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Chen Xiang had disguised himself. However, if he was close to those old fellows, it was very easy for him to be recognized.

Sacred Dan School will probably be grateful to you right now, because you killed Lin Yushi and that Guo Huaqing. They don't need to compensate you with the more than two hundred billion Spar, didn't that old fellow Du Hai say? Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang had the Purple dragon flower in his hands, so if the Purple dragon flower was nurtured, it might even evolve into a Golden Flame Dragon Flower. At that time, it would be like upgrading a dragon medicine, although it was still lacking when compared to the Jade Dragon Flower, it could at least sell for up to a hundred billion Spar.

"I have Purple dragon flower, I should be qualified to partic.i.p.ate in this high level trade fair!" Chen Xiang said as he stepped into the huge auction place and entered a living room.

The person in charge was actually Yan Zilan, the exceptional woman, but this was within the Sacred Dan School's business scope. Furthermore, it was such a high-end business, so it was normal for her to be in charge.

Seeing Chen Xiang, Yan Zilan was a little shocked. He frowned slightly, and then indicated for the other people in the luxurious living room to leave.

"You are Young Master Shen?" Yan Zilan asked suspiciously, with her charming and sweet smile on her face, making people feel comfortable looking at her, wishing that she could spit out all of her secrets.

Chen Xiang took off some of the beard on his face and laughed: "Zi Lan Immortal Fairy said that he wanted to come and thank me. I am in a bit of trouble now, so I can only come and apologize to you!"

Yan Zilan chuckled: "Young Master Shen is really a funny person. Yanyao just came to find me this morning, saying that you have something to discuss with me alone. Did you come here for this?"

Although Yan Zilan was a G.o.ddess, she did not put on airs in the face of a weak person like Chen Xiang. She was on equal footing with Chen Xiang and treated him with courtesy, which made Chen Xiang feel very happy.

"It wasn't originally, but it is now. But we can talk about it later." Chen Xiang said. Yan Zilan had already poured tea for him, Chen Xiang admired her elegant movements, and watched her light smile, and was lost in thought.

Yan Zilan sat on a chair opposite of Chen Xiang, smiling as she watched Chen Xiang drink her tea.

Chen Xiang took a small gulp and said, "I want to partic.i.p.ate in the high level trade fair. I wonder if my safety can be guaranteed? Of course, if someone from the Chaotic Mountain comes, then even if I am unlucky, if someone else wants to capture him and sell him to the Chaotic Mountain, will the Sacred Dan School be responsible for that? "

"Don't worry about that, the Sacred Dan School will definitely take responsibility. Even if the Chaotic Mountain comes, he will have to give us some face!" Yan Zilan smiled: "Then Young Master Shen, you must show me some things that prove that you are qualified to partic.i.p.ate."

Chen Xiang had saved Sacred Dan School over two hundred billion losses. Seeing this, Sacred Dan School no longer bothered to kill Xie Donghao ruthlessly, and their impression of him became much better.

Chen Xiang took out the Purple dragon flower, upon seeing it, Yan Zilan immediately stood up and instantly stood in front of Chen Xiang. She carefully looked at the Purple dragon flower, she was in charge of the business of Sacred Dan School, of course she was a knowledgeable person, how could she not recognize the Purple dragon flower?

"Is this enough?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Enough, Young Master Shen, please come to our high level trade fair on time tomorrow morning, at that time, you will be the youngest person there, you must be careful, don't get fooled by those old grandpas." After being shocked, Yan Zilan immediately smiled.

"As for the registration fee, I'll let Zi Lan pay in advance for the young master. It can be regarded as Zi Lan's apology to the young master!"

Of course, Yan Zilan did not offend him, it was only that the Sacred Dan School suspected that Chen Xiang stole the Jade Dragon Flower from him, and Yan Zilan apologized on behalf of the Sacred Dan School.

"In that case, thank you so much!" Chen Xiang cupped his fist and laughed. The registration fee was several hundred million Spar, of course Chen Xiang would not reject it.

"Then, what is it about Yanyao saying that you want to meet me alone?" Yan Zilan asked softly.

Chen Xiang looked around: "This is a very important matter, can we find a better place to talk?"

Right now, Yan Zilan would not underestimate Chen Xiang even more. To be able to kill the Chaotic Mountain's terrifying Sentencing Elder, that was not enough strength.

After Chen Xiang killed Guo Huaqing and took all the Chaos fire s, he actually dared to come back arrogantly, and his strength was only at Nirvana Stage. It was not that Yan Zilan had never seen someone as daring as him, but someone like Chen Xiang who was a madman!

So when Yan Zilan believed what Chen Xiang said, it was a matter of great importance, so she brought Chen Xiang to her room.

"This is the Zi Lan Immortal Fairy's room!" Chen Xiang sucked in the direction that was floating in without restraint. It was so unbridled that Zi Lan Immortal Fairy couldn't help but blush, because Chen Xiang was the first man that was able to enter her room, and also so bold.

"Young Master Shen, you can say it now!" Yan Zilan took out a chair for Chen Xiang to sit on, while she sat on top of a large bed with a purple bed.

Chen Xiang's face suddenly turned serious: "Zi Lan Immortal Fairy, I need to confirm if the rumors about you are true? Even though you failed to transcend the tribulation, your soul is still there. After reconstructing your physical body, you accidentally became an immortal? "

"It's true!" Yan Zilan nodded.

At this time, Long Xueyi said: "I have already confirmed, she cultivates the Divine Path, but her path is not smooth.

Chen Xiang lowered his voice and asked: "Zi Lan Immortal Fairy, are you cultivating the divine way right now?"

She looked at Chen Xiang with a vigilant gaze, as if she was looking at a monster. She knew that she was going to be different from others in this world, and she was worried that she would be excluded if word of this got out.

"Don't worry, to be honest, I train in the Divine Path too. It's just that I'm different from you, I have guidance from someone, I have cultivation skills, and I understand how to make use of the power generated by cultivating the Divine Path." Chen Xiang smiled.

Of course, she had heard that there were very few people who cultivated the divine way, and this was something that many people pursued. However, it was extremely difficult for one to produce a divine soul, and she had also heard that one's soul could be s.n.a.t.c.hed away, which was why she did not dare to leak the news of her cultivation in the divine way.

And now, she heard that the Divine Path was the same as martial arts. There was a systematic cultivation method, and there was also l.u.s.t!

"I can pa.s.s you some things related to training the Dao of the G.o.ds, but you have to promise me one condition." Chen Xiang said.

Long Xueyi really had too many secrets. If nothing went wrong, Chen Xiang would stay here for a period of time, and would be able to teach him a little.

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