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Because Chen Xiang came from the Mortal Martial Realm. Therefore, no one had any detailed information about him. They only knew that he currently lived in the City Lord's Mansion and used brutal means to kill the entire place. Not only was he not pursued by Du Yanyao, he even became Du Yanyao's fiance.

This caused many people to guess that most people categorized him as a disciple of an underworld clan.

Because right now was the eve of the Sacred Dan Meeting's gathering, and many disciples of famous sects were gathered there. As long as someone knew the Sacred Dan City well, they would organize a compet.i.tion before this, which would decide who was in charge of the authority in the Sacred Dan City.

And the families who had the authority to fight were all large clans with many a.s.sets in the Sacred Dan City.

"Cousin, did you decide this marriage yourself? Without the consent of your grandfather and your parents, you were actually engaged to someone else in private. You are too disrespectful! "

When Chen Xiang came out of the secret underground room, he heard a man scolding Du Yanyao furiously. This man was Du Yanyao's cousin.

Entering the hall, Chen Xiang saw a tall and st.u.r.dy middle-aged man wearing luxurious golden clothes. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, with a beard, and a face full of indignation.

"Peak of Hundred refining realm. To reach this level at such an age, you can be considered to be done for." Long Xueyi scoffed.

Seeing Chen Xiang walking in, Du Yanyao's cousin suddenly turned and glared at him.

Du Yanyao frowned, seeing how her cousin was treating Chen Xiang so impolitely, she was immediately enraged: My wedding isn't something others can say, it's my own wedding, not another's!

"Please leave City Lord's Mansion, I do not welcome you. Do you think I do not know that you and Xie Haodong are friends?"

Seeing that Du Yanyao was angry, and even had the intention to make a move, the cousin was slightly surprised. This made him even more convinced of Du Yanyao's engagement, because this was the first time he had seen Du Yanyao being so concerned for a man.

"Hmph, let's wait and see!" The cousin glared at Chen Xiang coldly: "Brat, what kind of demonic technique did you use to confuse me …"

"If you continue to slander me, even if you are Yanyao's blood related brother, I will definitely not let you leave the City Lord's Mansion alive!" Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly and looked at the middle aged man in front of him expressionlessly.

"Shen Tuyong, get the h.e.l.l out of my way!" Du Yanyao was enraged, and shouted coldly.

This Shen Tuyong had both hands behind his back, and he looked at Du Yanyao while sneering: "Cousin sister, even if you and this brat teamed up, I'm afraid you still wouldn't be my match! Don't be stubborn, don't be hit by this brat's evil technique, turn back and be the sh.o.r.e! "

The furious Du Yanyao, just as she was about to attack, had only taken a few steps, when she felt a burst of wind suddenly rush past her side, a deafening angry tiger's roar sounded out, and she saw that Shen Tuyong's tall body was immediately enveloped by countless of white tiger heads, releasing an extremely overflowing killing intent from Chen Xiang's body, causing her to be extremely terrified.

Although Chen Xiang was furious, he did not lose his reason. He only used the Slaughter G.o.d's Hand and the White Tiger King Fist to attack Shen Tuyong, and the power of his physical body and true energy fused together the moment he attacked, making him extremely powerful. Thousands of fists instantly erupted, containing an incomparably violent and murderous power.

Countless of fists smashed onto Shen Tuyong's body, instantly releasing a series of explosions, causing the small house to shake violently, the furniture inside were mostly shattered by the powerful sound waves, it was actually the Devil Subduing Method!

After fusing with the Devil-suppressing blood, the Devil Subduing Method became even more ruthless, even Chen Xiang himself was shocked by it, although he was only using the power of the first level of the Devil Subduing Method.

Shen Tuyong was not sent flying, but was held onto by a strong suction force, causing his body to feel like it was stuck to Chen Xiang's fist, being destroyed by Chen Xiang's berserk White Tiger King Fist.

Looking at the furious white tiger fists smashing onto Shen Tuyong's body, every time they collided, a crisp explosive sound would burst out, causing people's eardrums to ache. What caused people to feel fear was that sharp killing intent, which made people feel as if Chen Xiang was a devil G.o.d from h.e.l.l!

The bones of the lower half of Shen Tuyong's body were completely shattered, his blood vessels were torn apart, and his flesh was mangled. He did not expect Chen Xiang to suddenly make a move, and with such a brutal attack, he was unable to resist it in an instant, causing him to be severely injured, and even used an extremely appropriate amount of power to brighten his body, causing him to feel extremely miserable.

"I'll spare your life!" Chen Xiang's leg which was wrapped with Devil Subduing Method flew towards Shen Tuyong's abdomen. With a thunderous boom, Shen Tuyong spat out a mouthful of blood and landed right in front of City Lord's Mansion's entrance.

Seeing that, Shen Tuyong's followers all followed along, and Du Yanyao also gave the order, if Shen Tuyong's men wanted to fight back, then capture them all!

"Aren't you being too ruthless!" Du Yanyao sighed, although she said it this way, she did not blame him, and was even praising Chen Xiang's actions.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Who asked him to anger my fiancee!"

Although Du Yanyao finding Chen Xiang was joking, her face still blushed slightly as she was secretly happy in her heart.

The news of Shen Tuyong being carried out of the City Lord's Mansion after being heavily injured quickly spread, because it was's fiance who beat him up. Shen Tuyong had a bit of a reputation, after all, he was a disciple of the Shentu Clan, and even knew a few disciples from famous clans and families. His network was very wide, but right now, he had been beaten up to the point where he could not take care of himself, as this was equivalent to provoking the Shentu Clan, challenging some of Shen Tuyong's friends.

Chen Xiang was not afraid of all this, as long as he could make it past Sacred Dan Meeting, he would hide in Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest and cultivate. When it was almost time, he would return to Mortal Martial Realm.

Inside Du Yanyao's house, an extraordinary middle-aged man asked: "Where's that guy?"

Du Yanyao stuck out her tongue, "He's in closed door cultivation! Father, you have so much time to come? "

"Isn't it because I'm helping my son-in-law clean up a mess that I've never met before? Although some of the old guys in the family talk too much about you, say that they have no respect for their elders and decide what to do without informing you, Daddy believes in your judgement!" The middle-aged man laughed.

Chen Xiang used the Heaven tour method to look at everything. After he had merged with the Devil-suppressing blood, his soul had grown stronger by quite a bit.

"Du Hai that guy came back, does Du Family not know?" Chen Xiang had some suspicions in his heart, at this time, he saw that the middle-aged man who looked somewhat similar to Du Hai was Du Yanyao's father, Du Kangsheng!

"Father, there's a reason behind this matter. He and I aren't really engaged …" Du Yanyao carefully told him about the things that happened between Chen Xiang and her, but omitted the part where she was poisoned.

"This brat is the one who annihilated the army of the Demon World. He is indeed not an ordinary person! I don't care what happens between you and him, but you better have some sense of propriety. Don't let yourself be hurt! " Du Kangsheng was extremely familiar with his own daughter, so he was naturally able to see through something.

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