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Chapter 600

Now that Chen Xiang and the Devil-subduing College were even, but he still wanted to stay in the Devil-subduing College, he wanted to see what kind of powerful martial arts the Devil-subduing College had.

Chen Xiang had come over once during this period and his att.i.tude was very good. He had even allowed Chen Xiang to continue staying in the Devil-subduing College as a student, clearly intending to rope Chen Xiang in.

Man Futian came down from the Heaven Realm, but he had only pa.s.sed through the Eight Tribulations of the Nirvana Realm. Although he had brought a lot of resources down from there, it was inevitable that he would need other things in the future. He knew that Chen Xiang knew Hua Xiangyue, and that was one of the few Alchemist s.

Very quickly, all of Devil-subduing College's bounties on Chen Xiang were revoked, and they even announced that they had severely punished Chen Xiang, saying that he had changed his life and was brave enough to admit his wrongs …

However, Chen Xiang was still in the Devil-subduing College in the future, which made many young people who were fighting for victory extremely excited. This was because in this way, he would have the chance to compete with Chen Xiang, and as long as he defeated Chen Xiang, they would be able to become famous in the world.

"So boring. After so long, the egg still hasn't moved at all." Leng Youlan pouted her lips and stretched lazily. She came out of the room, but the moment she saw Chen Xiang, she immediately pounced on him and pulled his hand, waving gently asking Chen Xiang to bring her out for a walk.

Xue Xianxian shook her head and laughed: "You Lan, you have to be patient. Didn't you say you want to become a female warrior whose name shook the world while riding on a Flame Dragon Eagle?

Leng Youlan pouted her long, beautiful white hair, and upon seeing Chen Xiang's disdainful smile, she stomped her feet, "Sister Xianxian, continue, I must hatch the Flame Dragon Eagle!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "I believe you can do it. Oh right, I need to go back to the Super Martial School. It might be some time before I return!"

"En, go. You don't have to worry about us." Xue Xianxian walked in front of Chen Xiang, stood on her tiptoes and kissed Chen Xiang on the lips.

Chen Xiang took out the Luo Tianmen, opened a spatial door, and went to the forest outside the City of the King. After that, he entered the city and pa.s.sed through the Transmission array, returning to the Chen Martial Continent.

Inside Super Martial School, Gu Dongchen was looking at Chen Xiang in disbelief.

"Young senior uncle, what method did you use to make the Devil-subduing College forget about you and not only that, you also didn't investigate the past, allowing you to continue staying in the Devil-subduing College." Gu Dongchen was very suspicious about this.

"That's my ability. I'm going to look for Master. Do you want to come with me?" Chen Xiang laughed.

Hearing that he was going to look for Huang Jintian, Gu Dongchen looked like he had seen a ghost. His expression changed and he anxiously shook his head: "Go by yourself, I have to take charge of Super Martial School now, I don't have time to make him suffer!"

After returning to the Super Martial School, Chen Xiang felt that the atmosphere in the Super Martial School had changed. Everyone inside acted very quickly, and the cities outside had become much quieter, and the number of Super Martial School disciples who were looking for fun in the city had become fewer and fewer. Currently, the Super Martial School was enveloped in a nervous atmosphere, everyone was speeding up their pace to increase their strength, because once the Great War between Three Realms erupted, this Chen Martial Continent would be the front line for the battlefield.

When Huang Jintian saw that Chen Xiang had arrived, he was no longer surprised. He did not torture him anymore as he stared at Chen Xiang with a look of disbelief.

"Little brat, you're actually able to steadily raise your cultivation without relying on me. Furthermore, it happened so quickly, just how did you manage to do that?" Huang Jintian tugged on Chen Xiang's ear and asked. The last time Chen Xiang had entered the Spirit Martial Realm, he was here, but not long after, Chen Xiang had entered the Soul Martial Realm.

"I stayed in the Stellar Transposition Realm for a long time, and I even learned a powerful martial arts, which helped me steadily increase my cultivation." Chen Xiang anxiously said, and then explained the situation between Stellar Transposition Realm and him.

Huang Jintian released Chen Xiang: "So it's like that, there really are many extraordinary powers outside!"

"Master, can you help me predict the Nirvana Doom of two people? Both of them are at the Nirvana tribulation." Chen Xiang said. Such a heaven defying ability like Huang Jintian was extremely rare in this world.

Huang Jintian stroked his beard, and said straightforwardly: "One of them must be Liu Meng'er, that girl. I never thought that she would grow up so fast, I remember she just pa.s.sed the seventh tribulation not long ago, who is the other one!"

Previously, Huang Jintian had said that anyone that Chen Xiang trusted could come to him to predict Nirvana Doom.

"She is called Hua Xiangyue, Dan Fragrance Pure Land …"

Before Chen Xiang could finish his words, he was interrupted by Huang Jintian: "This Hua Xiangyue is no good, as for why you didn't ask, I won't tell you!"

Chen Xiang was dumbstruck. He actually couldn't help Hua Xiangyue predict Nirvana Doom, and there was another reason as well.

"Why?" Chen Xiang wanted to know, and anxiously asked.

"I told you not to ask, be careful that I didn't beat you up." Huang Jintian waved his hands as he released the Dragon Power.

Very quickly, Huang Jintian condensed a white pearl, inside it was the content of Liu Meng'er's Eight Tribulations. Chen Xiang took it, put it away properly, and was about to leave.

However, he was stopped by Huang Jintian. Seeing the mischievous smile on Huang Jintian's face, Chen Xiang knew that he was about to get into trouble. Just as he was pulled back, his back was. .h.i.t by Huang Jintian's palm. The pain spread throughout his entire body, causing him to feel weak, following that, Huang Jintian began to train on him, causing him to scream miserably, it was extremely cruel …

Huang Jintian kept doing this for over a month. During this month, although Chen Xiang felt like he was in h.e.l.l, the rewards he reaped were great because Huang Jintian was always fighting with him, training him in actual combat.

"You can go now." Huang Jintian stretched his back.

Chen Xiang did not say anything, he immediately jumped, but just as he jumped up, his body was suddenly locked down by a force.

"Master, please spare me." Chen Xiang pleaded.

"Hehe, before you left, I'll teach you another move. Your senior brother only learned it when you were in the Hundred refining realm, but I feel that you should be able to learn it now." Huang Jintian chuckled, his hands pushed forward, and an incomparably majestic Dragon Power surged out from his palms. These Dragon Power were different from the ones Chen Xiang had seen before, they were extremely powerful, and formed into a white mist.

"Dragon Subduing Returning Essence." Huang Jintian laughed, the terrifying Qi released from his hands turned into a mighty white dragon, baring his fangs and brandishing his claws, he pounced towards Chen Xiang, the dragon's roar pierced through the clouds, shaking the world.

Just as it was about to reach Chen Xiang, the white dragon that was made of terrifying energy suddenly disappeared, but it brought along a gust of wind that blew Chen Xiang out of the deep pit.

Chen Xiang's bottom fell onto the gra.s.s beside the Sky Cavern, and the dragon's roar that he had just received was still reverberating in the Super Martial profound Realm. He still vividly remembered that destructive force, and when he thought back to it, he felt that he would be immediately destroyed.

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