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Du Yanyao swept over them coldly. She could not help but frown, because the people who came were all very strong and famous, so she was worried that she and Chen Xiang might not be able to handle them.

"This is your fiancé? If you let him fight, don't you worry about being a widow? " Although he looked very friendly, but after hearing his words, Chen Xiang immediately knew that there was a hidden dagger in his smile.

"Don't worry, even if he dies, I won't marry you!" Du Yanyao said in a cold voice, causing Chen Xiang to involuntarily twitch his mouth.

At this time, a tall and thin old man with white hair walked over. "Stop wasting time, hurry up and draw lots to decide the groups, then start the martial arts compet.i.tion!"

There were also a few Nirvana Stage warriors watching from the sidelines. These Nirvana Stage s should have been going to seal the spatial rifts, so they did not have much time.

Chen Xiang looked around, he secretly admired the Sacred Dan School, he actually had placed such a stone chair in the compet.i.tion grounds, and there were even layers upon layers of chairs, which made it possible for there to be many people seated around the compet.i.tion grounds. Although it was not full, but there were still hundreds of thousands of seats, if they were to collect entrance fees, they would be able to earn a lot.

After the drawing of lots ended, Du Yanyao heaved a sigh of relief. The Sacred Dan School was not in their group, but the other arena master was from the Ding Family.

"Now, we'll draw lots to decide the order to go up on stage. The arena master will go up first!" an old man shouted.

Du Yanyao anxiously pulled Chen Xiang, and said in a low voice: "I will go up first, I will do my best to last until the end, and let you compete in the finals!"

"As you wish!" Chen Xiang said casually, he also wanted to take this opportunity to see how strong the powers were.

After the order of entering the stage was decided, the compet.i.tion would quickly begin. Chen Xiang did not know much about the powers, nor did he know how strong they were.

"This Sacred Dan Realm has many clans. Could it be that they inherited it from the Primordial Era?" Chen Xiang was extremely confused about this, because in the Mortal Realm, most of the sects were just some, while in the Heaven Realm, there were powers like the Fire Divine Palace.

"Sacred Dan Realm is much smaller than Heaven Realm, so it's not strange for there to be many families, so they probably came from that Chaotic Mountain!" Long Xueyi said.

"In the first level, it's like the Mortal Realm. Without many powerful individuals, those immortals would not come here to disturb the younger generations. That's good!" Chen Xiang muttered to himself, he was not worried for Du Yanyao at all. He knew that Du Yanyao's strength was definitely not simple, for there to be a grandfather like Du Hai, how could his granddaughter be weak?

"The people of Panlong Mountain, please come up!" At this time, an old man shouted.

When Chen Xiang came here, he had heard Du Yanyao mention the Panlong Mountain. There was a profound Realm in the Panlong Mountain, so it was also a very strong force.

The person fighting Du Yanyao on the stage was a skinny man. When he looked at Du Yanyao, his eyes contained a hint of resentment, which made Chen Xiang secretly laugh, with Du Yanyao's personality, many men would be defeated by her.

"Du Yanyao, today, I, Pan Zhensong, will settle old scores with you!" The man said angrily. It could be seen that Du Yanyao had caused him a huge loss.

"Hmph, just come at me!" Du Yanyao raised her delicate eyebrows and laughed coldly.

He pounced towards Du Yanyao, and on top of his fists, two b.a.l.l.s of purple light suddenly burst out, on top of them flickered with electric threads. In an instant, the lightning he released seemed to have reached its peak, the burst of aura from the lightning energy struck the array formation on the Contest Ring, causing the entire Contest Ring to appear as though it was covered by a bright lightning barrier.

"It's Purple Thunder, he's really fierce!" Su Meiyao exclaimed.

"Hong Hong!" A few explosions rang and a powerful Thunder power appeared beneath Pan Zhensong's feet. He pushed his body forward, making his body move like lightning, and "hacked" towards Du Yanyao. His two fists that were like b.a.l.l.s of purple lightning, shot out together when he was still a distance away from Du Yanyao, creating two dazzling purple streaks of lightning.

Du Yanyao frowned slightly as her jade-like palm danced in the air and a burst of purple flames flickered out of it. A boundless fiery energy formed into several purple fire shields and burned with surging flames, blocking the purple lightning that blotted out the sky and attacked her.

"The purple Fire Soul!" Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart. Judging from the heat emitted from the flames he felt, this Du Yanyao's flames were very strong, and he guessed that Du Yanyao probably had more than one G.o.d level Fire Vein.

"I estimate that she would need at least five Fire Vein in order to have this level of flame. Although she looks cold, she does not cultivate the Cold Ice Qi." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang already possessed the Heaven fire soul and his physical body was incredibly strong, but he could still feel the hot air that he was extremely unhappy about, which meant that Du Yanyao's flames were very strong.

There was no need to talk about the others, Chen Xiang had already seen a few of them with a head full of sweat, they had to release some of their Innate Qi to fend off the hot air released by Du Yanyao.

"Even the array is unable to filter out this heat!" I think if you were to use all your power to release the flames, you would probably be at the same level as her! " Su Meiyao guessed.

Bai Youyou said: "Purple Thunder soul and Fire Soul, the disciples of famous Sacred Dan Realm s are indeed not simple!"

In Contest Ring, the battle between Zi Lei and Zi Huo had been going on from the very start. Although it was daytime, the collision of the two purple energies was still very dazzling and shocking.

"Pan Zhensong, you are still not my opponent. I have to admit that you have improved very quickly!" Du Yanyao sneered, her body suddenly exploded with a burst of purple light, a purple shadow appeared from her body, looking like a human figure made of purple flames.

Judging from the purple flame silhouette's gentle and graceful body, it was definitely Du Yanyao's shadow, but it was not a shadow. Chen Xiang could already see that it was an avatar made of True Qi that Du Yanyao had released.

Although Du Yanyao was standing at her original position, the Innate Qi she released was dispersed and she instantly appeared in front of Pan Zhensong. Then, she waved her fists and smashed them onto Pan Zhensong's body.

Pan Zhensong was just about to counterattack, but Du Yanyao swept her lightly, arriving above him. Her jade palm came together, and slapped the top of his head, and like a mountain, her palm descended with an incomparably shocking force, releasing a thick purple flame that struck the top of Pan Zhensong's head.

Pan Zhensong was unable to move at all, because his body had already been possessed by the Innate Qi released by Du Yanyao, all he felt was a burning pain all over his body, followed by a swelling pain in his head.

Du Yanyao's palm was merciless, upon hitting Pan Zhensong's head, Pan Zhensong's entire head exploded out with a burst of purple light waves, which spread out in all directions, bringing with it an incomparably scorching Qi!

Pan Zhensong's head was missing!

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