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How strong was Chen Xiang? He wasn't even sure about himself, because he had just broken through, and others didn't know about it anymore, but he was confident that he could defeat Xie Donghao.

Although Xie Donghao had a terrifying cultivation method like the Sound Kill Magic Power, Chen Xiang cultivated a lot of divine and devil arts. In the entire Sacred Dan Realm, there weren't many people who could grasp a lot of powerful G.o.dly Demon Martial Arts.

On top of Contest Ring, Xie Donghao's eyes flashed with a fierce light, he stared straight at Chen Xiang, his fists were clenched extremely tight, and lines of veins could be seen on his forehead as he spoke word by word: "Chen Xiang, I will not let you die so easily!"

As he spoke, many sound waves had already formed, and Chen Xiang could only see the s.p.a.ce in front of him vibrating, like ripples on a calm water surface.

"He's here, quickly use your vibrating power to disperse the sound waves!" Bai Youyou anxiously shouted.

Chen Xiang's hand trembled, and struck the invisible sound wave that was approaching him, the Dragon Power leaked out from his palm, the shaking power was like a ferocious beast that released waves after waves of terrifying roars, shaking the Contest Ring, causing it to sway, and colliding with the incoming sound wave, stirring up a storm. The sound wave's explosion and the shaking roar were mixed together, the noise rolled into one's ear, it was extremely uncomfortable.

The storm soon stopped. Many people had their hair blown all over their heads and were eating a lot of dust.

"Humph!" When Xie Donghao saw that Chen Xiang could block his sudden sonic wave attack, he was enraged. However, he did not believe that Chen Xiang could defeat him, as he had complete confidence in his Sound Kill Magic Power.

Following Xie Donghao's cold snort, an even more powerful sound wave surged forward like a tsunami, shaking and rumbling like a clap of thunder. The vibrating power of the sound wave was actually able to penetrate the array formation on the Contest Ring, and caused the ground around the Contest Ring to crack open.

The surging formless sound wave spread across the entire Contest Ring, and swept towards Chen Xiang as though it was unstoppable.

"With such a slow speed, the power must be strong. Is Chen Xiang unable to escape?" someone shouted.

Even though the sound wave was formless, the ripples that it caused in the air became so loud that traces could be seen. Right now, it looked like a transparent beast, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, releasing waves after waves of roars, wanting to swallow Chen Xiang whole!

"How well are you mastering Dragon Roar?" Su Meiyao suddenly asked.

Chen Xiang smiled faintly: "I wanted to try it for a long time, but it has always been because my Innate Qi was lacking and my body was not strong enough, that's why I can't use it, it should be enough now!"

"Enough, if you don't have a sufficiently strong physical body, the sound wave might be able to break your throat. If your Innate Qi is not strong enough, your might is also not strong enough, so you can't use it!" Su Meiyao said.

Dragon Roar was a martial skill that was developed after the Green dragon howler. It had very high requirements for both the physical body and the Innate Qi.

Seeing the sound wave that Xie Donghao had released pressing down like a tsunami, the Genuine qi of five elements in Chen Xiang's body flew out from the five Beast statue and fiercely collided with them. The exploding Innate Qi instantly turned into a Genuine qi of universe.

After Chen Xiang felt the strong Genuine qi of universe in his Dantian, he immediately activated his mystical technique. The berserk Genuine qi of universe fiercely rushed into his throat, he opened his mouth, and a heaven shaking dragon's roar suddenly appeared.

The sound of the clouds breaking stone made people's ears feel a tearing pain. Everyone could see that Chen Xiang had also used a sound wave martial art and it was very strong.

The intense sound wave released by Chen Xiang clashed violently with Xie Donghao's sound wave, and like two colliding stars, it released waves of berserk energy. Originally, the two sound waves were formless and colorless, but after they clashed, they actually released many different types of light clouds, and among them, lightning and fire flashed wildly.

Xie Donghao's face was filled with shock, his hair was in a mess, he could not believe that someone else was capable of unleashing such a powerful sound wave martial skill, and at this moment, that imposing Dragon Roar was still lingering in the sky, overlapping, for a long time.

Chen Xiang's eyes flashed as he looked at Xie Donghao calmly: "This kind of sonic wave martial art is not that difficult!"

"I estimate that you are only barely able to learn it. I will let you experience the truly powerful Sound Kill Magic Power!" Xie Donghao's face turned sinister, he pounced towards Chen Xiang, waving his hand, causing his arm to release a series of whooshing sounds. This was actually also a type of sound wave.

When Xie Donghao flew over, it was like a furious howl of the wind, bringing along an extremely frightening aura. When it rushed over, it also released a burst of sound waves that were not weak.

Seeing Xie Donghao coming over, Chen Xiang moved both of his palms simultaneously. Circulating his Dragon Power, the two violent strikes of the Heaven Blasting Palm released an earth-shaking power, causing two overlapping powers to shake the ground, breaking Xie Donghao's released sound wave.

"An insignificant skill!" While Xie Donghao was speaking, the sound wave formed again, causing the palm force that was shaking to become invisible, and he arrived in front of Chen Xiang, the arm that carried the strange sound wave force chopped down like a big axe.

Chen Xiang raised his eyebrow, he was actually going to use his bare hands to block the Sonic a.s.sa.s.sin Axe that was being chopped down like a sharp blade.

Chen Xiang's attacks were extremely swift and violent. Just as Xie Donghao was about to slash down on him, his palm had already landed on Xie Donghao's wrist. Ten consecutive heaven-shaking, earsplitting thunderclaps, that seemed to penetrate right into his ears, exploded next to Xie Donghao's ears.

A burst of blood fog filled the air, and following the sound wave's vibration, it scattered in all directions, and Xie Donghao's hand was dripping blood, because one of his hand had actually disappeared, and the flesh on his wrist was all over broken. With a single glance, one could tell that his palm had been shattered by an extremely strong force!

Chen Xiang sneered: "The guy in the well watching the sky!"

Within the Heaven Realm and Mortal Realm, there were only a handful of people who could learn tenth layer of Devil-suppressing power. Its power was extremely terrifying, especially when Chen Xiang used the Dragon Power to release it, that kind of power could easily shatter a large mountain.

Xie Donghao raged, his face was extremely sinister as he roared out: "I will smash your body into pieces, I will drink your blood, and eat your flesh!"

As he spoke, he punched out. Although it was a punch in the air, the power of the sound waves released from his fist made everyone's eardrums hurt. In that instant, they had actually lost their hearing, and only a sharp roar resounded beside their ears.

Although everyone felt uncomfortable when the sound wave hit Chen Xiang, they still stared at Contest Ring. They thought that Chen Xiang's body would definitely shatter like a mud man falling on the ground.

Chen Xiang was also unable to react in time. He only felt that that moment, his body seemed to have been pierced by a million needles, and was being cut by a million sharp blades.

"You want to kill me? You're delusional!" Chen Xiang shouted out explosively, and with a leap, he broke through the sound wave and stood in front of Xie Donghao!

Chen Xiang's fists were dancing frantically, the Dragon Power appeared and caused a series of explosions as thousands of fists crazily struck at Xie Donghao's body.

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