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Wealth was also a part of one's strength. And for Chen Xiang to possess such a rich and powerful wealth at such a young age, this made Du Yanyao feel that he was even more mysterious.

As a City Lord, Du Yanyao had met many different kinds of people, but it was her first time being deeply attracted to a man, and this was all because she felt that Chen Xiang was very mysterious. Of course, in her heart, Chen Xiang was a man of good character.

"Yanyao, I think you should know that there is someone you want to know about!" Before this, Chen Xiang had never heard of Fan Yakun's origins within the city, nor had he heard of the existence of a Fan Family.

"Ask away!" Du Yanyao sat down gracefully. She was still wearing the same black dress, but Chen Xiang felt that she would be even more beautiful if she wore other colors.

"Do you know anything about Fan Yakun?" Chen Xiang drank a small mouthful of tea and waited for Du Yanyao's reply.

"I know him, he is one of the sons of the third young master of Fan Family, he is from the same generation as me. In our generation, his strength and ability to refine pills are among the best. Du Yanyao said as she furrowed her brows, "However, some time ago, he broke the family rules of the Fan Family, and I have no news of him since then."

"So it's like that. I've fought with him before, but this guy is actually so powerful. He even said that he's just a little kid." Chen Xiang touched his chin.

"If we compare him with the fellows in Chaotic Mountain, he is indeed just a little kid." Du Yanyao said.

"Chaotic Mountain? What is this? " Chen Xiang was immediately curious.

"Sacred Dan Realm is a world that all Alchemist s yearn to come to. The alchemy civilizations in this world are indeed ahead of the others, but in Sacred Dan Realm, the origin of the alchemy civilizations is the Chaotic Mountain, and inside that is a very mysterious world. It should be considered a large scale profound Realm, and in the border regions of the eighteenth floor, my grandfather stayed inside for a period of time."

Chen Xiang understood, that was the holy land of the Sacred Dan Realm, it was also a small world inside.

"Young Master Shen, can you do me a favor?" Du Yanyao bit her lips and asked softly.

"Please speak, I will do my best!" Seeing the beautiful posture of the, Chen Xiang secretly praised her in his heart and couldn't help but to stare at Du Yanyao.

Second City Lord and the three City Lord s are dead, and right now, the clan cannot find anyone suitable to take over his position. Before the Sacred Dan Meeting arrives, they will first hold a compet.i.tion to fight for the authority over the Sacred Dan City. Du Yanyao sighed: "When the time comes, I will need at least two people. I don't want to lose the position of City Lord to me.

"It won't be a problem if you want me to fight. I will try my best to win in the tournament, but I'm not someone from the Du Family!" Chen Xiang said, he liked fighting so much, what's more, he had already fused with the Devil-suppressing blood, if they did not let him have a good fight, even in his sleep, he would feel his bones itching.

A charming blush suddenly appeared on Du Yanyao's face as she said in a low voice: "When the time comes, I will tell the outside world that you are my fiance, this is permitted."

Chen Xiang's heart suddenly jumped. In his astonishment, he didn't forget to appreciate this cold beauty's captivating beauty.

From Du Yanyao's point of view, it was very likely that Chen Xiang was a young master of an underworld Alchemist family. Not only did she have a lot of resources, she was also powerful and mysterious, and at the same time did not have the haughty att.i.tude of a rich family's young man. Therefore, she felt that Chen Xiang would look down on her.

"Is my request too much? This fiance is just an excuse for you to fight me, it isn't true... I know that this will definitely affect you, and your wife knows that she will definitely misunderstand. " Du Yanyao sighed, but she actually had another thought in her heart, even though it was only a temporary relationship between husband and wife.

"It doesn't matter, you and I will fight. Who asked me to kill that Second City Lord and the three City Lord s?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Thank you!" Hearing that, Du Yanyao was overjoyed, and revealed a beautiful smile towards Chen Xiang.

"Then how are you going to thank me?"

Chen Xiang took a step forward, and stared at Du Yanyao from a distance. This caused Du Yanyao to immediately lower her head in shyness, and she asked softly: "Young Master Shen, I also have some spiritual herbs, I can give you some …."

"I want to make you promise me your life. Are you willing?" Long Xueyi imitated Chen Xiang's voice and asked with a teasing tone.

Initially, Chen Xiang only wanted to tease this beautiful City Lord, who was as cold as an ice mountain, but she did not want to go too far. However, this mischievous little dragon girl, Long Xueyi, did not care about that much.

"I... I was just saying play, don't take it seriously! " Chen Xiang smiled slightly, but secretly scolded Long Xueyi in his heart. Fortunately, he had already gotten used to this kind of thing and could handle it well.

Seeing the cold beauty City Lord's enchanting and strange appearance, Chen Xiang really wanted to hug her in his arms and kiss her.

"Humph!" Du Yanyao spat out.

"Tomorrow is the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion, then Sacred Dan School's Xie Donghao will also be partic.i.p.ating. If you meet him at that time, you must be careful, he's not a pushover, and he even hates you so much."

"Young Master Shen, to be honest, if I can make the Du Family take charge of the Sacred Dan City for two consecutive sessions, I will receive a generous reward from the clan. Furthermore, the clan will not arrange many things in the future, and I will have more time to cultivate."

Du Yanyao looked at Chen Xiang, and said sincerely: "So, if I can win, I will definitely thank you again."

However, it just so happened that Du Yanyao was sent to take charge of the Sacred Dan City at this stage. If she could let the Du Family obtain the authority of the next Sacred Dan City, then it would be a matter that would make the Du Family proud.

"Hehe, it's so easy to thank me!" Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

"Humph!" Du Yanyao snorted lightly, "Young Master Shen, stop messing around!"

Chen Xiang liked the ice beauty, which made him happy. He laughed and said, "Let's talk after the compet.i.tion, you must be mentally prepared!"

On the second day, Du Yanyao went to be in charge of registration. This was organized by the Sacred Dan School, because the Sacred Dan City was the one who established the Sacred Dan City at the time.

After Du Yanyao returned from registration, the news of her fiance had spread out. Many young elites, while sighing at how good things were, were also secretly cursing Chen Xiang in their hearts. As a result, Chen Xiang's name had also spread throughout the Sacred Dan City overnight.

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