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The auction continued. If there were more precious medicinal ingredients, Chen Xiang would not be able to take action anymore. With his first try, the Sacred Dan School would not let this happen a second time.

"Was Sacred Dan School's Leader among those old men?" Chen Xiang frowned and asked.

"Yes, he's the one who gave the stone of truth, his name is Xie Shilong, Xie Donghao is his grandson!" Du Yanyao poured a cup of fruit juice for Chen Xiang and said.

Chen Xiang said doubtfully: "But he doesn't have any hatred towards me when he sees me. If it's not that he doesn't care, he's hiding it deep in his heart. I killed his grandson who he was so proud of!"

Du Yanyao said: "This is a battle between the younger generation, moreover, it is a life and death battle, of course he would not pursue this matter further. Otherwise, when others bring up this matter, he would first say that his grandson's strength is weak, that his skills are inferior, and then that he would drag him into it, that he's petty and so on. "But I don't know whether I hate you or not."

The next item to be auctioned was a long spear. It was a pure green, and it emitted waves of green electric light. The tip of the spear was surrounded by a faint green mist. One could tell with a glance that this thing was not simple.

"High-grade immortal equipment. Things of this level are rare. Their value should be much higher than the Ice Dragon Stone. This is a finished product!" Du Yanyao said in shock.

"Sigh, I can only drool from watching this!" Chen Xiang sighed.

"This is something that we have no choice on. With our current level, to be able to enter and broaden our horizons is already not bad!" Du Yanyao laughed, she realized that ever since she was with Chen Xiang, she had always revealed a rare smile, perhaps she had always wanted to smile in front of Chen Xiang.

The auction continued for a long time, allowing Chen Xiang to open his eyes. The rankings were filled with extremely valuable things: immortal equipment, immortal medicine, immortal fruit, some precious artifact forging ores, and even ore veins transfer, immortal pills …

Although the auction had ended, and many precious herbs had been bought, Chen Xiang's heart was only pained for a moment, because those herbs were not the kind of thing that could be bought with extinction. As long as he had enough wealth, he could still obtain them in the future.

Although the auction was over, Yan Zilan suddenly mentioned that there was an important object that had been lost. Everyone who was leaving the Jade Dragon Flower held onto the Truth Stone, proving that they did not steal the Jade Dragon Flower.

This caused everyone to complain, but they couldn't do anything about it. After all, they didn't take it, and since they were suspected of being the same, they agreed.

Just as the preparation was about to begin, a majestic pressure suddenly came, causing everyone to feel uneasy.

"Who is it!" loudly shouted from within the Sacred Dan School.

"Guo Huaqing!" When they heard these words, all of the old Immortals were shocked.

Lin Yushi's face turned ashen!

Du Yanyao's expression also greatly changed, "Guo Huaqing of the Chaotic Mountain, I heard grandfather say before that this person controls punishment in the Chaotic Mountain, and he is rather famous in both the Chaotic Mountain and the Sacred Dan Realm.

A grey-robed old man suddenly appeared on the auction stage. His weather-beaten face became tense and his eyes were like daggers. They were filled with a cold glint as they scanned the people on the stage.

"I have two things to ask of you to cooperate with me!" Firstly, the Chaos fire was taken by outsiders, I have to be responsible for their recovery. Secondly, the Jade Dragon Flower was stolen and I am responsible for the recovery of the loot. " Guo Huaqing's voice was ice-cold.

Chen Xiang knew that trouble was coming, he did not want to hand over the Chaos fire like this.

"Lin Yushi, you come out. You stole away the Chaos fire and the Jade Dragon Flower. You have already committed a capital crime! " Guo Huaqing's voice was as loud as thunder, her gaze was sharp, her eyes filled with anger as she stared fixedly at a private room.

Chen Xiang was secretly amused, because he had long guessed that Lin Yushi had snuck out from the Chaotic Mountain, and that Jade Dragon Flower and Chaos fire were also stolen by him.

Lin Yushi's handsome face was pale white, his previous arrogance had already disappeared without a trace. He walked to the auction platform warily and knelt in front of Guo Huaqing.

"I already know the ins and outs of this matter. The person who s.n.a.t.c.hed the Chaos fire from his hands, please come out!" Guo Huaqing said in a clear voice, and his tone could still be considered calm.

Chen Xiang sighed in his heart, and could only leave the private box. Du Yanyao followed behind him.

Guo Huaqing sized Chen Xiang up, making him feel as if he was being cut by a blade.

"Where's the Chaos fire?" Guo Huaqing asked.

"It's here!" Chen Xiang could only take it out unwillingly. It was a pity that he had to hand it over if it didn't have warmth.

"Do you know of the holy object of the Chaotic Mountain?" Guo Huaqing asked coldly.

"Of course I know. This is indeed a good item." Chen Xiang said truthfully.

"Then why are you s.n.a.t.c.hing it? You have violated the dignity of the Chaotic Mountain! " Guo Huaqing's face sank, his voice carrying some power.

"He wanted to kill me first, and he was even using the Chaos fire to flaunt his strength, so I had no choice but to s.n.a.t.c.h it away, otherwise I would have killed him, and then taken everything from him!" Chen Xiang said fearlessly, causing many people to break out in cold sweat.

Du Yanyao also spoke loudly at this time: "Senior, your Chaotic Mountain has your Chaotic Mountain's rules, outsiders who enter must follow them, and Sacred Dan City also has his rules. After this Lin Yushi entered the city, not only did he cause damage, he even provoked my City Lord, destroyed my weapon, and even killed people. If it wasn't for the fact that we have some strength, I'm afraid that his subordinate would have already died."

Du Yanyao knew that Guo Huaqing valued rules highly, and was impartial and unconcerned about them, so she dared to speak in such a manner.

"That's right, Lin Yushi deserves to die, as long as he breaks your death penalty, killing him and taking everything from him is natural!" Guo Huaqing looked at Lin Yushi coldly, as if he was looking at a dead man.

"But, as long as Lin Yushi is not dead, you still stole the Chaos fire from his hands. If you want to obtain the Chaos fire as a matter of fact, you have to kill him first.

Chen Xiang really suspected that he heard wrongly, everyone present thought so too, and this Guo Huaqing actually wanted Chen Xiang to kill their Chaotic Mountain people!

"Are you still not going to make your move?" Guo Huaqing glared at Chen Xiang.

Lin Yushi trembled and cried out: "You want to kill me? No way, even if I stand here for you to kill, you shouldn't even think of letting me leave a drop of blood, haha … If you can't kill me, it's the same as stealing the Chaos fire. Chaotic Mountain will capture you and punish you! "

"I have the protection of the Holy level Dragon Armor, even if you have the Dragon Tool, without sufficient strength, you still won't be able to break through my defense. My body and soul are both protected by the Holy level Dragon Armor, you won't be able to kill me!"

Chen Xiang sneered: "That may not be so!"

With that, a green light flashed in his hand and a huge, domineering green saber let out a deep dragon roar. The green dragon on the blade was vivid and lifelike, giving off a stern aura, as if it were eternal.

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