Today, I will definitely kill him and take revenge!"

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang and the Chaotic Mountain's people had clashed, causing one person to die and one person to be injured, this was something that everyone knew, but now that someone had come looking for them, it was obvious that they were from the Chaotic Mountain.

Yan Zilan had done her a great favor, even if Sacred Dan School didn't care, she would still take it over.

"This is a pill refining compet.i.tion organized by our Sacred Dan School, no one is allowed to disrupt the compet.i.tion, your two sons were the first to fight, they were the ones who were weaker, one died and one was injured. As their father, you are very powerful, yet you dare to do this to someone of the younger generation, do you think that your Chaotic Mountain is shameless?" Yan Zilan's sharp words made the middle-aged man unable to refute him for a moment.

However, the middle-aged man was still furious, "No matter what, I have to take revenge!"

If you insist on taking Chen Xiang down right now, then our Sacred Dan School will definitely not sit by and do nothing. Xie Shilong appeared, and stood on the high platform of the arena. Looking at the few people in the crowd, he could tell with a single glance that all of them were strong Rankers from the Chaotic Mountain, with their strength being on par with him.

Sacred Dan School's Leader had already appeared, and even said something like that, Chaotic Mountain couldn't afford to clash with Sacred Dan School right now, so he could only endure.

"Alright, after the compet.i.tion, it will be time for Chen Xiang to die!" The middle-aged man threw down those harsh words, then leaped up and left the arena.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, and everyone was impressed by his calmness. When he was burning his eyebrows, he was actually able to focus on concocting pills, and stabilize the pill furnace that was about to be destroyed.

The cracks on top of the pill furnace were clearly visible, and there were some cracks on the floor beneath the furnace. It was obvious that the cracks were caused by the attack of the Chaotic Mountain.

Just then, Lin Xiyi shouted, "I've completed it!"

Chen Xiang noted that she had successfully refined five Five elements Zhenyuan Dan, and those were of high quality. This meant that she could enter the next round, and only twenty people could enter the next round.

"Chen Xiang, your furnace is damaged because of what happened just now. We couldn't protect you well, so the only thing we can do is to give you a new furnace and a new set of high-quality herbs so that you can start concocting again. However, we might not make it in time." Xie Shilong said. He saw that Chen Xiang was still able to refine pills as calm as a mountain, and had the demeanor of a great family. He sighed inwardly.

Chen Xiang said indifferently: "No need!"

Even if he tried again, it would be too late. As long as more than twenty people refined a Five elements Zhenyuan Dan, he would not be able to enter the next round.

"Looks like I can only use the furnace exchange!" Chen Xiang thought in his heart. Last time he fought with Fan Yakun, he had succeeded in this exact same method.

Now, another person had finished refining it, if not for the effect from just now, Chen Xiang would have already completed it. And now, in order to stabilize the furnace, he had no choice but to slow down.

Fan Yakun was the second to complete it after Lin Xiyi, so he was not the least bit worried about Chen Xiang. Furthermore, he was looking forward to Chen Xiang's shocking consummate skill, and when he saw that more and more cracks appeared on Chen Xiang's pill furnace, he became slightly excited, because he knew that he would soon be able to see that ultimate skill!

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