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Du Yanyao was a City Lord of the Sacred Dan City. Chen Xiang was currently sitting in a comfortable chair with her inside. Through a special tranSparent wall, they looked down at the large group of people seated below.

Those who were able to enter the auction house were all wealthy and powerful people. Even if they weren't in the VIP box, they would still be able to see some immortals mixed in with the crowd, waiting for the auction to officially begin.

Chen Xiang looked around, but didn't see Lin Yushi at those seats. This also meant that Lin Yushi also had a VIP box, and normally, only when he sold some extremely precious things would he get this kind of treatment.

"That Chaos Fire Token is amazing, the flames inside should be the legendary Fire of Chaos, this kind of fire is actually preserved, it's really unbelievable!" Su Meiyao said, "This is the time when flames are at their most primal state. Although it looks turbid, if these Fire of Chaos s are purified by fire, they would definitely be very strong!"

"How powerful is this Fire of Chaos?" asked. Thinking of the strange heat that Lin Yushi had released, he could obviously guess that Lin Yushi had this kind of flame.

"This is a flame from the Primal Chaos Era, it's just turbid, brutal, and difficult to control. The flame Lin Yushi used, should have refined this Fire of Chaos, if not it would be hard to control!" Su Meiyao said: "It's impressive, but what Lin Yushi is using after all is not real Fire of Chaos. It should be difficult to control real Fire of Chaos!"

Bai Youyou said: "In short, the flames inside this Chaos Fire Token are very strong. In the future when you encounter some of them using Primal Chaos flames or if you use some other powerful flames to attack you, this Chaos Fire Token will be able to completely block those flames!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "This way, I can suppress the people from the Chaotic Mountain!"

Chaos Fire Token were good things, but they were also very dangerous, because they were things that Chen Xiang s.n.a.t.c.hed from Lin Yushi's hands. If the people from the Chaotic Mountain found out, he would be in deep trouble.

"Chen Xiang, once Sacred Dan Meeting is over, are you going to leave the Sacred Dan Realm?" Du Yanyao asked in disappointment.

"I still don't know. If I wasn't hunted down by others, after Sacred Dan Meeting ends, I will close up for a period of time. After I become stronger, I will return to Mortal Realm. This will buy me a lot of time!" Chen Xiang had already offended someone from the Chaotic Mountain, he felt that he could at most hold on until the end.

You and Lin Yushi can fight in a duel, but you are not someone of the Chaotic Mountain. Once you obtain the Chaos Fire Token, you will definitely be called back by the Chaotic Mountain! Du Yanyao sighed.

Something in his mouth was not something that Chen Xiang could spit out.

"Is the Chaos Fire Token very important to the Chaotic Mountain?" Chen Xiang rubbed his chin and asked.

"Yeah, it's not someone with a respected ident.i.ty in the Chaotic Mountain, they don't have this thing. This is equivalent to a sacred object in the Chaotic Mountain, there aren't many of these in the Chaotic Mountain, so Lin Yushi definitely has a very high position there!" Du Yanyao said with a serious face.

"Who cares, who told this idiot to be so high-profile, he let me get lucky!" If that's the case, then this fellow will definitely not dare to immediately tell Chaotic Mountain that he will definitely be blamed for losing the sacred artifact! " Chen Xiang laughed.

The auction had already begun, and the auctioneer was a n.o.ble and dignified beautiful woman. Her demeanor was elegant and her face had a sweet smile on it, causing people to look on in delight.

"Isn't this woman Zi Lan Immortal Fairy, Yan Zilan? However, she did not die. She preserved her soul, and in the end, through her soul, she was able to cultivate for ten thousand years, reconstruct her physical body, and then, for some strange reason, break through and become an immortal! " As Du Yanyao spoke, his expression was solemn, and it could be seen that she respected Yan Zilan a lot.

Once Yan Zilan appeared, the entire venue became extremely quiet. As long as it was a man who wasn't blind, they would focus their gaze on this beautiful woman with extraordinary charm.

"During these few days, everyone has been constantly sealing the spatial crack. I believe that it is for the sake of partic.i.p.ating in this auction as scheduled. In that case, this auction will not disappoint everyone!" Yan Zilan had an enchanting smile on his face, his voice was melodious, and with every movement he made, she revealed an extremely captivating charm.

"I feel that even more people are here to take a look at the beauty of the Zilan Immortal Fairy!" A voice came over, causing Du Yanyao to groan, because the voice was precisely coming from her father, Du Kangsheng.

Chen Xiang chuckled: "Your father is really a lover!"

"Who doesn't know that he has been chasing after the Zilan Immortal Fairy for so many years. It's just that he did not succeed!" Du Yanyao snorted.

That Yan Zilan really did have a strange mature charm that many women did not have. That n.o.ble and dignified temperament, along with her sweet and kind smile, were all able to captivate a man's heart.

Yan Zilan laughed lightly and said: "Let's start the first auction item of this year's auction. This is a?immortal beast egg of?White Flame Sky Wolf, if it hatches, it will give birth to a male little White Flame Sky Wolf, but at that time, what you will see will be a youth in human form!"

While she was speaking, someone carried a half a man tall pure white egg up. Chen Xiang was dumbstruck, this was a immortal beast egg, there was actually someone selling it!

Now he knew why people like them did not have the leeway to compete in such an auction. They would not even be able to afford the starting price for something like this.

"Tch, what's there to be surprised about? Didn't you already see the little white dragon girl before?" It is said that these immortal beast egg were not directly born from their bodies. As long as they are in human form, most demon beasts, when reproducing, would produce a beast spirit about the size of a fist. Then, they would cultivate based on this beast spirit and form a huge egg, which would take a very long time. "

Long Xueyi was a dragon and her birth was different from other demon beasts, but they were all similar in nature.

"The starting price is two billion Spar. If you are interested in raising immortal beast, don't miss this chance, immortal beast babies aren't so easily obtained!" Yan Zilan's voice was pleasant to listen to, she laughed lightly, and said: "To be honest, this immortal beast cub was obtained by a little girl by chance, I hope everyone will please honor me!"

shook his head and sighed: "This woman is indeed popular. Just based on her words, many men who want to pursue her will definitely fight for her head!"

"Father will definitely join as well..." Just as Du Yanyao finished speaking, Du Kangsheng, who was in another room, shouted, "Three billion!"

Chen Xiang suddenly had some doubts. For powerful women like Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, why would they have so many enemies?

"4 billion!"

"6 billion!"


The bidding increases were going crazy. Although the Sacred Dan Realm was a high level world like the Heaven Realm, there were still many Sparite vein s. The lower leveled warriors had a lot more of them, so the use of Spar s was just as big.

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