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Chen Xiang asked Du Hai the reason why he was hiding the possibility of his return. At that time, Du Hai said that only some of the old fellows in the Du Family knew about his return. During the time he had been gone, nothing major had happened to the Du Family, so he had to consider retreating.

Du Hai had also warned Chen Xiang before to not tell Du Yanyao and Du Kangsheng, so when Chen Xiang saw Du Yanyao now, he did not say anything either.

"Didn't you say that you would partic.i.p.ate in the Pill Refining Compet.i.tion with me? Also, I told you to follow Zi Lan and Tian Ji in their cultivation, hehe. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"However, your current situation is extremely dangerous. Although the Chaotic Mountain did not say anything, he will definitely pursue this matter. That Guo Huaqing also has a Chaos fire on him …"

Chen Xiang stretched his back and laughed: "If I was worried, I wouldn't have come back, don't worry!"

With that, he took out the Immortal Sword he obtained from killing Zheng Chu back then. Although it was a low quality Immortal Sword, it was much stronger than all the other treasures.

Seeing this treasure sword that was flickering with a cold light and releasing a strong Qi, Du Yanyao gasped in admiration: "I wonder what kind of expert created this Immortal Sword?!"

Chen Xiang laughed: This is for you!

It was even more expensive than immortal pills, and to her, who was not even a Nirvana Stage, immortal equipment was even rarer. Even if he had a powerful father and grandfather, at most, she only had a few powerful treasures and nothing more.

Chen Xiang also understood that the number of artificers that could refine immortal artifacts were few in number in the Sacred Dan Realm, only a lot in the Heaven Realm. Hence, the status of artificers here was also very high, which resulted in a small amount of immortal equipment being very expensive.

"To be honest, this thing was obtained by me killing a fellow from Heaven Realm. That guy's cultivation is very strong in Mortal Realm, so this thing is not useful in Mortal Realm." What Chen Xiang said was the truth, Zheng Chu was a rather important person in the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, if the Devil-subduing College saw that his Immortal Sword was in someone else's hands, it would definitely cause a lot of trouble.

Du Yanyao was also a warrior, and she usually used the sword, so of course she would like to have the Immortal Sword, but it was too precious for her, even her grandfather had not given her such a precious thing.

"City Lord Du, stop dawdling, this isn't like you!" Chen Xiang held onto the sword hilt and handed it over.

Du Yanyao did not accept it, and instead looked at Chen Xiang with a strange expression: "Why are you giving me such a precious thing? You can sell it, and you can also get a lot of Spar! "

Chen Xiang giggled: "Because you're my fiancee. Back then on the auction platform, didn't you call me fiancé?"

Every time she defended Chen Xiang in front of an outsider, she would always say that Chen Xiang was her fiancé and she really wanted to marry Chen Xiang. It was just that that was just for the sake of letting Chen Xiang partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion for power in Sacred Dan City, and that was all.

"So, you don't want the presents your fiancé gave you?" Chen Xiang said while laughing, causing Du Yanyao's face to turn red, and he took the immortal sword.

Du Yanyao and Chen Xiang had previously made a tacit agreement that they would only deepen the relationship between them after they had pa.s.sed the Nine Nirvana Tribulations.

"Thank you!" Du Yanyao waved the Immortal Sword and laughed gently. When she was with Chen Xiang, she realized that she had a gentle side to her.

"Familiarize yourself with this sword. I'll go and rest first." Chen Xiang yawned and returned to his room.

He was considering whether he should gather more resources in the Sacred Dan Realm like the Mortal Martial Realm, because he would be staying in the Mortal Martial Realm for a long time. There were a lot of things that the Mortal Martial Realm lacked, and if he could bring back a large amount of them, then he would definitely be able to establish his own power in the Mortal Martial Realm.

Although there weren't many Ground level pills in the Sacred Dan Realm, they were way more numerous than those in the Mortal Martial Realm. As long as he had enough Spar s, he could buy a lot of them from here.

Chen Xiang discussed this issue with Su Mei and the others.

The immortal equipment here are very expensive, and in a short period of time, you will not be able to gather that many Spar, if you use it to buy some Ground level Pills, you can buy a lot, and when you return to the Mortal Martial Realm, you can use these rich resources to rope in many people to join his force! Su Meiyao said.

During the auction, Chen Xiang knew that the prices of the immortal equipment were extremely shocking, so he could only give up on that idea.

The next day, as soon as Chen Xiang opened the door, he saw Du Yanyao waiting for him at the door.

"I suddenly remember that I haven't eaten anything delicious in a long time!" Chen Xiang laughed as he rubbed his hands. Although he did not need these things to replenish the energy consumed by his body, eating something good was still a type of enjoyment for him.

Looking at Chen Xiang's greedy expression, Du Yanyao laughed, "This is something that I made myself, only my grandfather can eat something that I made myself, even my father cannot."

Chen Xiang welcomed Du Yanyao into the house and started to wolf down his food, not at all afraid that the beautiful City Lord would see his ugly expression.

"If you like it, I can make it for you every day!" Du Yanyao smiled sweetly.

Oh right, Yanyao, I want to buy a large quant.i.ty of Ground level pills on my way back to Mortal Martial Realm. Chen Xiang asked.

Hearing that Chen Xiang wanted to return to the Mortal Martial Realm, Du Yanyao secretly felt uncomfortable. She really didn't want Chen Xiang to leave, she wanted to see Chen Xiang everyday.

"In the Sacred Dan Realm, the one doing the pill business is the Sacred Dan School, and the Zi Lan Immortal Fairy is in charge of the Sacred Dan School's business. Once the trade fair starts, I will go find her and see if I can set a time with her so that you can meet her in private!" Du Yanyao said.

Chen Xiang quickly finished the plate of pastries and fruits. He burped and laughed, "When the time comes, I will definitely have a way for you to follow her and cultivate."

Du Yanyao needed someone who would guide her on an unusual path. Although Du Hai and Du Kangsheng were very strong, they were not suitable for her. Du Hai could only make legends regarding Du Yanyao's pill refining skills, and they could not be seen throughout the day.

Today was Sacred Dan Meeting's second program, which had brought many people from far away to exchange or trade with some things. With so many people gathered here, it was possible for most people to exchange or buy things for themselves.

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