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Chapter 604

For the integration process. Chen Xiang had already been prepared a long time ago. With his experience of fusing with Fire Soul many times, fusing with a Devil-suppressing blood would definitely be very painful.

In the beginning, after the blood entered his body, he did not feel anything strange. He only felt a chilly energy enter his body.

The corners of Du Hai's eyes twitched, because this type of blood could melt his body with a single drop. However, Chen Xiang had currently absorbed over half of it, and he was curious, was Chen Xiang's blood poisonous as well?

"Kid, will you become a Poison Human? "When the time comes, you can do whatever you want!" Du Hai joked.

"That won't happen. After the poison entered my body, it was all refined and disappeared." Before, Chen Xiang also had a question, but now he could confirm this point.

It was hard to imagine that Chen Xiang's body could actually contain so much blood. What made Chen Xiang suspicious was that he did not feel any change in his body, nor did he feel any pain.

It didn't take him long to discover the reason, because the Devil-suppressing blood had not merged with his body and had only replaced the blood in his body, seeping into his bones, muscles, and organs. However, he could feel that the Devil-suppressing blood did not completely belong to him.

"There's something under the box!" Long Xueyi shouted. Chen Xiang looked down and actually saw what Long Xueyi was talking about, it was actually a golden skeleton, a complete human skeleton, and it was extremely thick and st.u.r.dy.

"Senior, please come take a look. This seems to have just appeared!" Chen Xiang called Du Hai over.

"What a strange thing. This isn't something material, nor is it something condensed from qi, but... but an extremely powerful soul body! " Du Hai suddenly exclaimed.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou shouted out at the same time, "Bone soul!"

"Bone soul, this is definitely a Bone soul. When its bones are strong enough, it will produce a Bone soul!" Du Hai's face was full of disbelief as he asked: "Who is this Bone soul? Do you really need to fuse with this Bone soul in order to completely fuse with it? "

"What exactly is this Bone soul?" Chen Xiang asked suspiciously.

"If you want the skeleton to be the foundation of the body, then the flesh and blood will have to depend on the skeleton to be strong, and the Bone soul will be the soul of the skeleton. If one day your own body is completely destroyed, and your soul and Bone soul are still alive, then you can easily recreate the body and revive again!"

As Du Hai said that, he raised the arm that he was missing an arm and said: "For example, now that I don't have a hand, I need to use some pills to revive my palm, but if there is a Bone soul, even if my bones are gone, I can absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to quickly grow a new bone, and from then on my flesh and bones will grow longer, and the strength of my bones and flesh will be the same as before, they will not be affected!"

"If you have a Bone soul, and a strong soul, you can become immortal!"

At this time, Long Xueyi added: "Normally, those who have Bone soul s, their bodies are also called Divine Bodies. Those Divine Sons of Devil-subduing College might have Bone soul s, but if his soul is not strong, then having Bone soul s is of no use! If you want to become a G.o.d, you need to possess both the Bone soul and the divine soul! "

Just as Chen Xiang was staring at the golden Bone soul lying on the ground, a golden light suddenly flashed and the Bone soul turned into a ray of light, shooting into Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang felt the special blood in his body burning like oil, suddenly boiling up, the burning pain filling his entire body, causing him to scream in pain.

He had expected this to happen, but it couldn't ease the pain. He could only endure it. He had experienced it many times over the years. He wouldn't die because of the pain.

Du Hai also retreated to the side. He knew that Chen Xiang was not an ordinary person, he could deal with this kind of situation by himself. What he needed to do now was to make sure that Chen Xiang wouldn't be disturbed.

It was a long and painful process for Chen Xiang to fuse with a Devil-suppressing blood. Chen Xiang was constantly rolling, twitching, struggling on the ground, and the ground was covered with his scratches. His body would occasionally expand, occasionally shrink, and at the same time, be covered in red blood.

Ten days had pa.s.sed and the situation had improved by a lot. Chen Xiang was only in pain now, his body had not undergone any terrifying changes.

Obtaining the Devil-suppressing blood did not increase his true energy, but it did make his body much stronger than before. It was comparable to his true energy and also allowed him to have an even stronger power to suppress demons!

Right now, his Devil-suppressing qi was already formless and formless. This was his most powerful state, and he no longer needed to intentionally activate the Devil-suppressing kungfu to activate it, because he had merged with the Devil-suppressing blood, as long as he used any energy, it would contain an extremely powerful Devil-suppressing qi. It would be many times more deadly than any demon!

"This is the real Devil-suppressing Golden Body!" Chen Xiang stared at the golden energy in his body. Once this energy came out of his body, it would turn into a transparent energy.

"The strength of the body and the power of the zhen qi are completely the same, is this the benefit of living Devil-suppressing blood?" Du Hai was only extremely envious of him now. Although he did not obtain it, it was still an eye-opener for him.

If he fused the power of his fleshly body with his Innate Qi, then the power would be unimaginable. Chen Xiang's entire body would boil at the thought of this, he had only taken two steps, and the ground would tremble slightly. He was still not used to the terrifying power of his own body.

"Familiarize yourself with it. Otherwise, when you shake hands with others, you will crush their hands!" Du Hai laughed.

"I should be able to adapt by walking out from here!" Chen Xiang suddenly sprinted, looking like a berserk beast. Every step he took contained a terrifying power, and every time his feet landed on the ground, he would leave a deep footprint, but that power would penetrate deep into the ground and cause the ground to shake.

Even if he did not use his True Qi now, Chen Xiang's speed had become extremely fast. When he sprinted, he released the strength of his fleshly body to his heart's content, and his body emitted a kind of deterring aura, causing the places he ran through to sink very deep into the ground. After running for a distance, Chen Xiang would only see what seemed like a dried up river in the middle of the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, which were the traces left behind by Chen Xiang after he sprinted.

"Will this kid die if we keep a low profile? There are still quite a few powerful fellows among them! " As Du Hai followed, he scolded quietly. He obviously knew that Chen Xiang was about to rush back to partic.i.p.ate in the Sacred Pill a.s.sembly.

After half a day, Du Hai saw that Chen Xiang was completely familiar with the immense power that he had just received, so he pulled him and quickly flew away from Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest!

Du Hai's speed was extremely fast, and before long, he left the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest. He came to a mountain, and threw Chen Xiang on the ground, and laughed: "I've been missing for so many years, and there are many bulls.h.i.t matters I need to take care of. I'll be leaving first, we'll meet again in the future, remember to treat Yanyao well!"

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