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He met Du Hai in the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest. This surprised Chen Xiang.

"Aren't you in here too? Didn't you say that you want to return to the Du Family to take care of some matters? Why did you come back to the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest? " Chen Xiang was even more curious as to why Du Hai was here.

"I have indeed gone back, but there aren't many matters in the clan that I need to take care of, so I can only come back. I feel that if I stay in Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest for too long, I can cultivate my physical body to the impenetrable, and then I will be like you!" Du Hai looked at the hand that had just grown out, "I don't want to be harmed by the poison anymore."

Du Hai had touched the Devil-suppressing blood with his fingers before, and in order to prevent the poison from spreading to his body, he decisively chopped off his hand. Now that he had consumed the pill and allowed his own hand to grow back, it was not difficult for a Dan Immortal like him.

"What about you? Why did you come back? " Du Hai asked curiously.

"I got into some trouble, so I came here, sigh …" Chen Xiang sighed.

"How much trouble? "Tell me, I'll help you settle it." Du Hai had already treated Chen Xiang as a friend. Although Chen Xiang's strength was far inferior to his, his potential was unlimited. Furthermore, he was also the most eccentric person Du Hai had ever met.

Chen Xiang explained what had happened in detail to Du Hai.

"F * ck, you got into some trouble?" This is simply big trouble, you actually killed Chaotic Mountain's Guo Huaqing! " When Du Hai heard this news, it was as if he was struck by lightning. If he did not see Chen Xiang taking out two of Guo Huaqing's storage rings, he would not have believed it.

Chen Xiang spread out his hands and said: "There was no other way, that guy wanted to kill me at that time and enraged me. He also had the chance, so I casually chopped him off."

This guy is much stronger than me, and is also a top tier expert in Chaotic Mountain. Because of his strong strength, he also provoked a lot of people in Chaotic Mountain, and being killed now, is a happy occasion for Chaotic Mountain. I thought that I could help you handle it when the time comes! Du Hai said as he stroked his white beard.

When Chen Xiang first heard of the Chaotic Mountain, she told him that Du Hai had stayed there for a period of time.

"But the more difficult thing is, you brat, you will definitely not hand over the Chaos fire. The Chaotic Mountain places more importance on this issue!" Du Hai said.

Chen Xiang guessed that the Chaotic Mountain must not know the secrets inside the Chaos fire, and said: "I will use some powerful martial arts to exchange for it, how about it?"

Du Hai's eyes lit up, he rubbed his hands and asked: Upper level martial arts?

Chen Xiang chuckled and took out a few sheets of paper. On the paper were introductions of "Devil Subduing Method", "Devil-suppressing fist", "Devil-suppressing qi array", "Devil-suppressing qi", "Devil-suppressing qi".

Looking at these introductions and names, Du Hai's eyes grew round: "Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's Four Great Mysterious Techniques, you actually have them all!"

"Do you think the Chaotic Mountain will let this go?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"Definitely, these guys are very worried that they will be exterminated by the demons when they are in Great War between Three Realms, they will definitely not pursue this matter any further with these four martial arts, and the Chaos fire in their hands is just a symbol, they can't gain much power from it."

Du Hai was very clear about what was going on in the Chaotic Mountain.

Su Meiyao had prepared these four sets of martial arts for the sake of pa.s.sing them down to his friends and relatives in the future. In any case, he had obtained them in the Devil-subduing College, so it wasn't difficult for him.

Chen Xiang handed over the four Demon Subduing Mysterious Techniques to Du Hai, and laughed: "If you want to learn them, you can also remember them first. If you learn these four techniques, then learn the Devil-suppressing kungfu, maybe you can learn them.

For people like Du Hai, if he lacked pills, no one would be able to help him. However, this martial arts was extremely difficult for him, so no matter what, he would help Chen Xiang settle the situation with the Chaotic Mountain.

"I'll say this in advance. If you are pursued by the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace in the future, this matter is none of my business!" Chen Xiang said.

"Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's hand hasn't reached us yet. Even if they do, what can they do?" Du Hai wasn't afraid in the slightest.

Chen Xiang said: "Senior, how long do you need to help me settle this? In five days, the auction will start. The auction ends and we will begin our alchemy compet.i.tion. I want to partic.i.p.ate in that compet.i.tion. "

"No matter what, you have to wait for me to remember these four martial arts!" Du Hai was quickly flipping through it. His memory was very strong, so he could finish reading it in one glance and remember it well.

Chen Xiang was helpless, he could only continue to condense creation divine liquid. But what made him depressed was that Du Hai remembered, he had actually started cultivating.

Du Hai patted Chen Xiang's shoulder and laughed: "You can return to Sacred Dan City now to play. The people from Chaotic Mountain have probably already brought the corpse back to Chaotic Mountain, I'll take a trip to Chaotic Mountain now, don't worry, I guarantee that you'll be fine!"

Even if Du Hai didn't say it, Chen Xiang would go to the Sacred Dan City after disguising himself.

Chen Xiang instantly went from Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest to the outside of the Sacred Dan City. He hid in a patch of forest to recover his energy and waited until night before he rode on a small black bug and flew into the Sacred Dan City.

Du Yanyao had not slept yet. She was lying on a bed chair in the courtyard, looking at the beautiful and resplendent stars in the sky. Her usual ice-cold eyes revealed boundless tenderness and a hint of melancholy.

Every time she thought about every little thing she had with Chen Xiang, her heart would feel warm, and when she thought back to how she was infected with the Spring Poison, entangled Chen Xiang's body, and revealed that coquettish posture, and said those embarra.s.sing words, her face would always turn red, and a rare coquettish smile would appear on her face.

"Don't you feel bored looking at the stars by yourself?" Du Yanyao suddenly heard Chen Xiang's voice, which startled her so much that she immediately sat up, and saw Chen Xiang walking over with a smile.

Du Yanyao did not wear her black dress anymore. Now that she was dressed in white and was shining brightly in the moonlight, she appeared extremely light and refined. The cold and prideful aura that she gave off gave her a strange charm, as if she was a fairy in the Moon Palace, proud and aloof, extremely beautiful!

"Why are you back? When the people of Chaotic Mountain just left, there might be someone watching this place! " Without bothering to put on her shoes, her jade-like feet stepped on the mud as she walked quickly towards Chen Xiang's side.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I haven't done what I promised you, of course I can't just leave!"

When Du Yanyao found out that Chen Xiang had come back for her sake, she was secretly happy. However, she was still worried.

"What is it? What did you promise me? " Du Yanyao really couldn't remember what Chen Xiang had promised her.

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