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Everyone was present at the high level trading fair. Chen Xiang just realized that Yan Zilan was not here to host the transaction, but was also here to conduct it as well.

Earlier last night, Chen Xiang had Su Meiyao use a creation divine liquid to duplicate a Purple dragon flower. The chance to use up the two crocks of creation divine liquid he had formed in the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest to turn the other half into a.

"Let me start!" Xie Shilong took out a green pearl that looked soft and elastic. Inside, it had a green l.u.s.ter and a green glow secretly flowed inside the pearl like water.

Seeing this bead, a few knowledgeable old men immediately opened their eyes wide and let out a light sigh of admiration.

"The Wood Emperor Fruit is a fruit that grew from an ordinary tree for a hundred thousand years. It is very useful for cultivators of the wood attribute and can also be used to heal wounds. It contains a very rich life force and can be considered a high-grade Immortal Grade fruit. Su Meiyao said.

"I would like to trade the Wood Emperor Fruit for the Fire Emperor Fruit, or other fire element medicinal herbs or pills of the same rank." Xie Shilong said.

Xie Shilong was a Leader of the Sacred Dan School, so he was naturally a pill refiner, but he was still not a Dan Immortal. Dan Immortal was a Alchemist that could refine high quality and top-quality immortal pills, while Xie Shilong could only refine mid quality low quality immortal pills.

The other nine people in the secret room did not have any reactions. Although this Wood Emperor Fruit was rare, it was extremely attractive, so no one was willing to trade it. This made Xie Shilong feel somewhat awkward, and it was an extremely shameful matter.

"I have half a middle level Immortal Grade Qilin fruit, if Leader thinks it's suitable …" An old man with yellow hair stroked his beard as he spoke.

Kirin Fruits were bred from the blood of fire-attributed Qilins. They normally grew in some extremely hot volcanoes and were places that Qilins liked to go to.

Xie Shilong considered for a moment, then nodded: "Alright, deal!"

Just like this, the first exchange was completed, and Chen Xiang still did not make a move, because he did not know what he needed, and only waited for someone else to reveal a few good things, and Su Meiyao thought that he could, then he would.

More than two hours later, there were already a few successful exchanges. Although there were a few Immortal Grade s' medicine among them, they were all things that Chen Xiang would not need in the future.

Yan Zilan used a precious piece of refining material to exchange for a mid grade immortal sword.

"Right now, there are only two people who haven't revealed their items!" Xie Shilong looked at Chen Xiang and an old man dressed in plain clothes. Half of the people present were people who had hidden themselves, and could be considered to be powerful experts, to the point that even Xie Shilong did not know who they were.

The old man smiled. "I don't think this young man has any particular goal. He came here just to join in the fun."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I guess so. But I do have something that I want to trade with you, it's just that I can't see anything that's satisfied, I don't know what to trade with you either."

The old man took out a silver ring and showed it to the crowd, saying, "This ring is called the Immortal Mansion Ring, and inside it is an immortal estate. The old man took out a silver ring and held it up, and showed it to the crowd, and said," This ring is called the Immortal Mansion Ring, and inside it is an immortal estate.

"Take him down!" After Su Meiyao heard this, he immediately gave Chen Xiang this instruction: "This ring came from the same person who created the Invisible Ring on your finger. The person who gave this ring to me was Sacred Dan Realm."

When this immortal estate was released, its defensive power was very strong and it had many large formations protecting it. However, it only required a large number of Spar s as an energy source. If necessary, this was also a life saving treasure! "

This was indeed a good item. A few people on the scene were stirred up, waiting for the old man to give them an exchange condition.

"Old senior, this ring should be able to become invisible and fuse with the soul!" Chen Xiang asked.

The old man was shocked and asked, "How did you know?" I was just going to say that. Have you ever heard of such a ring? "

"Un, I once heard a senior speak of it. Tell me the terms of the exchange, I want it!" Chen Xiang said.

The old man laughed: "Little brat, I'm afraid you can't afford my precious ring!"

"Bro, just say it!" An old man urged them. There were very few refiners in Sacred Dan Realm, and even fewer who could refine such high difficulty Storage magic treasure. Furthermore, they had to refine a luxurious immortal estate into a ring.

The old man immediately said, "I need to change to a higher level medicine. The best would be the more common one. As for what it is, I'll have to see the best one in everyone's hands."

Very quickly, a few old men took out some medicinal ingredients, some of them were just exchanged, but most of them were just high grade Immortal Grade s, some were high grade Immortal Grade s, but they were not commonly used, and were not very useful.

"It's definitely worth it to take out the Purple dragon flower. When you go to the Immortal World, you will know how expensive this type of storage ring is. In terms of level, it should be a sacred weapon!" Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang anxiously took out the Purple dragon flower, seeing that firecracker that looked like a dragon spitting purple fire, the entire group was moved, they stared at the dazzling Purple dragon flower without blinking.

"This is the Purple dragon flower, there's no need for me to say anymore!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Looking at this purple dragon's fiery flower, they were so jealous that their hearts were bleeding. They couldn't understand why a brat like Chen Xiang would suddenly have this kind of thing, and even took it out to exchange.

This was because if the Purple dragon flower was nurtured carefully, it could become a Golden Flame Dragon Flower, and then it would become a Holy level dragon medicine, incomparably precious.

If these old fellows were Chen Xiang's elders, Chen Xiang would definitely be scolded badly by them. However, these old fellows could only watch on helplessly.

Xie Shilong had long wanted this high quality fire type medicinal ingredient, but he had no other choice now, because everyone could tell that Chen Xiang really wanted the storage ring.

"It's indeed a Purple dragon flower, I never thought that I would be able to see it in my life!" The old man was stunned for a moment before he exclaimed in admiration.

"Old senior, using this to exchange for your Immortal estate ring should be very fair, right?" Chen Xiang laughed.

The old man laughed and nodded, exchanging with Chen Xiang.

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