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Chen Xiang was actually not hurt by the sound wave. Right now, their ears were aching, but when Chen Xiang was attacked from the front, nothing happened at all, making them unable to understand what was going on.

Du Yanyao had fought with Xie Donghao before, so she was well aware of how powerful that strange sound wave was, and when Xie Donghao used his full power, it was even more tyrannical. When he punched out with his fist, Du Yanyao's mind was completely blank, she was worried that Chen Xiang would be torn apart by the terrifying sound wave.

But not only was Chen Xiang not injured, he had even broken through that force and launched a berserk counterattack. Everyone could clearly see that Xie Donghao's body was being struck by Chen Xiang's berserk fist, and every time it landed on Xie Donghao's body, the fist would sink into his flesh and blood, causing Xie Donghao to spurt out blood from his mouth, his bones would break, and he was howling repeatedly.

"Kacha!" Chen Xiang's palm that carried the power of the tenth layer of Devil-suppressing power fiercely slashed onto Xie Donghao's shoulder. The strong force actually broke his arm from's shoulder, causing bursts of blood to blossom, causing people's hearts to palpitate and their scalps to go numb.

Each of Chen Xiang's punches contained the power of the tenth layer of Devil-suppressing power, and he had even used the Dragon Power. Every time he punched, the Contest Ring would slightly tremble from bearing the terrifying might of the Dragon Power, and the consequences of punching that fragile body could be imagined.

Although Xie Donghao suffered such a vicious attack, he did not die nor did he faint. He could clearly feel every single inch of his body turning into a sore point from within as the power continuously entered his body and tore apart his muscles, meridians, and bones. It was a pain worse than death.

"Now, quickly use your Soul Absorbing Devil Spell and get him hold of it!" Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. This kind of devil art could be considered not bad, and if it wasn't because this Xie Donghao didn't have any spirit, he wouldn't have been able to resist so easily.

Seeing that Xie Donghao was about to die, Chen Xiang opened his hand and slapped the top of Xie Donghao's head. He operated the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell and searched for the Sound Kill Magic Power.

As his soul grew stronger, he devoured the memories of others extremely quickly. However, Xie Donghao was in incomparable pain, because it was like his soul had been torn apart.

Xie Donghao crazily roared, "Chen Xiang, you demon, you actually …"

Chen Xiang coldly snorted, he suddenly stopped and stared wide-eyed, his eyes filled with blood veins, before lying dead on the ground.

"This guy can actually remember an entire set of Sound Kill Magic Power, but he didn't learn it well. Now he's actually giving it to me!" Chen Xiang clenched his fist.

Chen Xiang slowly walked down the stage and the crowd couldn't help but take a deep breath. Seeing Xie Donghao being brutally ravaged by Chen Xiang, everyone felt it was a little funny, because Xie Donghao had already boasted to Chen Xiang earlier and wanted to torture him to death. Who knew that he would end up with such a miserable ending himself?

Some of the people who came to watch the compet.i.tion, were from the Sacred Dan School, and some were from other forces. They all looked on dumbfoundedly, and since they were stronger than the people present, they could naturally see that the martial arts Chen Xiang used was extraordinary, if not, they would definitely be unable to contend against Xie Donghao, who possessed the Sound Kill Magic Power!

Seeing Chen Xiang walking down the stage, Du Yanyao quickly flew over and asked: "Are you alright?!" Saying that, she touched Chen Xiang's body, wanting to see where he was injured.

Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "I'm fine, his punch just now was indeed very strong, it was just an imposing manner, as long as my body is strong enough, the Innate Qi is strong enough, I can withstand it!"

His words were light and nimble, but in the eyes of many, it was extremely difficult. Furthermore, he himself had the profoundwu diamond armour, a divine armor that could resist all kinds of energy, so his defense was obviously strong.

"We won, let's go!" Du Yanyao was still worried that something would happen to Chen Xiang, so she supported him out of the compet.i.tion grounds. Everyone saw Du Family's victory, it also meant that Du Family could take over Sacred Dan City for another hundred years.

After returning to the City Lord's Mansion, Du Yanyao was still worried.

"Are you really all right? There might be internal injuries! " Du Yanyao asked with concern.

"Hehe, do you want me to strip you and let you have a look?" Chen Xiang laughed, "I don't mind letting you see it all."

Du Yanyao scoffed, and pouted: "I'm worried about you, but you're actually messing with me!"

"I'm really fine, don't worry about me. Although that Xie Donghao is strong, he is too reliant on the Sound Kill Magic Power, I have ways to deal with his Sound Kill Magic Power from the very beginning, so no matter how strong he is, it is useless against me, just like how he knows a few powerful martial skills. If you were to fight with me, it would not be easy for me to win against him." Chen Xiang said seriously.

Chen Xiang knew many different types of techniques, so once he was restricted by a few, he would have many powerful martial skills to use.

Du Yanyao smiled lightly: "Thank you so much. If not for you, no matter how strong the geniuses our Du Family has sent, we would have lost without a doubt!"

"But what the h.e.l.l, you actually wasted a White jade lotus seed on me!"

Although Du Yanyao said this, her heart was filled with warmth. It was because she knew that Chen Xiang was extremely concerned about her injuries at the time.

Chen Xiang smirked: "Then how are you going to thank me?"

How can I thank you? Du Yanyao remembered that Chen Xiang had told her before that she should repay him with her body, and that she would do that kind of naked thing with a man …

When she thought of this, Du Yanyao's face flushed red. For some reason, when she thought of how she had pestered Chen Xiang to get her for herself when she was in heat, and how she had looked so flirtatious and lost back then, she felt her face boiling hot again.

Du Yanyao really wanted to thank Chen Xiang, but she didn't know how to thank him. The last time she saw Chen Xiang's half a basket of Nature fruit, she knew that Chen Xiang did not lack things like medicinal ingredients.

Seeing Du Yanyao's troubled expression, Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't take what I said last time for real, if I was to mess around outside, I would definitely be scolded to death by my wife!"

"How kind you are to your woman!" Du Yanyao was a little disappointed. She secretly sighed and said: "Chen Xiang, if you kill that Xie Donghao, Sacred Dan School will definitely hate you. When the time comes, I will definitely have my family protect you.

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I am not afraid of people, I will not stay in this world for long!"

Seeing Du Yanyao's surprised expression, Chen Xiang continued to say: "I am not a person from this world, I come from the Mortal Realm!"

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