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Du Yanyao was victorious in the compet.i.tion. But when she looked at Chen Xiang, she couldn't help but be shocked, because there was a layer of faint white mist surrounding Chen Xiang's body.

Amongst the crowd, there were also people who saw it and couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

"This guy is actually cultivating, and in such a noisy environment at that. Isn't he afraid of going berserk?" It's too dangerous! "

"What the h.e.l.l is he thinking? Could it be that he wants to break through here? "

"This fellow is insane. We mustn't allow him to affect our breakthroughs!"

Du Yanyao was extremely worried about this. It was not a good time to cultivate, but she had some understanding of Chen Xiang, and knew that he was someone who went beyond common sense.

"I'm afraid that it's too late. Even if you made a breakthrough and still have to fuse with the Power of giving, it will take you a lot of time. It definitely isn't something that can be done in a day or two!" Su Meiyao sighed.

Chen Xiang who was focused on cultivation did not answer, because Long Xueyi was here, he was not worried about anyone attacking him, and being safe here, he knew that time was of the essence and that even if he was given two days time, he would not be able to use up the Power of giving.

However, he suddenly had a feeling that he could do it!

It was because of this strong feeling that made him so determined to break through here. At this time, he didn't know how to quickly step into the late stage of Soul Martial Realm and even integrate with the vigorous Power of giving, but he firmly believed that he could do it!

To be able to become a City Lord of the Sacred Dan City, and to be given a high priority by the Du Family, Du Yanyao's strength was not just for show. In a situation where she had no time to rest, she actually managed to win three matches consecutively, although the battle was extremely tough, but she was able to hold on and caused many people to be impressed, especially the disciples of famous sects who had sparred with her before, and felt extremely ashamed because they could not defeat her even when taking turns to fight with Du Yanyao!

They were around the same age, with the same cultivation level, but the difference in strength was so huge. This was not only due to her innate talent, but also due to her hard work in order to be able to do what Du Yanyao did.

Chen Xiang, who was immersed in cultivation, knew nothing about what was happening outside. At this moment, he was not the least bit nervous, he was only very natural to go and circulate his divine arts, refine the Dragon Power, and let the Yin-Yang Tai Diagram in his dantian spin, compressing the energy in the Zhenyuan granule.

Suddenly, a strange feeling made him feel that the time in his body seemed to be faster than the outside world. The speed of the Dragon Power that he refined, the speed of compressing his true qi, and the speed of the Taiji yin and yang map's rotation did not change, it was just that the time that pa.s.sed was different from the outside world!

What surprised him was that even his soul had lost all contact with the outside world. He tried to communicate with Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, but to no avail.

Chen Xiang could feel the flow of time right now. He knew that he had cultivated for two days already, but no one had woken him up, so he was sure that his current state made him live in a different time compared to other people. His time flow was many times faster than other people's, so he ended up losing all contact with the outside world, because he was also in another s.p.a.ce.

"This Yin-Yang Tai Diagram can shine so brightly, this has never happened before!" Chen Xiang thought, surprised by this. He had once heard Long Xueyi say that if one could cultivate the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu to a very high realm, they could reverse yin and yang, and could change the flow of time!

But that was only possible at a very high realm, and he could do it now. He didn't know that he had done it this way!

At this moment, everyone outside was staring at Chen Xiang with their mouths agape, because Chen Xiang, who was sitting on the ground, suddenly floated up and started to slowly spin on the spot. His body was surrounded by a faint white glow and his expression was natural, one look was enough to tell that his current cultivation state was the best, a state that many people yearned for even in their dreams.

Long Xue and the others suddenly lost contact with Chen Xiang. At the beginning, they were very anxious, but when they saw Chen Xiang's current cultivation state, they were not as worried, because this was a good thing!

"He absorbed very quickly, the Zhenyuan granule lit up very quickly, I have to speed up the speed of the Dragon Power for him!" Long Xueyi said: "I can feel that the time within his body is different from the time outside, this is truly strange, this kind of cultivation state of opposing Yin and Yang, it can only be done after one has cultivated the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu to an extremely high realm, even some of the old dragons in Imperial Dragon Race can't do it, could it be that he accidentally entered this state?"

"No matter what, this is a good thing!" Su Meiyao said.

Du Yanyao also never thought that Chen Xiang would be this abnormal. In this kind of environment, he was actually able to enter an extremely good state to cultivate, which made her admire Chen Xiang even more.

"He broke through! He has reached eighty-eight thousand Zhenyuan granule!" If you can get the Power of giving, that would be one hundred and sixty thousand Zhenyuan granule! " Chen Xiang could only feel himself cultivating in this state for three days, and it had only been a very short period of time outside, which made him start to worry secretly, because he didn't know how much time had pa.s.sed outside. He didn't know how much time had pa.s.sed, but he was practically completely isolated from everything else, and he only felt that his existence, as if he was in a s.p.a.ce without anything.

Du Yanyao had defeated four people in one go, and this was only the last battle. On the other hand, Sacred Dan School's people were guarding the stage.

There were originally three people in Sacred Dan School, but one of them was defeated and eliminated, leaving only two behind!

"I have to win, Chen Xiang, you have to wake up in time!" The pressure on Du Yanyao was not small at the moment. She knew that it would be difficult for a warrior to enter such a good cultivation state like Chen Xiang's. She did not want to ruin his breakthrough, so not only did she have to hold onto the stage, she had to fight in the finals!

After an hour, Du Yanyao had finished another intense battle, her face was pale white. After five consecutive battles, she had already exhausted a lot of her energy.

"Du Family's Barracks is a success, enter the finals!" After an old man made his announcement, Du Yanyao quickly swallowed a few pills and took the time to recover her Innate Qi.

On the other hand, the Contest Ring was still engaged in the intense compet.i.tion, and although the defending of the Sacred Dan School was unsuccessful, they were beaten down, but there was still Xie Donghao!

This Xie Donghao had never fought before, and was currently full of energy, but the person on the stage was already covered with scars, one look was enough to tell that Xie Donghao would definitely win!

Xie Donghao walked to the Contest Ring with a smile and teased, "If I were you, I would definitely admit defeat obediently. At least I would have a dog life.

"You want to kill me? But it's not that easy! " The scarred man from the Contest Ring sneered.

Just as he finished speaking, Xie Donghao suddenly roared out, and he released a sound wave from his mouth. In the distance, he could even see s.p.a.ce being shaken like a water wave by the sound wave, and the sound wave was aimed straight at the man.

After Xie Donghao let out a long hiss, the man's eyes, nose, ears, and mouth started bleeding. Soon after, his entire body suddenly split open, and turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist!

"Sound kill magic power!" Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou cried out at the same time.

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