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A person who was able to fight so many battles in the arena. He was not an ordinary person, but now that Xie Donghao had let out a long roar, his body had turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist, causing everyone present to involuntarily suck in a deep breath of cold air, their faces filled with shock, because this kind of martial arts was too terrifying!

"This is the Sacred Dan School's treasure, the Sound Kill Magic Power, it's too powerful!"

"Sacred Dan School is indeed very strong. When killing people with this kind of G.o.dly technique, it will not cause much of a commotion, yet it can cause people to die like this. It seems that in the future, when meeting people from Sacred Dan School, it's better to hide far away!"

"When Du Yanyao and Chen Xiang face such a fellow, I wonder what the outcome will be? Maybe Du Yanyao and Chen Xiang will die, the Sound Kill Magic Power is too terrifying! "

"Chen Xiang is still cultivating, looks like he won't wake up for a while!"

Discussions were rife on the stage, and everyone was looking forward to Chen Xiang and Du Yanyao's match.

"I never thought that the Sound Kill Magic Power would be treated as a G.o.dly technique, what a joke, the people of Sacred Dan Realm are too ignorant!" Bai Youyou sneered.

Chen Xiang was still in the midst of training, which made Du Yanyao a little worried. However, she was still standing on top of the Contest Ring, so she decided that if Chen Xiang had not woken up, she would just forget about it, she knew that she was being selfish and only wanted to win, and that would not only put a lot of pressure on her, but also on Chen Xiang. That was why Chen Xiang was training in this kind of situation.

And Chen Xiang was still crazily transforming the Power of giving into a Zhenyuan granule. With his time, he had already been in this state for ten days.

"I wonder how things are going outside!" Chen Xiang was also a little anxious, he was worried that he would delay Du Yanyao's matter. He had promised Du Yanyao that he would help her win the compet.i.tion.

Xie Donghao leapt up and jumped to the Contest Ring where Du Yanyao was, his face becoming somewhat sinister: "Du Yanyao, I won't let anyone else obtain what I can't get, don't worry, I won't kill that brat. I will only kill you, and make that brat's heart ache, haha …"

Du Yanyao's face was frosty cold as she said coldly: "You have always seen me as something, so I never planned to marry you, and that's why I have no feelings for you at all. That's why I hate you, you and Chen Xiang are too far apart!"

Her words seemed to poke at Xie Donghao's sore spot, causing Xie Donghao to go into a rage, and growled deeply: "I will prove that I'm stronger than Chen Xiang, but you definitely won't see it, I will kill you, and then beat him into a trash!"

His eyes were completely red, as if he was about to spit out flames. He hated Chen Xiang very much, because he believed that it was Chen Xiang who s.n.a.t.c.hed Du Yanyao away, even though he had many women, but in total, they were inferior to Du Yanyao. He really wanted to be able to obtain Du Yanyao's heart and body, but not only did Du Yanyao ignore him, he hated him, and this magnified the hatred in his heart.

"b.i.t.c.h, go to h.e.l.l!" Xie Donghao cursed in a low voice, then let out a long and melodious whistle. This was precisely the Sound Kill Magic Power.

Du Yanyao was the granddaughter of the Dan Immortal s who were famous in the Immortal World and Sacred Dan Realm. Hence, she had extensive knowledge and knew the principles behind the Sound Kill Magic Power.

That sound wave was extremely powerful, and also incomparably mysterious, making it seem extremely gentle. However, after it collided with the shield that Du Yanyao agglomerated into, it released a strong sonic boom, causing an uncomfortable noise.

It could be seen how terrifying the Sound Kill Magic Power was. It was just that in the Sacred Dan Realm, it was called the Sound Kill Magic Power. For this kind of righteous and evil martial arts, it would normally be called a devil's art, and the reason it was called a G.o.dly art was only because the Sacred Dan School was using it for its own reasons.

Du Yanyao had gone through five intense battles, the Innate Qi in her body was almost exhausted, it was already not bad that she was able to condense a shield to block one attack.

"Hmph, let's see how long you can last!" Xie Donghao snorted, his Qi sinking into his dantian, he gathered energy and let out a loud whistling sound. The sound waves were clearly visible and rushed towards Du Yanyao like waves of water, the sound waves even caused the air to distort.

Du Yanyao used all her strength and formed a Wind Wall to block, but the powerful sound wave still pierced through the Wind Wall, but the Wind Wall suddenly exploded and scattered the sound wave, causing the power of the sound wave to weaken a lot.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Du Yanyao was still shocked by the sound wave until he vomited blood and flew out of the Contest Ring.

Just then, the white mist surrounding Chen Xiang's body suddenly erupted, and produced a loud whistling sound, as a burst of Qi rippled out from beneath his feet, just releasing True Qi was enough to make his True Qi release a long buzzing sound, which showed just how dense his True Qi was.

Chen Xiang's body flickered, and anxiously caught Du Yanyao who was being kicked off the stage.

"It's not a light injury!" Chen Xiang frowned, then laughed: "Leave the rest to me!"

He then took out a White jade lotus seed and placed it into Du Yanyao's mouth, causing some of the Alchemist s present to exclaim in shock. White jade lotus seed s were extremely valuable medicinal ingredients in Sacred Dan Realm, and even big sects like Sacred Dan School did not have many of these, but Chen Xiang actually just gave them to others to eat.

The moment Chen Xiang broke through, Su Meiyao would immediately tell him about the Sound Kill Magic Power. She and Bai Youyou had some understanding of it, and they would point out its flaws and allow him to deal with that Xie Donghao better.

After Du Yanyao ate the White jade lotus seed, her expression was much better, she said gently: "Thank you, be careful!" Chen Xiang being able to wake up in time caused her to be extremely happy. Just now, when Chen Xiang was holding her, she could feel the dense and terrifying energy in Chen Xiang's body.

After Chen Xiang entered that strange state, he managed to buy a lot of time, and successfully entered the late stage of the Soul Martial Realm, allowing the number of Zhenyuan granule in his dantian to double, to reach a total of 160,000!

Failing to kill Du Yanyao made Xie Donghao extremely angry, but he felt that killing Chen Xiang was not bad either, at least it made Du Yanyao's heart hurt.

"Hmph, even if you manage to achieve a breakthrough, it would be useless!" Xie Donghao was very confident in his Sound Kill Magic Power, especially when he saw Du Yanyao being hit and blown away by the sound wave that he released.

The elders who were watching the compet.i.tion were impressed by the fact that he was able to cultivate in such an environment, but Xie Donghao did not think much of it, because he had already treated Chen Xiang as a dead man.

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