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In the evening. Under the reflection of the beautiful sunset, the small courtyard in City Lord's Mansion was especially beautiful. Even more beautiful, a white-clothed female was dancing with a snow-white sword in her hand.

With regards to Chen Xiang's sudden appearance, Du Yanyao was no longer surprised, she could not understand why Chen Xiang could always get close to her easily, since the trade fair had already started, she had never seen Chen Xiang before, which made her a little worried.

"Where have you been these days?" Du Yanyao asked softly. If it was in the past, she would not have asked.

I saw Yan Zilan. She had already agreed to let you follow her in cultivation, and when you don't become City Lord, I will look for her! Chen Xiang laughed: "This sword works pretty well!"

When Du Yanyao heard it, he was extremely happy. However, she, who was usually cold, only smiled slightly. Even so, she appeared exceptionally beautiful.

"This is an immortal sword, it's definitely handy!" Du Yanyao said: "You really do have a way to make Zi Lan Immortal Fairy let me follow her in cultivation."

"Oh right, that Fan Yakun came to find you a few times. I never thought that he would cause so much trouble in the clan, to actually be able to escape so quickly."

Chen Xiang was surprised, and asked anxiously: "Where is he now? He was the one who delivered me to the Mortal Martial Realm. This guy was able to run to the Mortal Martial Realm from here, he truly has some ability! What mistake did he make in the family? "

"He entered the forbidden grounds of Fan Family and stole a few tombs. This is a capital offense, but he is able to partic.i.p.ate in the alchemy compet.i.tion safely. Du Yanyao said: "He's in the Fan Family Restaurant in the city. You just have to go find him."

Chen Xiang hurriedly walked out of the City Lord's Mansion and rushed towards Fan Family Restaurant. In the Sacred Dan Realm, other than Du Yanyao and Du Hai, only Fan Yakun knew of his background, and he was also very clear about it. Now that Fan Yakun had come, he naturally had to go greet him.

Chen Xiang heard that there was a small lake in the middle of it and that outside this huge restaurant, there was a huge river surrounding it. If he wanted to enter the restaurant, he would have to walk across a luxurious bridge.

Entering the restaurant, Chen Xiang immediately asked the shopkeeper for permission to see Fan Yakun, and the shopkeeper knew that someone was looking for Fan Yakun, so he anxiously went to welcome him at the highest floor of the restaurant.

Chen Xiang quickly saw the graceful Fan Yakun. He was dressed in gorgeous clothes, looking extremely n.o.ble and imposing, and was holding onto a golden fan in his hand. The fan was filled with sparkling stones.

"Brother Shen, I knew that no matter where you are, you would be able to create a storm, haha …" When Fan Yakun saw Chen Xiang, he laughed out loud.

"That's fine. I'll go back sooner or later anyway, so I don't have any concerns." Chen Xiang laughed and walked into a luxurious living room. He sat at a green jade table and drank a type of extremely precious wine.

Fan Yakun chuckled: "You have only been here for a short while, and have melted Du Yanyao's ice mountain. This has caused many disciples from famous sects to admire you from the bottom of their hearts. In the Sacred Dan Realm, even within the Chaotic Mountain, there are many people who want to take her down, but because their grandfather is so powerful, he doesn't dare to force things."

Chen Xiang only laughed, he was just acting with Du Yanyao.

"I've heard that Brother Fan has caused quite a stir in your family. For you to be able to leisurely stay here and watch Brother Fan, you must be quite capable!"

Fan Yakun brought up this matter, waving his hand and sighing: "Don't mention it, I was brought here by them to partic.i.p.ate in the pill refining compet.i.tion, I also heard about this matter in secret, all the big shots of the various big powers are all secretly betting, if someone from any power obtains first, it would count as their victory."

"Oh? Why didn't Yanyao mention it to me? " Chen Xiang asked in shock: What if I win? "So what?"

"Du Family did not partic.i.p.ate, because the patriarch of the Du Family is currently in closed door cultivation. Without this guy to lead the way, the other old fellows of the Du Family would not dare to rashly bet! I also heard that after Chaotic Mountain found out about this hidden gamble, he even sent someone over to stir up trouble. Fan Yakun gloated: "Over a dozen of my Fan Family's old fellows have already taken the risk. If Brother Shen also partic.i.p.ates, haha …"

"I am sure that I am not as good as brother Shen, so I only came to join in the fun, if no major power wins, then we will consider it as Sacred Dan School's victory."

Chen Xiang scratched his chin and said: "If Chaotic Mountain or other people were to obtain the first place in the pill refining compet.i.tion, wouldn't that mean that the Sacred Dan School would have a huge advantage over us?"

"Of course, but the odds of winning the compet.i.tion is much higher for the people of Chaotic Mountain, I heard that the Chaotic Mountain was not only there to disturb the compet.i.tion, they were also there to receive the rewards, as for the rewards, they would only announce it at the beginning, in short, it is a good thing, otherwise the Chaotic Mountain would not have thought of doing so." Fan Yakun said.

Chen Xiang was also very concerned about the reward. He had already found the Devil-suppressing blood, and the next thing to do was to get a large sum of money from the Sacred Dan Realm and leave.

Brother Shen, you should still be careful. You took away two of the Chaotic Mountain's Chaos fire s, and killed Guo Huaqing and Lin Yushi, they will definitely not let this go easily. Although these two are not very popular in Chaotic Mountain, in order to protect their dignity, the Chaotic Mountain must capture you!

warned repeatedly. Since Brother Shen could still appear in the Sacred Dan Realm, he knew that Brother Shen must be partic.i.p.ating in the pill refining compet.i.tion, because under those circ.u.mstances, if you can bring out a person's potential, it would be a good opportunity to refine the pill successfully. As long as you succeed once and acc.u.mulate experience, the next time you can refine will be very easy.

Chen Xiang chatted with Fan Yakun in the restaurant all the way until night before he returned to the City Lord's Mansion. He was also excited to meet the Alchemist, but he was not so worried that the people from the Chaotic Mountain would find trouble with him, as Du Hai had said that she would help him settle it.

On the way back to the City Lord's Mansion, Chen Xiang suddenly felt a kind of faint heat, but the people in the City Lord's Mansion all had an uncomfortable face and their entire bodies were covered in perspiration, one look was enough to tell that they were extremely hot.

"Is that so?" Chen Xiang stopped a servant who was running out and asked.

"City Lord cultivates in flames, causing our bodies to emit hot air. We can't take it any longer, so we can only keep our distance. It's too scary!" The servant's entire body was burning hot, Chen Xiang had sent her a cold water attribute Innate Qi, which made her feel much better, and immediately thanked Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had his Heaven fire soul, so naturally he could not feel any heat. He arrived at Du Yanyao's house, only to see that the plants here were all dried up and were emitting smoke. The house that Du Yanyao lived in, had already turned into ashes.

This caused Chen Xiang to be extremely worried, he was worried that Du Yanyao's cultivation will cause his Qi to go berserk, and now that Du Yanyao was still training in the secret underground room, a wave of scorching Qi was rising continuously from below, causing the pond in the courtyard to boil, causing Chen Xiang's heart to palpitate and his body to jump, he quickly walked to the entrance of the secret underground room.

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