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Three men and one woman from Chaotic Mountain. The lady in the middle was Lin Xiyi, who had caused quite a commotion when testing the flames. She had merely followed the three handsome men dressed in beautiful clothes and walked over.

"I was paying attention just now, the flames of these three guys are not any weaker than Lin Xiyi's. I heard that there is a secret technique in the Chaotic Mountain that can help people cultivate Fire Soul, and it can even evolve!" Fan Yakun condensed his voice into a thread and sent it into Chen Xiang's ears.

only knew that the Fire Divine Palace had a method to swallow the Fire Soul. If one did not need to fuse with the Fire Soul and used a secret technique to cultivate it, it would be somewhat hard for him to believe.

"Chen Xiang, hand over the Chaos fire!" After the Chaotic Mountain came over, a red clothed man coldly said. That kind of arrogant att.i.tude made people feel extremely disgusted.

Chen Xiang scoffed, "Don't you know that I killed Lin Yushi and Guo Huaqing?"

The red clothed man laughed disdainfully: "It isn't strange for you to kill Lin Yushi. After all, at that time Lin Yushi was kneeling down to help you chop off your head. As for Guo Huaqing, that was the protective divine light released by the Chaos fire when it acknowledged her as its master.

Chen Xiang had thought that the people of the Chaotic Mountain did not know about the situation when the Chaos fire was accepting a master. From the red-clothed man's words, it was very likely that there were people within the Chaotic Mountain who had already been acknowledged as master by the Chaos fire.

"Just how did you make the Chaos fire recognize you as its master? All these years, our Chaotic Mountain has never had anyone … "

"Xi Yi, you talk too much!" The red clothed man immediately shouted at her, causing Chen Xiang to be secretly happy. As long as the other five Chaos fire s did not recognize him as their master, he would have the chance to take them all and collect the seven Chaos fire s to look at the secrets of the Primal Chaos Realm.

Chen Xiang spread out his hands, and laughed: "I won't give it to you even if I die, come and take it if you have the guts!"

Hearing Chen Xiang's words, the rest of them immediately ran away, while the red clothed man was also furious. With a low snort, hot air suddenly burst out from his body, and purplish-red flames shot out from his right leg.

"Double Fire Soul, Red Fire Soul and Purple Fire Soul!" Fan Yakun shouted in shock. After Chen Xiang heard this, he was just slightly surprised, his Fire Soul could be considered a dual Fire Soul, the fusion of the two was much stronger than this kind of normal Fire Soul.

When everyone saw the red clothed man's dual colored flame, they all let out exclamations of admiration and broke out into a flurry of discussion. As for the red clothed man, his face was also filled with arrogance.

"You asked for it yourself!" The red clothed man spoke sinisterly, his thigh that was ignited with purplish-red flames leaped towards Chen Xiang, only to see a dazzling purple red light appear, transforming into a purple red Qilin head. With its mouth wide open, roars sounded out, although it was only for a split second, but that stern purple red Qilin head still lingered in everyone's mind.

Chen Xiang never thought that the red clothed man would be so fierce. Seeing that the Qilin would bite at him, he channeled the Fire G.o.d method, causing a vortex to form inside the Fire Dan Tian, spinning fiercely. In a short moment, a million spins were created, creating a strange suction force that engulfed the scorching fire energy.

On the contrary, it was out of everyone's expectations. This was because after the Qilin head that was emitting the purple red light made contact with Chen Xiang's body, it was as if it had entered Chen Xiang's body and fused with him.

Actually, all of this was completely swallowed by Chen Xiang!

"As expected of the Qilin leg that's scared of hearing the wind, it's actually so magical, directly drilling into someone else's body, destroying the inside of the enemy!" One of them said.

Chen Xiang had long heard of the Chaotic Mountain's Qilin Divine Art. Today, he had finally experienced it, it was indeed very strong, if he did not have the powerful Fire Soul like the Heaven fire soul, he would have been burnt to ashes.

One had to know that his body had been tempered in the heart of the earth. Even the Immortal's body could not withstand the high temperature. Although the red clothed man's Qilin Divine Technique made him feel warm, it was unable to cause any damage to his body.

As for Fan Yakun who was not far from Chen Xiang, he was already sweating profusely!

Chen Xiang laughed loudly, "What dogs.h.i.t about the Qilin Divine Art? I think that you are just bluffing, show some of your abilities to others!"

Seeing Chen Xiang mocking and ridiculing them, everyone was dumbfounded, that was the Qilin leg from the genuine Qilin Divine Arts just now, known as the three legs of the Burning Immortal. Everyone could truly feel that kind of terrifying heat, but Chen Xiang was completely fine, it made everyone unable to comprehend what he was doing, especially those Chaotic Mountain s who understood Qilin legs very well.

The elders in charge of the a.s.sessment did not stop them, they were just watching from the side. Regardless of who died or lived, it had nothing to do with the Sacred Dan School. If they interfered and stopped them, the Chaotic Mountain might even say that they were obstructing them.

Being ridiculed by Chen Xiang, the red clothed man became even angrier, his entire body ignited with purplish red flames, the scorching Qi spread out like a gale as it swept out in all directions, causing everyone to retreat.

"How are you going to block?" The red clothed man shouted out loud and jumped into the air. He somersaulted in the air and then fell down like a meteor from the heavens. His leg was like a giant red-hot knife as it fiercely slashed down, leaving behind a purple red afterimage.

The kick was as fast as lightning, and when it landed on Chen Xiang's body, it suddenly transformed into a gigantic purple-red claw, with purple-red scales and sharp claws. This was a Qilin claw, and it looked very lifelike, as though it had the power to destroy the heavens and earth.

Chen Xiang also didn't manage to react. He had to admit that the red clothed man's attack just now was extremely fast, from the moment he had jumped, it had only been an instant. That incomparably powerful leg hacked down onto his left shoulder, that wave of energy actually forced him to kneel on one knee.

However, the Innate Qi in his body had already been boiling for a long time, violently smashing into each other in his dantian, transforming into an even more terrifying Dragon Power. After his body was attacked, the Dragon Power rushed into his limbs and bones, completely wiping out the energy that was rampaging in his body.

Boom! Everyone saw that the thigh of the red-clothed man that was on Chen Xiang's shoulder suddenly bent at the knees, causing the red-clothed man to let out a miserable cry!

An incomparably terrifying aura emerged from Chen Xiang's shoulder, and that kind of tyrannical and tyrannical energy gushed out. The stones on the ground trembled because of it, and the floor tiles also slowly cracked one after another.

It was precisely this kind of power that broke the red-clothed man's thigh. Chen Xiang had used the borrowed force method from the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu and combined it with the Dragon Power to create a burst of energy from his body. It shot out from his shoulder and broke the red-clothed man's legs.

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