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Chapter 596

Outside the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest. Chen Xiang stood there and looked at the deep forest that was filled with green poisonous miasma. This forest was very big, and no one knew what dangers were present in the deepest part of the forest.

"Where should I start looking? This place is so big!" Chen Xiang didn't have a clue. He only thought that Du Yanyao's grandfather might be inside, and he couldn't be sure if the Devil-suppressing blood was actually inside.

"Let's go in first, we'll talk later." Let's go in first. Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang turned into a bird and flew in the deep forest. This would make him very safe, unless he met some powerful demon beasts that specialized in killing birds.

This time when he entered, he tried to stay as far away as possible from the place where the Purple dragon flower appeared. There was a powerful fellow there, and he was definitely angry at this moment.

On the way, when Chen Xiang entered the depths of Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, he encountered many powerful poisons, most of them were insects. However, his flying speed was extremely fast, so even if those poisons found him, he could dodge.

After flying for a day and a half, he reached a deeper place, and the poison inside was even stronger. Now, he understood even more the name Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest was not fake, even if he was an immortal, without proper protection, he would definitely be poisoned to death if he entered.

"When did the poison dragon die?" If Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable had wanted to hide things back then, this place would have been the best place to do so. Moreover, he cultivates the Devil-suppressing kungfu, so it is naturally impenetrable as well! " Chen Xiang said, this made him even more certain, that the remnants of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable were truly here.

"Hmm? The Devil-suppressing mirror seemed to have moved! " Chen Xiang was startled, he anxiously turned into his human form and took out the Devil-suppressing mirror, only to see the mirror trembling.

When he was at Martial Contest of the King, he had entered the Evil Demon and obtained the Devil-suppressing mirror. At that time, he had witnessed the power of this mirror, especially when dealing with demons, it gave him fatal injuries. It allowed him to instantly kill demons above his level, as if it was a natural divine tool to slay demons.

"Could it be that the Devil-suppressing mirror is going to guide me?" Chen Xiang turned his body, and when he turned around, the Devil-suppressing mirror's mirror suddenly lit up, shining with a gentle golden light.

Chen Xiang was ecstatic, he kept his Treasure Mirror and transformed into a bird that quickly flew over.

"Is there any other use for the Devil-suppressing mirror that I haven't discovered? He actually had this kind of perception that could transcend s.p.a.ce! When I have time, I have to find out what it is all about. "

When Chen Xiang first obtained this Devil-suppressing mirror, although he obtained detailed information about this treasure mirror, it seemed like this mirror still had a lot of unknown uses.

When a refiner refined a piece of magical equipment, he would usually place a small piece of information on it. When the magical equipment recognized the equipment as its master, he would transmit this message to the person who created it, allowing him to quickly grasp the information on the magical equipment.

"There's someone here!" Long Xueyi shouted in shock: "This man is coming! He is fast!"

As his voice fell, Chen Xiang felt a strong wave of energy rush over. An old man with white hair ran over from afar, his skinny hands crazily waved as waves after waves of sharp palm winds shot out explosively, bringing along a violent force that engulfed a large portion of the deep forest. That wave of energy charged over, and like harvesting straw, broke the majority of the energy waves.

Initially, Chen Xiang was still surprised that he was discovered, but later he realized that the old man's target was not him, but a man dressed in beast skins. This man's speed was unexpectedly also very fast, if not for Long Xueyi's reminder, he probably wouldn't have been able to catch this man.

"They're gone, they're really fast!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, "Could that old man be Du Yanyao's grandfather?"

"It's quite possible that he might be able to catch up with us. However, that old man's strength has not reached the Immortal Realm!" Su Meiyao said.

Who was Chen Xiang that was blown away by the storm of energy just now? However, Long Xueyi was following them with her consciousness, so he could follow these two people.

"That old man is very strong, but when he attacked earlier, he did not use his full strength. He wanted to capture that man alive." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang had transformed into a bird right now, and his speed was not slow either, but he was still thrown far by the two people.

"It's simply impossible to catch up! Have you found anything? " Along the way, Chen Xiang saw many gigantic trees that were cut down by energy waves that were like sharp swords.

"Their speed has slowed down, and the old man's power seems to be weakening as well! The energy waves he released are weakening as well!" Long Xueyi said, which made her a little suspicious. In her opinion, the two of them had the same amount of strength, so it was impossible for them to run slower and slower.

Chen Xiang followed them for the majority of the day. Along the way, he carefully observed the traces left behind by the old man and the man, and noticed that their speed was decreasing, and the old man's attack was also becoming weaker.

At night, Chen Xiang chased after them for an entire day and night without rest, and the two people were like that as well. As the two people's strength gradually weakened, he had already closed the distance between them, so if he continued, he could see those two people.

"They might have been poisoned, so their bodies only contained a bit of power. However, it was slightly restricted. Perhaps that old man is truly that ice beauty's grandfather." Su Meiyao said: "Only this Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest would have this kind of poison, and if a Dan Immortal was tricked, then who is the man he was chasing after? It can actually resist this poison! "

Because Chen Xiang had the Devil-suppressing Golden Body and the Seventy-two changes, he was able to safely enter such a deep place. If it was anyone else, they would have to be very strong to enter.

During the chase, Chen Xiang observed the Devil-suppressing mirror and discovered that it was still moving. It was just that he was not holding it in his hand, and did not know where his target would be.

If I knew earlier, I would have asked Du Yanyao for a portrait of her grandfather! Chen Xiang saw the back of the old man, their speed was slower, the old man's attack was weaker, but they were not tired at all.

Suddenly, the old man roared: "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I'll definitely catch you!"

"Old man, you've been saying these words for so many years, haha …" He heard the man's loud laughter, but the old man suddenly stopped and sat down on the spot.

Chen Xiang who was far away transformed into a human and anxiously took out his Devil-suppressing mirror. Aiming at the place where the man had disappeared, the Devil-suppressing mirror suddenly flickered.

"Strange, why would the Devil-suppressing mirror be able to track a person?" Chen Xiang was extremely suspicious, if it was locating an object, then living in it was a place. It was normal, because it could have been set a long time ago, but now, it was a person who could move.

"Who's there!" The old man shouted in a low voice, and a sharp aura attacked him.

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