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He killed in the first round. Furthermore, he was the one who killed Panlong Mountain, which made everyone in the fighting arena shocked. Although he was dead, those who were watching felt that it was fun!

There were two in the Contest Ring, but the one who was being paid attention to was only Du Yanyao, because she was the focus of the entire audience and also a very beautiful woman.

Hehe, I never thought that Du Yanyao would actually be a violent woman too, it's just that she's much calmer and more refined than Leng Youlan. Su Meiyao laughed.

Chen Xiang also let out a long sigh as he looked at Du Yanyao in a different way.

Pan Zhensong's head was instantly burnt into nothingness by the intense flames that Du Yanyao used. Right now, there was only a headless corpse, which made the people who wanted to compete with Du Yanyao a lot more pressured them, they could tell that Du Yanyao valued this fight a lot. Her first fight was so fierce, and she was also making an example to make them understand.

"Seems like I can't let my guard down. This Sacred Dan Realm is a crouching tiger and hidden dragon. If I'm not careful, I might fall for it!" Chen Xiang secretly warned himself, then carefully trained and refined the Dragon Power that Long Xueyi transferred to him.

The other Contest Ring lost to the one on the gavel, but the one on the gavel wasn't completely defeated because there were two of them. They could still fight on the stage, and if they lost to the other two, their power would be eliminated.

If Du Yanyao did not succeed in defending the arena, then he would have to rely on Chen Xiang to fight for the arena again and defend with all his might until the rest of the people in his group were defeated by him. Therefore, it was extremely difficult.

After Pan Zhensong was killed, the disciples of the other two Panlong Mountain s actually did not get angry. One look was enough to tell that there was discord between them, and then, it was Dugu Clan's turn to go up on stage.

What made Chen Xiang secretly worried, was that the Dugu Clan's people were emitting killing intent all over, with their pale white zombie faces, they looked like corpses, but their eyes were filled with killing intent.

Du Yanyao also seemed to be facing a great enemy, her expression was heavy, feeling the baleful aura coming over, her palms were covered in perspiration, she felt that the person in Dugu Clan was a slaughter demon without seven emotions and six desires.

"This person has the blood of a demon, he cultivates a demonic technique and has taken a detour, refining his own people to the point that he is neither human nor ghost. You better go up and deal with this fellow, he is no longer a human nor a demon, he is an evil demon, in his heart, there is only slaughter!" Bai Youyou anxiously said.

Chen Xiang stood up immediately and walked over to Du Yanyao: "Yanyao, let me do it!"

As long as there were still people who weren't eliminated, they could be replaced after a match.

Seeing that Chen Xiang wanted to go up on stage, the spectators were all extremely curious, there were even more who stood up, they had only heard that Chen Xiang was extremely ruthless, not only did he kill City Lord, he had even paralyzed Du Yanyao's cousin brother's lower body!

Du Yanyao had originally intended to fight to the end, so that Chen Xiang would have sufficient energy to partic.i.p.ate in the finals. But now, Chen Xiang had walked over and was holding her hand.

Chen Xiang gently rubbed her soft and smooth jade hands, and laughed: "Don't tell me you don't trust me? I like to deal with this kind of people with evil intents the most! "

Of course, Du Yanyao trusted Chen Xiang, otherwise she would not let him partic.i.p.ate in the finals. She had personally witnessed Chen Xiang destroying a large demon wolf army by himself.

Chen Xiang cultivated in Devil-suppressing kungfu, demonic techniques, and the fusion of Devil-suppressing blood. He was born to be the nemesis of demons, and even if the demons were much stronger than him, he could still suppress them!

Du Yanyao looked at the terrifying Dugu Clan warriors and said softly to Chen Xiang: "You must be careful!"

"En!" Chen Xiang smiled and nodded.

After Du Yanyao walked down the stage, she heard a man from the Dugu Clan sneer: "You guys underestimate the famous Ruthless Butcher s from the distance too much. Du Yanyao, if this brat dies, I don't mind you marrying to me! "

"He's just a walking corpse. My husband will end his evil life!" Du Yanyao said coldly, but when she mentioned her husband, she couldn't help but blush a little, as a complicated feeling suddenly flowed into her heart. She suddenly felt that having Chen Xiang as her husband was a pretty good thing.

Xie Donghao whistled and said: "Dugu Clan, don't disappoint your people!"

As long as one stayed on the first floor for a while, most of the warriors would have heard of the Ruthless Butcher, and just like Bai Youyou said, they would no longer have any emotions or desires, they would only kill and would become puppets controlled by the Dugu Clan. They would be like walking corpses, and would have lost all special feelings that humans had!

Of course, this Ruthless Butcher was very strong, it was said that he was strong enough to sweep across the entire young generation of the Dugu Clan, and only one or two Dugu Clan s were able to barely suppress him.

The people on the stage all started to talk about what they had heard of Ruthless Butcher, causing many of them to panic, as they were also looking forward to the battle between Chen Xiang and Ruthless Butcher.

Chen Xiang carefully studied the "Ruthless Butcher", and could not help but secretly sigh, this was originally a very good man, but now he changed into this appearance.

The Ruthless Butcher seemed to have received an order all of a sudden, releasing a low roar that was extremely terrifying, with a pair of bloodshot eyes, it looked extremely terrifying.

The most terrifying thing were his two hands, which had suddenly turned black. At this moment, the two large palms were emitting black gas, making it seem as if s.p.a.ce had been distorted by the evil power released from his palms.

"Such a fellow can actually grow up safe and sound in Sacred Dan Realm!" Chen Xiang frowned, he did not know why, but he suddenly wanted to exterminate the Ruthless Butcher, the Devil-suppressing blood in his body suddenly boiled, his palms released traces of gold Qi, but he quickly put it away.

"Ruthless Butcher, kill him!" A disciple of the Dugu Clan shouted out, the Ruthless Butcher was like a wild beast, releasing a mournful roar, with heavy steps, he sprinted towards Chen Xiang, all of the large compet.i.tion grounds were shaken up by the power he unleashed while he was running.

Although the speed of the Ruthless Butcher was not fast, his imposing manner was extremely frightening. With every step he took, an extremely powerful force would be released into the ground.

Looking at the slow running speed, many people could easily take care of it, but just as Ruthless Butcher was about three meters away from Chen Xiang, the tall and st.u.r.dy body suddenly transformed into a ray of black light and struck Chen Xiang's body!

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