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Four from the Chaotic Mountain s. Now that one was dead and one was injured, the remaining two people did not have any intention of fighting anymore, because they knew that as long as the Chaos fire in Chen Xiang's hands could land on their bodies, they would be the same as the man just now.

Lin Xiyi came over to the red clothed man's side and coldly said: "The elder has long said that we cannot act rashly against him." Then, he waved his hand to summon two people to help the red clothed man away.

She was worried that Chen Xiang would make a move on her, but Chen Xiang merely smiled at her with no intention to make a move.

Chen Xiang also felt that it was enough, but if the people from the Chaotic Mountain still acted against him, he would still not be courteous.

"Cough, cough, we still need to take the test. Please find somewhere else to settle the grudge between you." An old man said.

Chen Xiang kept the Chaos fire and went over to Fan Yakun's side and patted him. This scared Fan Yakun to death.

"What are you afraid of?" Chen Xiang laughed involuntarily.

"I'm afraid of your flame. Your flame is definitely many times stronger than the purple one. Otherwise, it would be impossible for that fellow's purple flames to be useless to you!" Fan Yakun said: "I'm guessing that your body can definitely withstand the burning of an extremely strong flame. Your own flame is also very strong."

Chen Xiang only laughed, and did not speak.

Fan Yakun was only glad that he did not have the same prestige as Chen Xiang when he was in Mortal Martial Realm. Otherwise, all of his money would have turned into dust.

Only 180 people had pa.s.sed the fire test, and the second round of the test was about to begin.

"Those who pa.s.sed the test, are all pretty hot. Now is the true start of the match!" An elder said, "Next, I will remove the veil covering the mysterious reward."

The crowd immediately burst into cheers. Some of them had already heard that the rewards of this compet.i.tion were very precious.

"If you win this year's Grand Compet.i.tion, you will receive a bottle of Holy Water of Qianyang!" After the old man made his announcement, the crowd immediately burst into cheers.

Fan Yakun exclaimed in surprise, "Sacred Dan School has a dried-up, dried up Dry Sun Sacred Pond which has a holy aura floating around all year round. This is a type of energy that is even more powerful than immortal energy, and now that Sacred Dan School can take out the Dry Sun Sacred Water, it can be seen that the dried up Nine Yang Sacred Pond has begun to produce the Dry Sun Sacred Water. It's said that a drop of Nine Yang Sacred Water contains an energy equivalent to a person absorbing a hundred years of immortal energy."

"If it's just a small bottle, then at least a few dozen drops. That's equivalent to absorbing thousands of years worth of immortal qi in an instant. For someone at our level of strength, this is considered a supreme treasure."

The old man waited for everyone to calm down before saying, "There are one hundred drops of the Holy Water of Qianyang. If you want them, then all of you should work harder!"

"Next, we will proceed to the second round. Just like the previous sessions, we will have to provide the ingredients and pill furnaces needed to refine the Five elements Zhenyuan Dan!"

Chen Xiang knew that out of the nearly two hundred Alchemist s present, there was definitely a number of geniuses amongst them. And according to his knowledge, Du Yanyao was just a Alchemist who was able to refine a middle grade Ground level pellet, while Fan Yakun was also able to refine a lower grade Ground level.

Therefore, if he wanted to be number one, not only would he have to master the high grade profound level pills, he would also have to refine low or middle grade Ground level s, otherwise he would not be able to contend against those powerful people.

The quality of the furnace was considered not bad, which surprised Chen Xiang. If it was a pill furnace that could not be any worse, it would explode after a few rounds of refinement, which made people very depressed.

"If the pill furnace we used was slightly better, I might have been able to win." Fan Yakun said in a low voice.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Hehe, then let's compete again now, whoever can take out that bottle of Dry Sun Holy Water will win."

Fan Yakun shook his head: "The later parts of this compet.i.tion, may be unfair to you. At that time, I might have to refine a few Earth Grade Low Rank Dan s."

Fan Yakun was very clear about the bottom line of Chen Xiang's pill refining. Although he admitted that Chen Xiang's talent was very high and was much higher than his, Chen Xiang could only refine one type of high grade profound level pellet.

In the plaza, one hundred and eighty young Alchemist s placed their pill furnaces on the ground, then sat cross-legged on their cushions, waiting for the people of Sacred Dan School to divide the ingredients needed to refine Five elements Zhenyuan Dan.

To these Alchemist, Five elements Zhenyuan Dan s were considered to be low leveled pellets. When they heard that they were going to use this kind of pellet to decide on the next round, they all scoffed disdainfully and disapproved. However, when they received the ingredients, they all began to complain nonstop, and under a lot of pressure.

After Chen Xiang received the medicinal herbs, he was also startled, because these medicinal herbs were very, very rotten, and some were even withered to death before they matured. For example, the Five Leaf Gra.s.s only had four leaves, and the Colourless Ganoderma had a bite mark on it.

However, these medicinal ingredients could produce spirit energy and medicine powder, and could still condense pellets. Chen Xiang did not even remember how many batches of Five elements Zhenyuan Dan he had refined, so he could only give a light smile in response to this.

"Looks like I can get at least seven pills, but I need some time!" Chen Xiang estimated silently as he looked at the medicinal herbs. It had not started yet, so he could still not process the medicinal herbs.

After everyone received the medicinal ingredients, the old man announced the start of the battle.

"The match has begun. I believe everyone has heard of it. In this trial, we will give you all a little more test. Please prepare yourselves."

As Chen Xiang processed the medicinal herbs, he looked forward to the mysterious test. Fan Yakun had also mentioned it before.

At the start of the compet.i.tion, everyone busily processed the herbs, removing the ones on the stage that no one was there. This was because they were all rotten things, and in order to obtain more Medicine aura s and medicinal powders, they were all very careful and did not dare to cut them off.

When Chen Xiang first laid eyes on those medicinal herbs, he had already started to think about how to refine and process them, so his movements were fluid and smooth, with one breath, he was the one who started the fire.

"This Chen Xiang of mysterious origins is actually so powerful in terms of alchemy, he is actually the first to start a fire!" The elder that presided over the compet.i.tion shouted. He was actually explaining.

"Everyone has seen his savage strength and fearsome reputation. Let's see what his pill refining level is like now." "Since he is the first one to start a fire, we must give him a big gift!"

Chen Xiang's eyebrows twitched, he had a premonition that something bad was about to happen to him!

After hearing the old man's words, the crowd immediately looked forward to it. They could hear the meaning behind his words. The so-called great gift was very possibly the mysterious and deceptive test.

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