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Humans who trained in the Dao of the G.o.ds were extremely rare. There might not even be more than ten people in the entire Sacred Dan Realm, and these people would not even mention to others that their cultivation methods were different from others.

However, there were many people who had heard of the divine way, especially powerful immortals. It was because it was an easier way to become a G.o.d, but to produce a soul was extremely difficult, but there were rumors saying that souls could steal from others, so those who cultivated the divine way would have to hide themselves more carefully.

Yan Zilan lowered her head and started to ponder. To have a body to train, it would definitely allow her to have twice the results with half the effort.

"What do you want me to agree to?" Yan Zilan asked.

"Let Yanyao follow you for cultivation. There's no need to take her as your disciple, just let her follow you. If she encounters any problems, you can give her some pointers." Chen Xiang said: "This condition shouldn't be too difficult!"

Yan Zilan sighed lightly, "It's indeed not difficult, she has always had this intention. It's just that I feel that since I cultivate the divine way myself, I can't be too intimate with others. Otherwise, if I were to be discovered, I don't know what the consequences would be."

Chen Xiang laughed: "You don't have to worry about that, cultivating the divine way is not easy to be discovered, aren't you covered up well too?"

Yan Zilan nodded his head, "My soul was born when I failed to cross Nirvana Doom. As a result, I did not completely die, and as a result, I preserved my soul, and spent ten thousand years to reconstruct my fleshly body. Even though it only took me ten thousand years, my physical body became far stronger than before, and after that, I somehow had a breakthrough.

"It's just that when I cultivate my soul, I don't have any experience. Without any guidance, I can only cultivate my soul as if it were my soul. Although there are effects, the speed is extremely slow!"

The Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra was the supreme desire to cultivate the soul of the Imperial Dragon Race, and the requirements were also very harsh, not something Yan Zilan could learn in a short period of time.

And in the Imperial Dragon Race, there was not only the cultivation of the Nine-turn dragon G.o.d mantra, there were also many other things. They were all created by some old dragons in the Imperial Dragon Race to be used for the cultivation of some small dragons that could not meet the requirements.

"As for the Path of G.o.d, I can pa.s.s on the mental cultivation method to you right now. The content is not much and you will be able to understand it in a short period of time. I think you should be able to comprehend it by yourself when the time comes!" Chen Xiang saw that Yan Zilan was looking at him with an impatient expression, and smiled slightly.

Yan Zilan waved her hand and set up a barrier, then she came to Chen Xiang's side and poured him a cup of tea.

Chen Xiang drank a cup of tea, sucked the orchid's fragrance from the beauty's body, and then began to personally teach the divine way.

Until the dawn of the next day, Chen Xiang yawned, and said with a smile: "Being able to spend the night with Zi Lan Immortal Fairy is truly a very joyful thing … This is the first part of the Great profound G.o.d Soul Art, there are a total of three parts! "

Yan Zilan chuckled and said, "Although Zi Lan hasn't started to cultivate yet, when she recites this mental cultivation method, she has already solved many of Zi Lan's problems. I am truly grateful!"

Seeing Yan Zilan smile so beautifully, Chen Xiang could see his own spirit.

"Just help me take care of Yanyao if you have to thank me!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"En, I will. The high level trade fair is about to begin. I will bring you in!" Yan Zilan stood up, went over to the mirror and combed through it briefly, then brought Chen Xiang out of the room.

"Zi Lan Immortal Fairy..."

"Just call me Violet Orchid. No need to be so formal." Yan Zilan giggled. She had finally resolved the problem that had been bothering her for so many years, and right now, she was in a very good mood as well. Furthermore, she no longer felt that she was alone, because someone had cultivated the divine way and had even helped her greatly.

"Zi Lan, about this matter, it's best not to mention it to Yanyao, it's also for her own good. In order to prevent her to accidentally leak it out, and encounter unnecessary trouble, some people would use any means possible to cultivate the divine way, it would be very troublesome if they use her as a threat."

"I know!" Yan Zilan nodded.

Chen Xiang followed behind her and walked into a bas.e.m.e.nt. It was decorated very simply, only a few chairs were placed on the walls, forming a circle with only ten spots left.

"They haven't come yet. When they come, you'll naturally know the rules."

Yan Zilan sat at the place next to Chen Xiang, and thought back to the Great profound G.o.d Soul Art that Chen Xiang had just taught her. Although understanding it was a little difficult, she was still very excited.

"Zi Lan, don't learn yet. In case you fall for it, you still have to host this trade fair!" Chen Xiang pulled her sleeves and laughed.

Yan Zilan smiled at Chen Xiang: "There's no other way around it, I really want to cultivate now. I feel that by relying on this, I can break through the bottleneck very soon."

"Then I should congratulate you first. Oh right, Zi Lan, are you in charge of managing Sacred Dan School's business?" His relationship with Yan Zilan was currently so close, if he wanted to purchase a large amount of Ground level Pills from her, it would definitely be very easy.

"En!" Yan Zilan nodded.

"I urgently need some Ground level Pills, can you give me some?" Chen Xiang said in a low voice.

"No problem, we'll talk about it in the future. Right now I don't have much, after a period of time Sacred Dan School will give me a new batch of goods, she'll let me be in charge of the sales. I'll pick out the best ones and give you a very low price." Yan Zilan said in a low voice, and a sweet smile hung on his face.

Inside the secret bas.e.m.e.nt, Chen Xiang and Yan Zilan chatted for a while before someone finally came. The first person Chen Xiang did not recognize, although he looked middle-aged, but judging from Yan Zilan's att.i.tude, he was very strong.

Very quickly, the others also arrived!

"Chen Xiang!" An old man wearing a gold-patterned robe recognized Chen Xiang at a glance, his face full of surprise. He was Leader of the Sacred Dan School.

Chen Xiang was very calm, and chuckled: "That's right, I told your Sacred Dan School not to have to compensate me with more than two hundred billion Spar, don't you welcome me now?"

"Humph!" Although Xie Shilong coldly snorted, he had no choice but to admit that Chen Xiang had indeed helped him greatly. It was just that he could not get closer to Chen Xiang because of this matter.

Amongst the others, Chen Xiang had only seen a few. He had seen a few old fellows at the last ranking meeting, but most of them were nowhere to be found. The other unfamiliar faces were definitely not ordinary people either, otherwise, they would not be able to sit here.

"I don't care about the matters between you and Chaotic Mountain. Since you have the qualifications to partic.i.p.ate in this high level trade fair, then I, Sacred Dan School, will treat all of you equally, regardless of whether you are n.o.ble or lowly. Everyone, please take a seat!"

Ever since he saw what Chen Xiang had done, he no longer treated Chen Xiang as a normal kid. What Chen Xiang had done, was definitely the most earth-shattering thing that had happened in the Sacred Dan Realm for the past few thousand years.

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