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After Chen Xiang left for a while. The people in the auction hall were still silent. They were still shocked by this matter.

They also knew that after Guo Huaqing was. .h.i.t by the light, he lost control of his fighting strength in a short period of time, whether it was his body or his mind, they had a deep understanding of it. Chen Xiang used this moment to cut off Guo Huaqing's head.

Yan Zilan frowned: "What should we do now? Would this Young Master Shen not consider the consequences? "

When the people of Chaotic Mountain come, explain everything clearly. There are so many people here who are testifying that Chen Xiang killed these two corpses, they will not blame us! Sacred Dan School of the Sacred Dan School suddenly appeared on the auction platform.

At this time, an old man asked: "What if Chaotic Mountain blames us for not capturing Chen Xiang?"

"We don't need to help the Chaotic Mountain catch those people." On the surface, Xie Shilong said that, but he was worried that if Chen Xiang released that strange light again, he would be the one to die. Many of the strong warriors present wanted to capture Chen Xiang and give him to Chaotic Mountain, but when they thought about Guo Huaqing's death, they did not dare make a move.

After Chen Xiang left the Sacred Dan City, he immediately used the Luotian Gate, opened a spatial door, and went inside the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest. Using this treasure in this high level world had consumed a lot of his energy.

"Among these two storage rings, one of them was destroyed following the death of the owner while the other one had a Chaos fire inside!" Su Meiyao still didn't know how powerful the Chaos fire was.

"Two Chaos fire, seven in total!" Chen Xiang said excitedly, and then told the secret inside the Chaos fire to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, which made her feel extremely excited.

"chaosworld?" There is a legend in our Imperial Dragon Race, when the heaven and earth first opened, we preserved the most primitive world, which is even higher ranked than the Heaven Realm. Chaos fire shouldn't just have ways to travel to the Primal Chaos Realm, they might also be able to lead you to search for some things. " Long Xueyi said.

Although Guo Huaqing's storage ring was damaged, the Chaos fire that he obtained made up for the disappointment in his heart.

"This Guo Huaqing doesn't dare to let the Chaos fire disappear either. Otherwise, he would also use that type of Storage magic treasure that lives and dies together with its owner." Su Meiyao said.

Although Chen Xiang was deep inside the poisonous green poisonous miasma filled Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, he still felt very safe here.

The Sacred Dan Meeting was a gathering that occurred every hundred thousand years in the Sacred Dan Realm. But it was only the first day, and so many things happened already. Half of the Jade Dragon Flower was stolen, and two important figures of the Chaotic Mountain died in the auction.

The deaths of Lin Yushi and her shook the entire Sacred Dan City, and this news spread to other cities extremely quickly.

What made Sacred Dan School more happy was that because Lin Yushi had died, they did not need to compensate that Jade Dragon Flower, since that Spar was worth more than two hundred billion. If the Chaotic Mountain did not pursue the matter further, they did not have to bear the heavy losses either.

"The news I just heard, Sacred Dan Meeting's next program will be postponed for ten days!" Long Xueyi used the Heaven tour method to inquire about more information from the Sacred Dan City. She continued to speak: "Sacred Dan School seems to be saying that you need to wait for the Chaotic Mountain's people to come and take away the corpse and wipe your b.u.t.t clean before continuing. They must let the rest of the Sacred Dan Meeting's show proceed smoothly, otherwise, Sacred Dan School will really lose a lot of face this time."

Chen Xiang scratched his chin and calculated: "It's been ten days, I really want to head back to Sacred Dan Meeting to continue partic.i.p.ating in the pill refining compet.i.tion, I've already registered!"

"After the auction is over, there will be the trade fair. I heard that I can trade items for them. I have quite a few precious herbs, so I might be able to get some rare and precious herbs that I don't have."

Su Meiyao said: "Let's wait for ten days first, if the Chaotic Mountain comes, you should be able to easily disguise yourself and partic.i.p.ate."

Chen Xiang took out the Chaos fire he had just obtained and laughed: "The people of Chaotic Mountain do not have dragon blood, so the Chaos fire is unable to recognize them as master. If I drip more blood, this Chaos fire that I just obtained will release that kind of light again. Although it's only been a short moment, it's enough for me to kill someone! "

Considering this level, he decided not to bind the Chaos fire with blood for the time being. In the future, when he encounters trouble, no matter how much stronger one was, they would all die under his blade!

"Right now, it would be best for you to get more creation divine liquid. You might need them when you get to the trade fair." Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang had just entered the late stage of the Soul Martial Realm, so it would take some time before he could raise his strength again.

Chen Xiang took out a piece of Chaos fire that he had dripped blood on, and had recognized as its master.

Holding the Chaos fire, he felt his mana and Innate Qi being absorbed by the Chaos fire, and the Chaos fire also released a strange white light. Using the Chaos fire to face a tree, he activated a white light beam that was as thick as a water tank, and the light beam instantly erupted, penetrating through countless trees, and in the middle of the thick tree trunks, a round hole suddenly appeared.

Just now, when he had received the white light, its penetrating power was extremely strong and was far away. Chen Xiang did not know how many trees had been penetrated, and he once again tested out towards another direction.

"If that light were to shine on a human's body, it would cause the body to heat up and turn everything in the body into flames. This tree doesn't have a lot of energy, so the flames only appeared for a short period of time before disappearing!" Long Xueyi said: "Of course, your Innate Qi must be very strong in order for even stronger people to be affected by this Chaos fire."

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "This Chaos fire can automatically absorb the spirit energy and immortal energy from the heaven and earth, and create that strange flame inside of it. I can absorb the flame to cultivate, and use it to strengthen my Fire Soul!"

He experimented with the Chaos fire's power for a while before changing his mind to a different place to condense the creation divine liquid.

After stepping into the late stage of the Soul Martial Realm and fusing with the Devil-suppressing blood, he had condensed creation divine liquid even more quickly now.

Five days had pa.s.sed, and the number of creation divine liquid he had condensed now numbered in the large vat. This was all in the custody of Su Meiyao, so when he needed the spirit medicines on them, he could get Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou to quickly duplicate them.

"Oh? You brat, why are you so leisurely? Why did you run back here?" A voice came from afar, shocking Chen Xiang.

This voice belonged to Du Yanyao's grandfather!

Following the voice, Chen Xiang also saw a st.u.r.dy old man standing in front of him.

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