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Ruthless Butcher's speed suddenly increased. was caught somewhat unprepared. He only saw Ruthless Butcher turn into a streak of black light, and his body was. .h.i.t as if he was struck by a giant pillar.

Although he did not have the time to resist, his body felt the strange power and released the Devil-suppressing qi to resist. Inside his strong body, the Devil-suppressing blood was boiling, and his blood was producing a strange golden light that was especially used to resist the demons.

Seeing Ruthless Butcher suddenly rush towards him, everyone thought that Chen Xiang would at least be severely injured, but they never thought that Chen Xiang had only taken a few steps back, the force behind the Ruthless Butcher's charge against his body was instantly dissolved by him, the strange energy that touched his body was like a stone sinking into the ocean, it disappeared without a trace.

"How is this possible!" The people from the Dugu Clan did not dare believe that everything that was happening was real, because he understood the power of the Ruthless Butcher very well.

Du Yanyao was sweating on behalf of Chen Xiang just now, especially when she saw that the Ruthless Butcher had suddenly charged towards her, she was extremely worried. However, now that she saw that Chen Xiang was fine, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Chen Xiang's arm suddenly released a transparent mist, if one did not look carefully, it was hard to tell, but this was the strongest form of the Devil-suppressing qi, formless and colorless, making it hard to detect. This was something that he had only cultivated after fusing with the Devil-suppressing blood.

"Hmph, I thought you were so powerful, but you're only so powerful!" Chen Xiang sneered, his feet slipped as he slipped and arrived in front of Ruthless Butcher, raised his arm high, and used his hand as a blade, and fiercely slashed Ruthless Butcher's shoulder.

"Kacha!" The arm of the Ruthless Butcher was removed by Chen Xiang, causing the Ruthless Butcher to let out a roar of pain. The Ruthless Butcher then threw a punch towards Chen Xiang, releasing a black Qi.

Just as the punch was about to make Chen Xiang's nose cave in, the Ruthless Butcher suddenly stopped. Looking carefully, there was a transparent protective shield of Innate Qi around Chen Xiang's body, blocking Ruthless Butcher's furious punch.

Just this kind of invisible power caused many people to be shocked, because this kind of power was extremely strong, to actually be able to quietly dissolve the Ruthless Butcher's tyrannical power.

"In my eyes, you are just like a child!" Chen Xiang sneered, and punched Ruthless Butcher in the nose.

Chen Xiang's fist looked normal and ordinary, but the moment it touched Ruthless Butcher's nose, it released a deafening thunderclap, as though the sky had suddenly been struck by lightning. had used Devil Subduing Method on this layer, but it was filled with powerful Devil-suppressing qi, its power had increased by several folds to Ruthless Butcher, the kind of person with Evil Qi.

Ruthless Butcher let out a howl, his entire nose had been knocked out by Chen Xiang. His face was bloodied, and he looked terrifying.

The furious Ruthless Butcher waved one of his arms wildly, randomly slapping it towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang grabbed Ruthless Butcher's wrist, and struck at Ruthless Butcher's chest with his palm. Boom! The palm shook the sky, and blood sprayed out of Ruthless Butcher's back.

Seeing the b.l.o.o.d.y big hole on the back of the Ruthless Butcher, everyone's scalps couldn't help but go numb. The Ruthless Butcher who was notorious for his evil reputation was actually taken care of in a few breaths, and everyone could tell that Chen Xiang didn't use his strongest strength, and looked like he was playing around.

After the Ruthless Butcher fell to the ground, he was actually still alive. He suddenly grabbed Chen Xiang's ankle, and his body started emitting a black Qi.

"You want to self-destruct?" Chen Xiang bellowed, his leg moved like lightning, the Dragon Power rushed up his thigh, with a fierce kick, he kicked Ruthless Butcher out of the stage and landed beside the two people from Dugu Clan.

At the same time, Ruthless Butcher's body suddenly exploded, the sound rolling in the sky. His st.u.r.dy body had already turned into countless of pieces of flesh, and a huge pit appeared on the ground, the stone dirt that was created swept out in all directions like a storm, while the two Dugu Clan's people were in a terrible state, covered in blood, one of them even had a broken arm.

Dugu Clan's reputation has always been good, now you actually did such a despicable thing, and actually let your puppets perish together with the others, such despicable means, now that I have sentenced you to violation of the rules, you do not have the qualifications to continue, let's go! An elder spoke coldly, his voice tinged with anger.

The two men from the Dugu Clan did not expect Chen Xiang to react in such a timely manner, and had even used a very appropriate amount of strength to deliberately kick the Ruthless Butcher's body to their side. What made them even angrier was, Chen Xiang had poured an even stronger power into the Ruthless Butcher's body, and had even precisely controlled that power, so that it would not affect others.

"You're asking for trouble!" Du Yanyao laughed coldly, she was extremely happy in her heart, because just one round of Chen Xiang's compet.i.tion had caused the entire Dugu Clan to be annihilated, it made it so that they did not have to face so many rounds of battles.

Now, as long as they won another five matches, they would be able to hold onto the arena and enter the finals!

"Leave the rest to me. You have to conserve your strength!" Du Yanyao said as she walked onto the Contest Ring.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and walked down the Contest Ring. He quietly stayed by the side and continued his cultivation, Long Xueyi had always been transferring the energy inside the Dragon Pearl to him, making him to have an improvement in the finals, allowing him to have a greater chance of victory.

"If you're able to make it in time, you might be able to step into the late stage of the Soul Martial Realm during the finals, and the Fire Dragon kungfu soul in your body will become even stronger. As long as you reach the peak of the Fire Dragon kungfu soul for mortals, you can enter the Hundred refining realm. Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang looked at Du Yanyao's serious expression, he slowly closed his eyes, and started to circulate his many divine arts, allowing him to quickly refine the Dragon Power.

To Du Yanyao, obtaining control of the Sacred Dan City was extremely important. Therefore, he did not want to disappoint her, so he decided to do his best to step into the late stage of the Soul Martial Realm during the finals.

Chen Xiang who was in a state of cultivation, unaware of the outside world, had entered into a state of meditation, while on the Contest Ring, there was a great commotion due to the intense heat, but Chen Xiang was still able to meditate and cultivate.

Under the serious state of cultivation, Chen Xiang's speed of refining the Dragon Power was extremely fast. It was able to quickly compress the Dragon Power Long Xueyi sent over into his dantian and light the Zhenyuan granule!

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