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The red clothed man's face twisted in pain. His eyes turned red, and anger rose up, making him lose his mind. Now, he just wanted to kill Chen Xiang no matter what.

In the Sacred Dan Realm, those who could refine pills were not weak. Now, everyone could be considered to have broadened their horizon, even those old fellows who had entered the Nirvana Stage felt ashamed.

"Kirin, appear!" The man in red shouted out. Suddenly, an enormous illusion of a Qilin appeared behind him. As everyone saw that ma.s.sive and ferocious illusion of a Qilin, they were overwhelmed with shock and dumbfoundedly stared at it.

At this time, Chen Xiang also felt quite a bit of pressure, but the Dragon Power in his body was boiling and surging, as if it was an angry ocean. This caused his entire body to be filled with terrifying energy.

"The power of the Qilin!" The Qilin image on the red-clothed man's back suddenly sprinted and fiercely flashed into the red-clothed man's arm. The red clothed man's arm suddenly swelled up and tore apart his sleeve, revealing fierce and terrifying blue veins.

Seeing the fist that carried the "Qilin's power" coming towards him, Chen Xiang felt his body being pushed by an invisible pressure, forcing him to take a few steps back. But he was not willing to be weak, the Dragon Power in his body suddenly shot out from his body, revealing the illusory image of a huge golden dragon behind him.

Seeing this golden dragon, everyone was completely shocked, because this dragon was very large, it had appeared right behind Chen Xiang, releasing a dazzling gold light, as though it had just flown out from the blazing sun. The entire plaza had fallen into a state of panic because of the appearance of this dragon, and unknowingly, everyone could feel the ground around them starting to shake slightly.

Chen Xiang roared out explosively, as he punched out, meeting the red clothed man's incoming Qilin fist. At the same time, the golden dragon image behind him let out a dragon's roar that shook the heavens, transforming into a golden beam of light and entering Chen Xiang's fist.

The power of the Qilin and the dragon fiercely collided with each other. A blinding golden red light burst out, and a thunderous sound reverberated through the horizon!

"Ahh …" The red-clothed man let out an absolutely miserable scream. His arm suddenly dropped, and he fell to the ground. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, and his bloodshot eyes were filled with pain.

"You … What did you do to me? " The red clothed man's face was filled with fear and fury: "My Dantian … "No, my arm …"

The power of Chen Xiang's fist just now surged into the red-clothed man's dantian, skillfully wiping away his dantian. As for his arm, he used the Bone-melting magic palm, and directly melted away the bones inside.

At first, it looked like the two of them were of equal strength, but now, Chen Xiang stood there calmly, with his face and heart red. As for the red clothed man who came out from Chaotic Mountain, he sat on the ground paralyzed, with his dantian and limbs crippled.

Chen Xiang laughed coldly: "It's because you don't have the capability and you still want to show off, you're the one who asked for it!"

The words the red-clothed man said earlier were met with Chen Xiang's retaliation. This was truly a great blow and humiliation!

The red clothed man trembled in anger and shouted, "What are you all still standing there for? Quickly take him down. There is no need to be moral in dealing with this kind of villain!"

The other two men looked at each other and came to a tacit understanding, when one of them suddenly appeared behind Chen Xiang, they actually still wanted to attack Chen Xiang, and it was even two against one.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I am a villain? I remember that it was you who attacked me first. Now that you've been beaten to a pulp by me, you can just call me a villain and let your people bully the minority? What bullsh * t Chaotic Mountain, you're just a bully. "

While talking, a silver order badge appeared in Chen Xiang's hand, the patterns on it were distinct and flickering with a strange light, and this order badge looked like a burning silver flame, as though it was absorbing the light from the silver moon and dancing in the air.

A Chaos fire, and one that recognized its master! This caused the two people who wanted to take action to immediately stop, they did not know what Chen Xiang wanted to do!

"Humph, don't you guys want it? I'll just give it to you guys! " Chen Xiang snorted, and actually threw the Chaos fire out, towards the man who was in front of him attacking.

The man was shocked and hastily extended his hand to receive it. Just as he touched the Chaos fire, it suddenly exploded, releasing a ball of flames that was like the moonlight as it covered the man's body.

"Ah... Help … Kill me! Quickly kill me, and give me a quick death! " When the crowd heard the man's scream, they couldn't help but feel their blood run cold. This was a fate worse than death!

At this moment, the crowd's beautiful silver flames had a deep fear in them. They were actually able to burn someone to a point where it was better to die than to live.

As for Chen Xiang's hand, a ball of silver flames was burning as well, slowly condensing into a command medallion. It was extremely strange, and everyone could tell with a glance that the Chaos fire and Chen Xiang had already melded together.

"Everyone here have seen that I have given you the Chaos fire, it is just that you all are unable to afford it, this is none of my business!" Chen Xiang tossed and turned the Chaos fire in his hands, causing everyone's hearts to jump out of their chests. They were afraid, afraid that Chen Xiang would throw this d.a.m.ned beast at them.

The man who was being burned by the silver flames was already lying on the ground, and the silver flames had also slowly disappeared.

While the fire was still burning, no one could feel the aura of the fire, not even a little bit of heat. However, from the shout of the man, it seemed that the fire was not like that at all.

However, now that the silver flames had been extinguished, the man's body seemed completely unharmed. However, his face was contorted into a hideous expression from the pain, appearing extremely strange.

The red clothed man crawled over and lightly touched the man's body. He saw layers of white ash suddenly fall from his body, causing everyone's scalps to go numb. This man had already been burnt to ashes.

Chen Xiang also felt that it was unbelievable and he sneered in his heart, "This is the result of recklessly training the Primal Chaos Flames. This Chaos fire only ignited the Primal Chaos Flames hidden within its body, making the Primal Chaos Flames even stronger."

"It seems like this Chaos fire is a great threat to the people of Chaotic Mountain. As long as I want to, I can use the Chaos fire to wrap around the primal chaos flames in their bodies!"

This was also one of the uses of Chaos fire, and Chen Xiang only found out about it later when he flipped through the information in his mind.

"You killed him …" The red clothed man looked at Chen Xiang with a trembling voice.

"It's you who killed him, the Chaos fire only ignited the primal chaos flame in his body, his body would need a period of time to recover, who told you to touch him!" Chen Xiang shrugged and said, what he said was the truth.

"You …" The red clothed man vomited another mouthful of blood. He was so angry that his entire body was trembling. However, he was already a cripple. Anyone present could slaughter him.

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