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Not long ago, when Chen Xiang was releasing the blade outside the auction place. This caused the old deities to be very interested. Now that they were able to see it up close, they were even more shocked by it. Those old deities were all knowledgeable people, so they were able to tell that this blade's quality was above that of an immortal equipment!

For a young man who was not much stronger than the Nirvana Stage to be able to walk the martial arts world with such a powerful fellow, it was easy for people to think that he had a solid background.

"Holy level Dragon Armor? I want to see how powerful he is! " As Chen Xiang spoke, he raised the divine blade high, the Genuine qi of universe in his body began to burn, transforming into a Heaven fire that rushed into the divine blade, flames spewed out of the blade, making it look even more terrifying.

Especially for the Alchemist, they were all very knowledgeable about flames. However, this was the first time they had ever seen such a strong flame, which was similar to ordinary flames. This was the first time they had ever seen one as strong as the fire.

If there was a color, it could be seen that Chen Xiang did not possess the Fire Soul, but the Heaven fire looked no different from a normal flame.

Even someone like Guo Huaqing, who came from the Chaotic Mountain, was intimidated by Chen Xiang's bizarre flames. Although it was not much of a threat to people of their level, but when they grew up, it was much stronger than their flames.

Lin Yushi who was kneeling on the ground had a face full of fear as he watched Chen Xiang's blazing blade cut towards him. His body also emitted a burst of fire red light, and a set of red scales suddenly appeared on his body.

"Break for me!" When Chen Xiang swung his blade downwards, he felt a strong resistance from the red energy released by the Holy level Dragon Armor. He changed the direction of the Innate Qi and transformed into the Dragon Power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

A stream of fresh blood spurted out, and a b.l.o.o.d.y head rolled down the auction stage. When Lin Yushi was about to die, his face was filled with despair and fear, his eyes were suddenly opened, and he died in an extremely unsightly manner. Furthermore, his body had also been completely shattered by the impact of the Holy level Dragon Armor being broken through its defense.

Chen Xiang held onto the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword's hand and started to tremble slightly. The resistance produced by the Holy level Dragon Armor just now was so strong that it numbed his hand.

Looking at the head on the ground, Chen Xiang said: "I killed him, what about now?"

Guo Huaqing said expressionlessly: "The Chaos fire is already yours, but … As long as they aren't people of Chaotic Mountain, and have Chaos fire s, they are our Chaotic Mountain's mortal enemy, so … "

Chen Xiang's face suddenly changed. Holding onto the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, he took a few steps back.

"If you can hand over the Chaos fire, then you can write it off!" Guo Huaqing sneered.

Chen Xiang gritted his teeth. This Guo Huaqing was an immortal, and he even came from that mysterious Chaotic Mountain. He couldn't imagine how strong he was, so of course he couldn't fight against Guo Huaqing.

With just a few words, he had made Chen Xiang kill a criminal from the Chaotic Mountain. If the person behind Lin Yushi were to be held accountable, Guo Huaqing could also take all responsibility and blame it on Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang didn't want to give any Chaos fire to Guo Huaqing at all. Although he didn't know what the use of Chaos fire was at the moment, the fact that the Chaotic Mountain had sent such a person to pursue him showed how important the Chaos fire was.

Although he was willing, Chen Xiang still took it out. He held the gray Chaos fire tightly in his hand, gritted his teeth, and looked at the mysterious Spirit grain carved on it.

"Hand it over!" Seeing that Chen Xiang was unwilling to let go of his words, Guo Huaqing waved his hand in the air, and a burst of Spirit Qi shot out and struck Chen Xiang's abdomen.

Chen Xiang spat out a mouthful of blood, the blood sprinkling onto the Chaos fire, only to see the originally gray Chaos fire suddenly release a burst of intense white light, and after everyone was illuminated by the light, their skin burned with a fiery hot pain, even the powerful old deities were no exception.

Du Yanyao, who was standing behind Chen Xiang, also felt extremely unwell. That kind of heat was so strong that it seemed to be able to evaporate the blood in her body. She only felt that her body was filled with a brutal and scorching energy, and that her body was about to explode.

Other than Chen Xiang, everyone else present also felt the same way about the old deity in Bao Zou's VIP box. They had actually lost the power to resist!

And at that instant, a large amount of information gushed into Chen Xiang's mind. There was about the Chaos fire, he now knew why the Chaotic Mountain valued the Chaos fire so much.

This was because the Chaos fire was hiding the secrets of the Primal Chaos world, and the information in Chen Xiang's mind was a mess. He only knew that he had to collect seven Chaos fire s and drip some dragon blood to activate the Chaos fire.

And when Chen Xiang was fusing with the Devil-suppressing blood, he had fused with the large amount of Poisonous Dragon blood inside, so he had a portion of the dragon blood in his body, thus he was able to activate the Chaos fire!

Besides hiding the secrets of the Primal Chaos world, Chaos fire could also be used as a weapon. It could release a kind of strange light, and anything touched by this light would turn into heat!

Now that the Chaos fire had just been activated, the strange light that it emitted was so intense that even the powerful deities could not withstand it!

"Quickly use your Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and kill that old fellow!" Bai Youyou shouted.

Chen Xiang was startled. He activated all the Innate Qi in his body, turned into Dragon Power, and poured everything into the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

"Blood for blood!" Chen Xiang roared, he rushed forward like a bolt of lightning, and with a horizontal slash, ten thunderous booms sounded out like countless thunderbolts. When the Divine Blade received the force, the blade's body became extremely heavy, and when flying over, the force contained was as heavy as a hundred million jin, pushing the sharp blade edge, fiercely slashing at Guo Huaqing's neck.

The white light released by the Chaos fire disappeared, and everyone regained their vision. They were all stunned, mouths agape, as they looked at the suffocating scene on the stage in disbelief.

Guo Huaqing's head fell to the ground, colliding with Lin Yushi, while Guo Huaqing's headless body was still standing there, spurting out a mouthful of hot blood.

Looking at the huge blade that was dripping with blood in Chen Xiang's hand, everyone swallowed their saliva. Chen Xiang had actually killed the selfless Punishment Elder of the Chaotic Mountain.

Guo Huaqing's fame had intimidated the Sacred Dan Realm, but now that he died in the hands of a little kid who wasn't even a Nirvana Stage, everyone found it hard to accept this fact!

"This is the result of trying to kill me!" Chen Xiang swung the huge blade, shaking off the blood on it. Just as he was about to take the corpse away, he was stopped by Du Kangsheng.

"If I were you, I would immediately leave this place. If the place above is safe, hide here!" Du Kangsheng said loudly.

Chen Xiang grabbed the air, the two storage rings on Guo Huaqing's finger and quickly left the auction place.

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