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Lin Yushi was in front of so many people. Being scolded like this by Du Yanyao, made him angry from embarra.s.sment, angered to the point that his handsome face turned green and red.

"Zilan, go call that kid over!" The Sacred Dan School said.

Yan Zilan was slightly unwilling, but she still left the hall. She had seen many different kinds of people, so she knew that Chen Xiang was not easy to deal with.

"City Lord Du, you go too!" An old man said.

"I'm not going!" Du Yanyao snorted softly as she was extremely angry in her heart.

"City Lord Du, you lost such a precious thing here, as the City Lord, you must take some responsibility!" The Sacred Dan School said coldly.

Just as he was about to speak, Du Yanyao's voice was ice-cold and filled with anger. "Why would a peak level old deity like you lose something like this, and make me, a mere City Lord, take responsibility? This first floor is not a place where you should come to. If anything happens to you here, don't blame me! If I had the ability to ensure the safety of your property, I definitely wouldn't be bullied by you here! "

"Hmph, you guys are so strong, not only did you not reflect on yourselves after losing your things, but you also want me, this little girl, to take responsibility. Pah! If my grandpa was here, he would definitely laugh his teeth off!"

Who is Du Yanyao? Du Hai was the most beloved granddaughter of the Dan Immortal. Otherwise, she wouldn't dare to speak like this in front of these old fellows.

Chen Xiang was leisurely sitting in the private room, drinking delicious and fragrant juice. The door was open, and a burst of elegant fragrance a.s.saulted his nose, causing him to instantly feel energized as he turned his head to look.

He only saw Yan Zilan, who was dressed in a n.o.ble purple dress, walking over with a sweet smile on her face. Looking at this woman who was completely familiar with her at such a close distance, Chen Xiang of course he paid close attention to her.

"Young Master Shen, there's something I need you to help me out with." Young Master Shen said as he walked into the auction hall. Yan Zilan's smile and her elegant and beautiful voice were hard to resist.

However, Chen Xiang quickly realized something. He was still sitting on the chair and he did not get up. I am just a small warrior, how can I help? "

If he didn't understand the reason, Chen Xiang would never step into a place surrounded by experts. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to escape!

Yan Zilan thought that the majority of the men would follow her without asking, but Chen Xiang didn't. This made her a little shocked, but she still had a smile on her face that could captivate souls as she told Chen Xiang everything in detail.

"Young Master Shen, there's nothing we can do about this. In order not to suffer huge losses, as long as we're suspects, they won't let us off, so …"

I know that, because I'm just a little ant in their eyes, so they can do whatever they want to do. But even if I'm just an ant, I still have my dignity, and I can't allow others to slander me. If they want me to prove it, then let them come over. Chen Xiang calmly said these tough words, which made Yan Zilan admire him quite a bit.

Yan Zilan sighed: "Alright then, I'll see if I can get them to come. I think they'll come!"

Watching Yan Zilan leave, Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, but his heart was burning with anxiety.

"Those old things will definitely come over. If they catch you, they can at least save their face, but you don't have to worry, I stole it. Just take the stone and say that it wasn't you who stole it!" Long Xueyi said.

"Then do it, I can't run now, I don't want to harm Yanyao!" Chen Xiang said.

Before long, this private room was filled with people. Most of them were white-haired elderly people, and Chen Xiang also saw Lin Yushi.

When Lin Yushi saw Chen Xiang, flames immediately spouted out of his eyes, but Chen Xiang only gave him a bland look.

"This is the Truth Stone. You can prove your innocence by holding this stone and saying that you didn't steal it!" An old man threw a rock at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had already used it a long time ago, he purposely made a sound of dissatisfaction, took the stone and said: "I did not steal from the Jade Dragon Flower!"

At this time, everyone was looking at the Truth Stone in his palm. The room was extremely quiet, and after staring for a while, there was no movement from the stone.

Chen Xiang coldly swept his eyes across the elders and sneered: "It should be fine now. I originally planned to auction something here, but now I don't dare!"

"What can you auction?" An old man said in disdain.

"Chaos fire, you dare say that this thing has no value? No matter what, it is more valuable than the Jade Dragon Flower! " Chen Xiang sarcastically replied.

"Chen Xiang, quickly return the Chaos fire to me!" Lin Yushi immediately roared. The people from the Chaotic Mountain knew the value of Chaos fire the best.

"Seniors, please help me take responsibility. He stole my things, and he took it away from this City Lord. This Sacred Dan City was established jointly by you."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Bandits? So what if you want to kill me? It's already benevolent of me not to take the life of a dog. If you have the guts to s.n.a.t.c.h it back from me, that's fine.

Du Yanyao said coldly: Lin Yushi, destroy the streets of Sacred Dan City and my weapons, and then attack me! You want to kill my future husband, just with any of these points, I will be able to kill you, if not for someone stopping you, your head will be hanging on the city gate!

"You all … Hmph, remember this! " Lin Yushi said in anger. After leaving the private box, the others followed suit.

"Young Master Shen, I am truly sorry. I wronged you and caused you to suffer. Yan Zilan did not leave, and apologized to Chen Xiang in a low voice.

This Yan Zilan was a famous fairy in the Sacred Dan Realm, known as the number one beauty in the Sacred Dan Realm, how could Chen Xiang not give her face? Anyways, he got rid of his suspicion and got half a Jade Dragon Flower in peace.

"Forget it, this has nothing to do with the Zi Lan Immortal Fairy, but if you want to sincerely apologize, hehe, then let Yanyao cultivate with you!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Yan Zilan was startled for a moment, then said with a smile: "Yanyao is intelligent, cultivating with me will only delay her, I cannot afford it, I still have matters to attend to, I will take my leave first, if there is a chance another time, I will definitely come to apologize!"

Yan Zilan left and only knew, Chen Xiang rubbed his chin, praising: "The Sacred Dan School might be able to become stronger because of this woman, although she has great strength, she does not put on airs, and lets others be friendly with her. If a force has such a woman to manage their business, they will definitely achieve twice the results with half the effort, and everything will go smoothly."

"In order to keep her, Sacred Dan School has invested a lot. Our Du Family also wanted to rope her in, but we didn't succeed. After all, we don't have that many medicinal pills or resources like the Sacred Dan School!" Du Yanyao said.

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