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Something that caused Chen Xiang to worry happened. This was because there was already a buyer who wanted to immediately pick up the goods, and this was the first time Chen Xiang used this kind of teleportation ability.

"Hurry, the trade is about to start!" Long Xueyi urged, if she was the one to use a trick, it would be extremely easy, only that Chen Xiang's control over the Heaven tour method and Heaven tour method was not as good as Long Xueyi's, so he was unable to bring out half of the Jade Dragon Flower.

"Got it!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and thought back to the chest containing the Jade Dragon Flower and everything around it. Then, he started to use his Fa Li to create an illusion little by little along the transparent chest, according to the techniques in the Seventy-two changes.

Chen Xiang had already heard the sound of footsteps, allowing him to increase his speed. When the door opened, he just happened to finish.

"It's done!" Chen Xiang shouted.

Right now, no matter what happened inside the transparent box, there was no change from the outside.

Long Xueyi had already produced a Toucan from within the transparent chest. It quickly bit off half of the Jade Dragon Flower and turned into mana to fly away.

However, the old deity in the hall did not do so, because they were blinded by an illusion. The Jade Dragon Flower was still fine.

The door opened, and Chen Xiang quickly withdrew his Fa Li. The illusion disappeared, and the Jade Dragon Flower's true form appeared, as for what was going on inside, Chen Xiang did not know, but half of the Jade Dragon Flower was already in his hands, causing him to secretly heave a sigh of relief.

Just as Long Xueyi had predicted, his Fa Li was consumed extremely quickly and almost half of his Fa Li was used up.

Originally, Yan Zilan wanted to announce the next auction item, but his face suddenly changed, but he quickly recovered.

Many people were staring at her beautiful face, capturing the change in her expression just a moment ago. One look was enough to tell that something had happened.

"Please take a break in preparation for the next more intense bidding!" Yan Zilan smiled slightly, then walked down the auction platform.

Du Yanyao frowned as he looked at the few elders who suddenly appeared: "They sealed off the auction place, what happened?"

Chen Xiang also saw a few elders blocking the door, but he was laughing in his heart, because no matter how they looked, they would not find out that he had done it.

In order for the auction to proceed smoothly, theft would definitely not be spread out, and the losses they incurred would obviously be compensated by the Sacred Dan School, which was more than 100 billion Spar!

"Hehe, they don't know how to deal with this right now, but when the buyers saw that there was only half of it left, they decided not to take it. Then Lin Yushi will have to get the Sacred Dan School to compensate him now, it's troublesome! " Long Xueyi laughed.

Without half of the Jade Dragon Flower, it was equivalent to being crippled, as well as losing a lot of energy people. However, Chen Xiang had the creation divine liquid, so he knew how to protect them.

"I saw a bunch of old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in the backstage hall. I have to leave to avoid being discovered by them!" Long Xueyi was shocked.

Chen Xiang sat on the chair and looked at the people who were talking animatedly. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door, Du Yanyao walked over and opened it, only to see Du Kangsheng standing outside: "Yanyao, there is something that I need you to do, only you can do it."

Du Yanyao glanced at Chen Xiang, and then followed Du Kangsheng. With one glance, Chen Xiang knew that the people from the Sacred Dan School had called her over, because she was their City Lord, and they needed her to send more people to patrol the area to search for suspicious people.

Du Yanyao came to a large hall and saw over 10 elegant old men. Their faces were serious, a few of them were angry, she bowed to them and asked about the situation.

"Someone is trying to cause trouble right in front of our eyes and stealing half of the Jade Dragon Flower. They are looking down on us too much." This was the Leader of the Sacred Dan School, Du Yanyao recognized him.

"This person must still be here. We must find him, but what kind of person is he?" Yan Zilan's expression had also become extremely serious. She looked at Du Yanyao and said: "City Lord Du, can you order the sealing of the city and prevent anyone from leaving. The thing that's been lost this time is too precious!"

"No problem!" Du Yanyao took out a white jade token and sent a message.

"This person must be very strong. He came without a trace, what method did he use?" Furthermore, he should be able to steal away a whole Jade Dragon Flower, but why did he leave half of them behind? He stole half of it, so it could be said that it was completely useless to him. Was he trying to show off his abilities? Could it be provoking us? " An old man with white eyebrows said slowly.

Lin Yushi said indifferently: "I don't care who stole it, but you must pay the price of an entire Jade Dragon Flower, according to the auction price, I will give you the other half!"

The Sacred Dan School's losses were estimated to be greater than Chen Xiang's. With over two hundred billion Spar, even big sects would feel the pinch for a while.

"My losses are greater than yours, I lost the Chaos fire!" Lin Yushi looked at the few higher ups of the Sacred Dan School and snorted coldly.

When they mentioned that the Chaos fire was stolen by Chen Xiang, the eyes of the elders lit up!

"City Lord Du, that fiance of yours seems to have the ability to retrieve something from the air. Although I was not present, I could clearly see what happened outside." An old man said.

This made the other elders stare at Du Yanyao.

"He was with me just now. If he made any movements, I would have definitely noticed it!" Du Yanyao remained calm even in the face of so many sharp eyes, and said indifferently.

"We must mercilessly investigate this brat. Maybe he was the one who stole it!" Lin Yushi gnashed his teeth and said: "You are his fiancee, of course I will speak up for him. We don't trust you!"

Yan Zilan smiled slightly: "We'll find out after testing with the stone with the truth. But if the other party didn't steal the Jade Dragon Flower, what should we say? Although his strength is not at Nirvana Stage level, he does not know his origins. If there is a powerful underworld clan behind his back, offending them would not be good! "

Chen Xiang had promised Chen Xiang not to spread the news, so he didn't say anything. Chen Xiang also garnered the attention of many forces, but these forces had expended a large amount of resources, so they were unable to find out anything about Chen Xiang.

"Hmph, so what if you're from an underworld clan? Chaotic Mountain will definitely not let him off! " Lin Yushi said angrily.

"You are a dignified Chaotic Mountain, a person who came from the Chaotic Mountain, and has the advantage there. Your cultivation is so high, but you actually got your sacred artifact taken by Chen Xiang, how dare you bring up your Chaotic Mountain? If I were someone from the Chaotic Mountain, even I would feel humiliated! " Du Yanyao said coldly, she could not listen to anyone speak ill of Chen Xiang.

Being suspected by others, Chen Xiang was very angry in her heart. However, the people here were all powerful old fellows in the Sacred Dan Realm, so she could only endure it.

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