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Chen Xiang received the Immortal Mansion Ring. Moreover, he immediately dripped his blood and bound it to his body, fusing it with his soul. He could control it with his mind and hide it within his body without being discovered.

However, what made him a bit depressed was that he still couldn't see inside. He could only feel the s.p.a.ce inside, but he could still release the immortal estate inside. It was just that it consumed a lot of energy and also required a large empty s.p.a.ce.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also extremely excited at this moment, because they would soon be able to move into a luxurious immortal estate.

The high level trade fair had ended, and many people had a look of regret on their faces. They had watched a little kid trade a Purple dragon flower for a broken ring, which made their teeth itch in hatred.

After he was done, Chen Xiang quietly brought Chen Xiang to her room.

"Zilan, don't you feel that we're having a clandestine love affair?" Chen Xiang said while grinning. He casually lied on top of Yan Zilan's fragrant purple bed.

Yan Zilan was not angry, and smiled sweetly: "You mischievous brat, I am doing this for your own good. If no one else knew that you and I are so close, then it would be even more troublesome than offending Chaotic Mountain!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course I know, who told our Zi Lan Immortal Fairy to love everyone, even women cannot bear to be jealous of you, let alone men! If anyone took sister Zi Lan away, that person would definitely die from happiness! "

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, no wonder a girl like Yanyao would be completely tricked by you, to be able to become your fiancee!" Being praised by Chen Xiang, Yan Zilan's smile became even more beautiful and sweet, but it did not lose her n.o.ble and dignified temperament.

Seeing that this mature and graceful woman was so close to him, Chen Xiang was a little moved, but she was a fairy with extremely strong powers.

"As long as you are willing, I can marry you!" Chen Xiang joked.

"Hmph, with Yanyao here, how can you be so greedy? Aren't you afraid that I'll tell her?" Yan Zilan purposely said coquettishly. Seeing that, Chen Xiang's heart was thumping, he really wanted to throw himself onto her and embrace her.

"Don't worry, if you marry me, Yanyao will be happy to have such a good older sister." Chen Xiang giggled: "Big Sister Zi Lan likes even women, she definitely won't be angry!"

"Don't be so talkative!" Yan Zilan pouted and pouted.

Just like that, Chen Xiang laid on Yan Zilan's bed, while Yan Zilan sat on the side of the bed, carefully listening to the other parts of the Great profound G.o.d Soul Art that Chen Xiang was using.

Yan Zilan's soul was powerful, it would never go away before. She would remember Chen Xiang's words once, so Chen Xiang teaching her was not that difficult.

In one breath, he imparted to Yan Zilan the mental cultivation method left behind by the Great profound G.o.d Soul Art. At this time, Yan Zilan was also affectionately pampering him and pouring him a cup of tea. In order to thank Chen Xiang, she even agreed to Chen Xiang's request to help him ma.s.sage his back and legs … This was something she had never done before. Although this was the case, she didn't feel so conflicted in her heart. It was because she was very happy to chat with Chen Xiang.

In Yan Zilan's eyes, the rest of the people in the Sacred Dan Realm were of different species. Only Chen Xiang was her kind, and she was already easy to get along with, so right now, she was even more intimate with Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang and Yan Zilan had been together for two days, and he felt extremely comfortable being together with this beauty who was as gentle as water.

"There's still some time before the Alchemy Compet.i.tion. I'll take this opportunity to teach you some magical techniques, but not much!" Chen Xiang said.

Yan Zilan nodded her head, she was extremely excited now, she knew that her spirit power was extremely strong, but she did not know how to use it.

Chen Xiang first imparted the Seventy-two changes to him, this was with Long Xueyi's consent. It was three days later after he memorized the Seventy-two changes.

Yan Zilan looked at Chen Xiang strangely. "That Jade Dragon Flower is you …"

"Hehe!" Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue.

This made Yan Zilan pinch the flesh on Chen Xiang's arm, and he pouted lightly: "So it turns out you were the one doing it, and you said you wanted me to apologize … "Hmph hmph, you sure are gutsy. If you were to be discovered, we'd be done for!"

The fact that Chen Xiang was able to pa.s.s down the Great profound G.o.d's Soul Art and Seventy-two changes to Yan Zilan signified that he trusted her greatly. Furthermore, since Yan Zilan was aware of this fact, she naturally would not leak it out.

"Aren't I fine now?" Chen Xiang laughed as she squeezed Yan Zilan's jade hand.

"Don't want it next time. It's dangerous, but why don't you take the flower away?" Yan Zilan asked curiously.

"Half a flower would be enough for me!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Continue with the technique, I still do not know what the Chaotic Mountain will do to me. If I were to be chased by them, I would have to hide for a very long time."

Yan Zilan's situation had indeed made her very worried. At this point in time, she had already treated Chen Xiang as her closest kin.

"Just the Seventy-two changes is not enough, I still need to learn a few offensive techniques. I have yet to learn any of these, I am unable to use them, but I can teach them to you first." said. All of these abilities belonged to Long Xueyi, if he did not say it, Chen Xiang would not have known that she possessed so many powerful small abilities.

After a day of rest, it would be the pill refining compet.i.tion. At that time, there would be many people partic.i.p.ating, many of them being famous, and Chen Xiang would have completed his important task.

"I have to go back, if Yanyao is not able to find me these few days, he will definitely be worried!" Chen Xiang jumped up from the bed and stretched his body.

"Yes, when she doesn't become the City Lord, you can let her come to my place. At that time, I will also ask the Sacred Dan School to rest, and at that time, I will cultivate in seclusion with her for a period of time."

Yan Zilan helped Chen Xiang tidy up his clothes, with eyes full of tenderness, he looked at her beautiful eyes that were trembling under her eyelashes, and couldn't help but hug her.

"Cheng Lan, I'll come find you in a while. I still need to buy a batch of Ground level pills!" Chen Xiang breathed in the fragrance of her hair and caressed her back.

Yan Zilan did not expect Chen Xiang to suddenly hug her, her face pressed against Chen Xiang's warm chest, listening to Chen Xiang's rapid heartbeat, her face slightly flushed, her heartbeat speeding up.

"Un, leave it to me!" Yan Zilan replied softly.

Chen Xiang released her, gently caressed her face and smiled: "Cultivate the divine way properly, you are not alone, I will accompany you!"

Yan Zilan's heart warmed as he nodded his head. Then, using his sacred art, Chen Xiang flew out of the window in the form of a b.u.t.terfly, heading towards the City Lord's Mansion.

Su Meiyao scoffed, "You little scoundrel, you actually dared to do such a thing in front of me, but you really have some skills!"

"sister Meiyao, don't worry. When I have time, I will help you move. You will soon be able to live in a big house!" Chen Xiang laughed.

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