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The Dan Immortal was easy to find. However, if one was a Pill Saint, they would not even have a Sacred Dan Realm. They would all be illusory, and even if they did, they would not know where this fellow was!

"What should we do?" Chen Xiang clenched his fists. He knew that this Jade Dragon Flower was extremely important to Su Meiyao, Bai You and the others.

"In Imperial Dragon Clan, there are very few Jade Dragons, and they are even rarer than our White Dragon. That's why Jade Dragon Flower is also very precious." Long Xueyi said.

The Jade Dragon Flower was placed in a tranSparent chest, escorted by four elders. Those four elders must be immortal.

"Xue Yi, will you be discovered if you execute Heaven Tour method now? Look behind the auction platform, and see if the things being auctioned are placed inside. If it is not in the storage ring, then we will think of a way to steal the Jade Dragon Flower! " Chen Xiang said in a serious tone: "After the auction, no one will settle the bill immediately. We should wait until the middle recess or until the end of the auction!"

"We need to hurry, and steal the Jade Dragon Flower when the delivery is yet to come!"

Long Xueyi immediately replied: "No problem, the Heaven Tour method of our Imperial Dragon Clan is very powerful, I'll go take a look now!"

With things as it was, Chen Xiang did not care anymore. As long as he could, he would throw caution to the wind and get the Jade Dragon Flower, because that was extremely important to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou.

"The starting bid is 50 billion, please feel free to bid!"

Yan Zilan's eyes lit up as she admired the flower that looked like a Jade Dragon spiraling. This flower was only the size of a palm and looked like it was made by a Jade Dragon spiraling.

Within the Sacred Dan Realm, there were more Alchemist s, and a large amount of wealth was in the hands of these people. At this time, those who opened their mouths to fight were all older voices, and they all increased by billions!

There are a lot of things placed backstage, and there are ten old immortals guarding there. There aren't any arrays, and I could even feel the Qi left behind by Lin Yushi. Long Xueyi said.

"It's very possible, I think that Lin Yushi sneaked out from the Chaotic Mountain. He wanted a large number of Spar, probably to establish his own sect, and to build a force, that would require a large number of Spar. If he sold the Jade Dragon Flower, it would be enough for him to operate for a very long time." Su Meiyao said.

"Then we should steal it now!" Chen Xiang sneered, of course it wasn't him who was going to steal, it was Long Xueyi.

"Stealing half is enough, and you have?creation divine liquid, can duplicate a lot of it!" Su Meiyao said: "We still have to leave half for him, he spent a lot of Spar s to buy it."

Du Yanyao exclaimed: "Eighteen billion! If grandfather was here, I'm afraid he would have gone crazy from fighting over it!"

But now, Chen Xiang was actually discussing with Su Mei and the others about how to steal the Jade Dragon Flower away.

"Going backstage is impossible. The moment we are discovered, we will die!" Or more importantly, I used my mana to cast the Seventy-two changes, transformed it into a Toucan and ate half of the Jade Dragon Flower. Then, I stopped and let the Toucan turn into mana to return! " Long Xueyi said.

"I'm just worried that I'll be found out later. Furthermore, there are more than ten old immortals backstage!"

Chen Xiang rolled his eyes: "My magic power is not weak either, I can change things in the air too. Didn't I remember that there is a kind of illusion in the Seventy-two changes? It will only take a moment to create an identical illusion and put it on top of your body while you are inside it! "

"That's right, that's right. However, the Blinding Eyes Technique uses up a lot of magic power!" Long Xueyi said in pleasant surprise: "But it will only take a few moments, you should be able to do it!"

It had already been agreed, now we just have to wait for the Jade Dragon Flower to return backstage.

Because Jade Dragon Flower didn't need to refine a pill, it was still very useful, especially for the powerful immortals, to reach their level of cultivation, breaking through the bottleneck was even more difficult. Therefore, this kind of Holy level dragon medicine was very helpful to them in raising their strength, thus, the fight for it became very intense.

With regards to this auction, everyone present believed that it was absolutely safe. After all, within those luxurious VIP booths, there were a large number of powerful powerhouses hidden. They were extremely powerful, and if they were discovered, they would instantly turn into ashes.

Stealing was even more impossible, because stealing was not easy, it was not easy to enter from backstage. Furthermore, backstage was guarded by powerful old fellows, if there was any problem, as long as they made any movements, the old antiques in the VIP box would instantly rush over!

"200 billion, will anyone continue?" Yan Zilan laughed: "It is said that this Jade Dragon Flower has another effect. After eating it, there is a certain probability of obtaining Jade Dragon Blood, Jade Dragon is a mysterious dragon, the people of Heaven Realm and Sacred Dan Realm know nothing about it, what would happen if you possess a Jade Dragon Blood? How curious! "

"210 billion!" An old and solemn voice rang out. This voice had also appeared before.

Yan Zilan was very good at talking, with just a few casual words, she was actually able to reignite the fight that was originally about to come to an end.

"No wonder your old man chased after this woman for so long. If he has a girl like her, then it's indeed possible to help him share a lot of the burden." Chen Xiang laughed.

"What about you? Are you not interested in Zilan Immortal Fairy? " Du Yanyao smiled.

"So what if you're interested? I am a G.o.ddess of n.o.ble status, and I am just a mere mortal. " Chen Xiang pretended to ridicule himself.

However, Du Yanyao felt that he didn't have that kind of strong feeling towards Yan Zilan. She had come into contact with many men who held Yan Zilan in great admiration, so she was able to tell with a single glance. What she did not know was that Chen Xiang had very high standards, and this was also because Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, these two mysterious beauties were inside his invisible ring.

"Get ready!" Chen Xiang suddenly said to Long Xueyi, because the Jade Dragon Flower had already been sold for two hundred and thirty billion.

"Concentrate!" Long Xueyi said.

At this time, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi released their divine senses and their mana together, then used the Heaven Tour to enter the backstage area. It was a bright and s.p.a.cious hall, and Chen Xiang could see the Ice Dragon Stone and White Flame Sky Wolf eggs that were placed inside.

The Jade Dragon Flower was very small and was placed in a tranSparent chest. The chest was placed in the middle of a stone table.

What Chen Xiang needed to do now was to use his own mana to execute the Seventy-two changes's ability, causing an illusion to appear out of thin air. This illusion was the tranSparent chest that held the Jade Dragon Flower.

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