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After Chen Xiang disguised himself. Walking in the large plaza of Sacred Dan City, there were many people setting up stalls and selling some things or pills that they thought were pretty good.

In the noisy and bustling plaza, Chen Xiang saw many Nirvana Stage s setting up stalls as well. He had also seen some of the lower middle Ground level s, and even some of the upper graded ones. In Mortal Martial Realm, it was absolutely impossible to see the Ground level Pill a.s.sembly placed on these stalls.

"Brother, how much is this Relive Dan?" Chen Xiang came to the front of a stall and asked. Because he saw some middle grade profound level medicine placed on top of the stall, and there was even a sign that said Relive Dan were to be sold.

"One hundred million Spar, one pellet." The middle-aged man smiled kindly.

Chen Xiang felt that the price was extremely low. If it was in the Mortal Martial Realm, he could at least get a few billion. If he met someone he urgently needed, even ten billion wouldn't be a problem.

There were plenty of medicinal pellets in Sacred Dan Realm, and there were quite a few that could refine Ground level Pellets. With their high compet.i.tiveness, these Relive Dan's value was not high either.

"Can it be less?" Chen Xiang asked, he had never imagined that buying the high grade Ground level pills would be like buying a market.

In the Mortal Martial Realm, all the high grade profound level s were going to be auctioned off!

"98 million, that's not a small sum. It's not easy for me to concoct pills either, big brother!" The middle-aged man smiled bitterly.

Chen Xiang scanned the Storage bag with his consciousness and ordered 98 million out, then moved it to another Storage bag and bought a Relive Dan.

"Superior quality, not bad!" After Su Meiyao finished appraising the pellet, he said, "From this pellet, Alchemist should be reducing the amount of pellets produced for the sake of success."

A hundred million Spar, in the Sacred Dan Realm, was not a lot of them. Gritting their teeth, they were still able to afford the Relive Dan, so there were definitely more people than the Mortal Martial Realm that were able to pa.s.s through the Nirvana Doom.

"Even if it's in Heaven Realm, I'm afraid that it won't be so easy to purchase Relive Dan. Sacred Dan Realm is indeed extraordinary!" Bai Youyou said.

As long as there was a Spar, buying some Ground level Pills here was like buying vegetables in a market.

Chen Xiang did not plan to buy too many pills in the trade fair. He felt that it would be more worthwhile to buy them all in bulk purchases, and he had already agreed to let him and Yan Zilan have a talk alone.

"The medicinal ingredients for the Mysterious Beast Pill, this kind of pill is way better than the Hundred Beasts Dan's! The Hundred Beasts Dan can no longer satisfy Xue Yi! " Su Meiyao said.

The Profound Beast Pill was one of the Earth Grade Low Rank Dan and it just so happened that Chen Xiang was lacking a portion of Earth Grade Low Rank Dan medicine that was relatively common. Hundred Beasts Dan s were considered to be rather common in Mortal Martial Realm and their uses were not very wide, but the number of Profound Beast Pills that were used in Sacred Dan Realm was extremely small and their prices were also relatively high.

Earlier, Chen Xiang made Du Yanyao pay attention to the medicinal ingredients of the Profound Beast Pill, he did not expect to see it in the stalls.

"Refining Xuan Beast Pills is quite difficult, and it's mainly used to enhance the strength of demon beasts. If a person eats it, it won't have much effect. After eating the Xuan Beast Pills, they will advance by leaps and bounds, especially for the weaker demon beasts!" Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang squatted down and looked at the herbs in the jade boxes, then asked: "How much are the ingredients for this set of Profound Beast Pills sold?"

In the Sacred Dan Realm, there were a few people who raised Goblin Beasts. If one could make the Goblin Beasts transform, then the Goblin Beasts would be his servants. Having a transforming Goblin Beast as a servant was a very honorable thing.

"One hundred fifty million Spar!" The old man said with a smile.

"Isn't it too expensive? I just bought one hundred million Spar and now you're saying the Earth Grade Low Rank Dan's medicine is so expensive!" Chen Xiang frowned.

"Young lad, you must know that the medicinal ingredients for Xuan Beast Pills are extremely difficult to find. There are more and more beasts in Sacred Dan Realm, and these beasts have already eaten up all the medicinal ingredients for the Xuan Beast Pills. Only the use of large arrays in some forces can produce some of these. The old man quickly explained.

"This medicinal herb of mine is still very good, it can be used to grow seeds. You can grow more and earn more, although it still takes some time."

Chen Xiang curled his lips. If it was a normal person who wanted to grow it, who knows how many years it would take for it to happen, but he could do it quickly, it was just that he did not want to waste money. The killing price was extremely necessary, of course, he had to get it, because it was something that Long Xueyi needed to eat to increase his strength in the future.

"A little less!" Chen Xiang said.

"140 million!" The old man said.

"One hundred and twenty million. If you don't want to sell it, then forget it!" Chen Xiang stood up and prepared to leave.

Most of the people who came here to buy medicinal herbs were used to concoct pills, so if the price was too high, no one would buy them.

The old man had also previously met a few people asking prices, but the prices were all below one hundred million Spar. Chen Xiang's price was considered too high, and he was worried that he would not be able to sell the ingredients, so he gritted his teeth and agreed.

After getting the medicinal ingredients for the Profound Beast Pill, Long Xueyi said greedily: "I want to try it when I can concoct it in bulk!"

"What's the rush? I haven't even grasped the high grade profound level pills yet, but it shouldn't be too long!" Chen Xiang laughed, if possible, he still wanted to refine the lower Ground level here.

He continued to stroll around the plaza, looking for the things he needed, and also bought a lot of precious materials for forging weapons. He knew that Liu Meng'er would definitely like them, and also bought some handmade beautiful clothes made from rare materials, there were many of these clothes, and most of them were sold by women. The materials used were all very good, such as silk or cloth, they were all very special, and had a beautiful color.

As long as he saw something nice, he would unrestrainedly buy it, and then throw it to Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, causing the two girls to constantly change their clothes inside the ring.

Of course, he even specially picked some for Liu Meng'er, Xue Xianxian and the others.

"I've never seen so many styles of clothes in the Immortal World. The materials are different as well. It's very comfortable to wear!" Although she and Bai Youyou were unable to come out, they allowed Chen Xiang to stroll in an area that sold women's clothing.

The more these two women bought, the crazier they became. Of course, there were some that they had chosen from a woman's perspective for Liu Meng'er and the others.

It was only until dusk did Chen Xiang finally exit this area, and every single woman at the stalls were extremely envious of his woman, to think that she would actually buy so many clothes at once, and even select them meticulously.

The trade fair was going to be held for a few days. In the evening, there were less people here. At this time, he saw a sign at the entrance of the auction house next to the square that had something written on it.

"In a high level trade fair, those who have access to immortal grade medicinal herbs can pay a fee to register."

Looking at the words, Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. What he lacked were these, but he was worried that he would meet with the group of old fellows later.

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