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Chapter 491 The Incomparable Charm of the Lady Emperor

The process of devouring lasted for a very long time. This was also because Chen Xiang's skill and body were not powerful enough. Otherwise, the devouring process would be carried out very fast. Of course, he was currently devouring an expert whose strength was many times stronger than his. It was already good enough that he didn't die from it.

Liu Menger's Frost Wind Divine Art was also very powerful. Otherwise, she would have not frozen a martial artist who was a lot stronger than her. Although the frozen duration would be short and consumed a lot of her True Qi, it gave Chen Xiang a chance to use the Demon Devouring Art.

In the meanwhile, Liu Menger was refining the pure True Qi that Chen Xiang transmitted to her, which allowed her gradually enhance her True Qi. The pure True Qi source was endless, so she could continuously use the Frost Wind Divine Art to freeze the middle-aged man of the Fire G.o.d Shrine. Moreover, as Chen Xiang gradually devoured the man's True Qi, his strength had weakened a lot, hence Liu Menger did not need to use too much ice-cold energy to freeze him.

In the blink of an eye, twenty days had pa.s.sed. Although Chen Xiang was enduring the pain, his physical body and divine sense had both increased by a stage! His Immortal and Demon Body had reached the 19th Stage and his soul was around the age of 19. Very quickly, it would finish the growth phase. By then, he would be able to use the G.o.d Traveling in the Nine Heavens Art.

The middle-aged man of the Fire G.o.d Shrine had substantial amount of his power being devoured. He became extremely weak and his voice was hoa.r.s.e. If he knew that Chen Xiang had such a demonic art, he wouldn't have come even if he were coerced. Right now, he could only regret his actions and hated Chen Xiang, but he had no way to break free.

"Kid, even if I die, I will drag you down to h.e.l.l with me!" The middle-aged man suddenly let out a harsh laugh, causing Chen Xiang's expression to change, because he suddenly felt that more and more power was surging into his body, while the middle-aged man's body was slowly drying up as he became extremely old.

"Haha …I'll inflate you to death…" The smile on the middle-aged man's face suddenly disappeared. He let out the last wave of True Qi of him with the last words and infilled into Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang roared. Liu Menger was so anxious that her face was covered in tears. She hurriedly hugged Chen Xiang's swollen body that was filled with fresh blood. Both Chen Xiang's physical body and his consciousness were completely filled up. He would explode to die if the tyrannical power was not to be released.

"Hold him tightly …Then do as I say. Only you can save him now. " Liu Menger, who was at a loss, suddenly heard a melodious and light voice in her mind, which shocked her greatly.

Unable to do anything, she hurriedly asked with her divine sense, "What method?"

"Hold him, shake his hand, and absorb the raging True Qi in his body! I am going to teach you a martial art so that you can absorb the True Qi in his body." Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang had already lost consciousness. Helpless, she could only communicate with Liu Menger.

Liu Menger have no time to find out who the woman she was talking to. She immediately did as Su Meiyao said. In order to alleviate Chen Xiang's pain, she took the initiative to kiss him and hardly separated his teeth, so that her soft tongue could tangled with his.

Some chants began to emerge in her mind. That was the Tai Chi Divine Art, one that evolved from Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Art, which the first martial art that Chen Xiang practiced. Although it was not as powerful as the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Art, it was still a divine art. Liu Menger followed the chants and circulated her True Qi to form a suction force that crazily devoured the tyrannical True Qi inside Chen Xiang's body.

Liu Menger could tell from the chant that it was extraordinary. Some of it was as profound as her Frost Wind Divine Art. She was basically certain that it was definitely a divine art!

As power in his body was released, Chen Xiang quickly recovered. He felt that Liu Menger was kissing him, so he took the initiative to cooperate and enjoy the happiness that came after the pain.

Three days later, the middle-aged man's power was basically absorbed by Liu Menger, but now it was her turn to feel pain all over her body, because the middle-aged man's Fire Soul had entered her body, which meant she was about to fuse another Fire Soul.

"Ah …" Liu Menger shouted, with her face full of pain.

Chen Xiang sighed slightly and hugged Liu Menger in his arms. He could only use the same method Liu Menger used to alleviate her pain. Just like that, the pair of lovebirds tangled together again, painful but happy!

It was not a small matter that Liu Menger fused with another Fire Soul. She already had a Purple Fire Soul, and now she was going to merge with another Purple Fire Soul, so no one knew the result.

During the process of the fusion, Liu Menger's body began to emit purple flames. If Chen Xiang didn't have the Heaven and Earth Flame Soul, he would not have been be able to endure it anymore. What made him unable to hold was that the white dress of Liu Menger that was attached by his blood was burnt. The two were both naked and embraced tightly, while kissing each other like being sticked together.

This sort of physical contact was unprecedented for the two of them, especially when the "malevolent part" of Chen Xiang's body touched Liu Menger's sacred and mysterious place that the two of them felt as if they were electrocuted.

"No, not yet!" Liu Menger hurriedly used her divine sense to send a message to Chen Xiang with a pleading tone. At this moment, she was both shy and anxious. This kind of predicament almost made her lose her ability to think, especially as a hard, hot and big thing pressed on her lower body.

"En!" Chen Xiang lightly replied. He and Liu Menger had not claimed their relation yet. Normally, they would just be insinuating each other, but if they were to take another step forward, it wouldn't work. This taboo couldn't be broken no matter what.

Although Chen Xiang promised not to cross the redline, his bad hand slowly touched Liu Menger's waist as he rubbed the jade-like "snow peaks". This time, he didn't touch them outside her clothes. The wonderful feeling almost made him lose consciousness from excitement. Furthermore, he could not stop. He used both his hands to stroke her snow-white, beautiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s greedily.

Liu Menger was extremely shy. However, she did not stop him as she recalled that Chen Xiang had suffered so much before. Instead, she hugged his muscular waist, kissing him while allowing him to play with her proud "snow rabbits" avariciously.

Of course, this made Chen Xiang's evil fire even more intense, making him feel even worse. He really wanted to do everything he could to vent, but right now, Liu Menger was fusing her Fire Soul. If there was any accident on her, he would never forgive himself, so he had to endure it. Such endurance made him feel more painful than he did when he devoured the man's power. It was more suffering.

What made Chen Xiang feel gratified was that he could unscrupulously stroke the pair of her long-loved "rabbits". Sometimes, he would rub them vigorously, and at other times, he would lightly squeeze the pink "lotus seeds" and made Liu Menger to occasionally let out a soft moan.

Three days later, Liu Menger successfully merged the Fire Soul. The first thing she did was quickly put on her clothes. Recalling how Chen Xiang's evil hands had touched her entire body during these three days, her face was burning hot. Her v.a.g.i.n.a were also repeatedly lifted up by Chen Xiang, causing her to show embarra.s.sment repet.i.tively and her lower body wet, which made Chen Xiang smiled evilly.

"Hurry up and put on your clothes." Liu Menger shouted in a charming voice. Her face flushed with an intoxicating shade of red. ~

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