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Chen Xiang was worried that Du Yanyao would be set up by this unknown person. He anxiously walked over and stood behind Du Yanyao.

The man riding the blue Fury Flame Lion was extremely beautiful. His long hair fluttered in the wind, his skin was white like jade, his eyebrows were carefully trimmed, and a layer of moisture was painted on his lips. His face was extremely demonic.

If he was dressing up, he could definitely disguise himself as a peerless beauty.

Such a man that even women were jealous of, soon attracted the attention of many people. At the entrance of the auction venue, there were many disciples from famous sects, especially some women. When they saw this man, their eyes couldn't help but shine, and some men with special hobbies also secretly became excited.

But, Du Yanyao was not confused by that face.

"I am still a City Lord of the Sacred Dan City. Don't you know the rules of the Sacred Dan City? You ride this dangerous thing around the city and destroy the whole street! " Du Yanyao said coldly.

"Of course I know it's wrong, but I still have to do it. What can you do to me?" The man laughed lightly. His smile was extremely enchanting, but Chen Xiang felt like vomiting when he saw it.

"This eerie sissy should be beaten up so fiercely that even his mother won't be able to recognize him!" Long Xueyi was also very unhappy.

Du Yanyao said angrily: "Since that's the case, you should just obediently stay in the dungeon!"

As she said that, a long whip suddenly appeared in her hand, and she whipped it towards the man. At the same time, the elephant like blue Fury Flame Lion released a heaven shaking roar, opened her mouth and spat out a blue flame at Du Yanyao.


Du Yanyao snorted coldly, she waved her hand and a ball of purple flame shot out from her jade palm, rushing towards the blue flame. As though she had swallowed all of the blue flame, it entered her mouth and even caused a burst of explosion, causing the Fury Flame Lion's mouth to be filled with blood, and her knife-like teeth to shatter.

Du Yanyao possessed the purple Fire Soul and had many powerful Fire Vein s. The flames were tyrannical, and as he lashed out with it, the temperature of the surrounding area rose sharply.

The man jumped down because of the Fury Flame Lion, but Du Yanyao's whip seemed to have eyes, it would even grow longer, accurately hitting the man who was floating at the side.

"Woman, you should be able to properly lie on the bed and serve a man!" The man sneered, his hand moved as fast as lightning, ripping open the whip that Du Yanyao had swung at him.

Just like that, the man casually waved his hand, easily blocking Du Yanyao's attack. What was shocking, was that the whip in Du Yanyao's hand, had suddenly turned into ashes!

It was obvious that it was burned, but no one could feel any heat or fire attribute Innate Qi!

When Du Yanyao saw her whip instantly burnt to ashes, her face changed greatly. Her whip was a good weapon, it was not something that could be burnt to ashes so casually, she anxiously took a few steps back.

"You actually destroyed my weapon, you are provoking the rules of the Sacred Dan City!" Du Yanyao bellowed, a sword appeared in her hand, it was obvious that she would not let it go.

The man smiled, "Rules? If you have the strength, then you can change the rules. If you can't beat me, then I won't kill the women! "

"But I kill men! Especially those guys who have a beautiful wife, I like to destroy the most! "

The man laughed sinisterly as he looked at Chen Xiang. With a wave of his hand, a scorching energy that made people feel fear suddenly attacked them. Everyone saw a ball of mist suddenly flying towards Du Yanyao.

In a moment of shock, Du Yanyao immediately dodged to the side. That arrow-like mist that carried a strange and powerful scorching energy was still flying towards him, and was actually attacking Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had been watching the entire time, and was also on guard. When he heard the man's words, he was already prepared.

His palm was wrapped in tiger skin gloves, that was the Slaughter G.o.d's Hand, and inside his skin was the profoundwu diamond armour, as long as he was not afraid of this kind of strange power.

It was an indescribable heat. After he had merged with the Heaven fire soul, there were very few flames that could threaten him after he came out from the bottom of the earth, but this kind of terrifying heat was a kind of strange flame. If he had not been prepared for this long, he would probably be injured by this flame!

"Du Yanyao is mine, if you know what's good for you, obediently give her to me. If she's in your hands, you'll just ruin her!" The man said indifferently, but his eyes revealed incomparable surprise, because Chen Xiang could easily take on his kind of strange flame.

"Hmph, I won't follow you even if I die!" No matter who you are, I will take you down today! " Du Yanyao was furious, her entire body was releasing purple flames, her hair was dancing in the air, because the man actually wanted to kill Chen Xiang, how important was Chen Xiang in her heart?

"Seems like I have to introduce myself. I am Lin Yushi, from Chaotic Mountain. Today, I just want to come and see how this Holy Elixir Auction is going!" The man's words caused everyone to be stunned.

This was actually someone from the Chaotic Mountain, as all the powers in the Sacred Dan Realm were extremely wary of him!

Although Du Yanyao was shocked, she did not care too much. "Even if it's the Chaotic Mountain, if you provoke me, you will be punished!"

Just as he took a step forward, he heard a shout: "Yanyao, stop!"

The one who had shouted was actually Du Yanyao's father, Du Kangsheng!

Du Yanyao frowned, her face was filled with anger, her delicate body trembled in anger, but she stopped in her tracks.

Although Du Yanyao stopped, Chen Xiang still shot forward like an arrow, his speed peerless, catching the man off guard. Although he knew that there were people attacking, he didn't have enough time to block them.


In the next moment, Chen Xiang activated his Dragon Power, and a Heaven Blasting Palm was like a bolt of lightning, striking right at Lin Yushi's abdomen, causing an extremely powerful shockwave that erupted from Lin Yushi's body and pierced the ground, the stone tiles all around cracked and split like a spider web.

Chen Xiang was not done with his attack, just now, that palm contained a suction force that prevented Lin Yushi from flying, and just as he was about to punch out, a boundless pressure attacked him, causing him to almost kneel on the ground.

Unexpectedly, it was Du Kangsheng who stopped him!

"Everyone stop!" Du Kangsheng said in a dignified voice.

Just because Lin Yushi wanted to kill him earlier, Chen Xiang had enough reasons to not give up until he was dead.

He could not allow Lin Yushi to show off his might, no matter where he came from, as long as he wanted to trample on his life, Lin Yushi had to die!

"You must die!" Green veins popped out from Chen Xiang's forehead, his left arm suddenly burst forth with a white light, his angry roar resonated throughout the entire Sacred Dan City, the Innate Qi that erupted from his body looked like countless angry dragons roaring, it was extremely terrifying.

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