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Chapter 593

The place Chen Xiang was in wasn't the deepest part. However, if he were to encounter such a powerful demonic beast, what could he do in the depths?

"Let's hurry up and go. All the demon beasts here are very powerful, maybe there are even existences on the level of immortal beasts!" Long Xueyi urged, she was worried that some powerful people would pop out. This was because this place was not like the Mortal Wu Realm, it was a place of a high level like the Immortal World.

Chen Xiang had already gotten his way, as long as he left this place earlier, although the poison did not harm him, the beasts that grew up here would definitely not be weak, especially the beasts that guarded the Purple dragon flower.

At dawn, he walked out of the gloomy and terrifying Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest. He knew that there were definitely many rare medicinal herbs growing inside, and from the looks of the Purple dragon flower he had obtained, there was definitely quite a bit of immortal medicine inside.

The Sacred Dan City's entrance was decorated with lanterns and decorations. The city gate was dressed very grandly, as if it was welcoming a big shot from above.

After Chen Xiang entered the city gate, all he saw was a long red carpet spread out on the street, reaching a luxurious building in the distance. This made him secretly surprised, in just one day, this Sacred Dan City had undergone such a huge change.

On both sides of the red carpet stood a group of majestic and valiant warriors with large sabers at their waists. They were solemn and dignified and did not allow anyone to step on the red carpet, which made many people very unhappy, but they couldn't do anything because as long as they weren't stupid, they knew that the people who came would have a very high status.

This street did not lead to the City Lord's Mansion, so it was obvious that the people who came to this street were not going to the Sacred Dan City. Du Yanyao's status was already very high, but now there was actually someone taller than her, which made Chen Xiang extremely curious. As he walked on the street, he could not figure out anything, and many people were the same as him, curious about the person who was about to arrive.

Previously, Du Yanyao had said that as long as he returned safely, he would pay her a visit at the City Lord's Mansion.

Du Yanyao held a very high position in the Sacred Dan Realm, and was very knowledgeable, so Chen Xiang had wanted to find someone like him to investigate more about this Sacred Dan Realm.

When he arrived at the entrance of the City Lord's Mansion, the guards at the door did not stop him. They all received Du Yanyao's orders to allow him in.

Inside City Lord's Mansion, Du Yanyao held a thin sword in her hand, and danced about in the courtyard. From afar, Chen Xiang could see her beautiful figure, although her sword techniques were extremely sharp and carried a killing intent, it did not affect her beauty in the slightest, but also gave off a strange feeling.

"To be able to watch the City Lord dance is truly a type of enjoyment!" Chen Xiang clapped his hands and laughed, what he said was the truth.

When Du Yanyao saw that Chen Xiang had arrived, she was elated, but she did not reveal it. She maintained her ice-cold temperament, as she did not want Chen Xiang to see her emotions.

"Young master, I still do not know your name. Can you tell me your name?" Du Yanyao kept her sword well. In her eyes, Chen Xiang was very mysterious, but she was a very upright person. Especially after what happened last time, Chen Xiang had a very good impression of him.

This was very rare for her, because over the years, there weren't many men who could be taken seriously by her.

"My name is Chen Xiang, why doesn't City Lord Du invite me in to have a cup of tea or something?" Chen Xiang smiled.

She watched as Chen Xiang drank the tea she brewed, and saw his satisfied expression. Only then did she heave a sigh of relief in her heart, not knowing why she was so nervous, as this was something she had never experienced before.

"Young master Shen, did you get the Purple dragon flower?" Du Yanyao asked in a low voice.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "I've got it, but I'll have to ask City Lord Du to keep it a secret for me."

Du Yanyao's eyes flashed with shock, and she said: "Mn, don't worry! Young Master Shen helped me so much, I won't harm you! "

Chen Xiang smiled faintly as he stared at Du Yanyao. Looking at that ice-cold and beautiful face, he couldn't help but recall the seductive att.i.tude she had when she was poisoned.

As long as Du Yanyao didn't know what Chen Xiang was thinking, it was still the first time she felt this way when she saw Chen Xiang staring at her like a little deer running amok. At this moment, she hated herself for being dumb, and why she was born cold and didn't know how to attract men.

Du Yanyao suddenly became silent, she did not know what to say, although her face was ice cold, but her heart was very nervous and shy.

Chen Xiang saw Du Yanyao pursed her lips and her cold face turn slightly red. She felt that it was somewhat unbelievable and said: "City Lord Du, when I went back to the city and saw the people outside looking so solemn, who exactly was coming? I just came out from the mountains and don't really understand Sacred Dan Realm, can you tell me about it? "

Du Yanyao immediately replied: That is the chief disciple of the first level of Sacred Dan School, he is one of the hundred over grandchildren of the Leader, with outstanding talent, coupled with his talent in alchemy, he has been nurtured greatly by the Sacred Dan School, and is an expert at the peak of the Hundred refining realm at such a young age.

The Sacred Dan Realm had eighteen floors, and the eighteenth floor was the strongest place, and although the first floor was the lowest, it was very powerful to be able to get the head of the top disciples in a large power here.

"No wonder. Oh right, why did so many Nirvana Stage s suddenly disappear?" The last time he came here, he could even occasionally see one or two of them on the streets, but now, he could not see any of them.

"You saw the rift between the and the devil realm last time right? Not only are there cracks on the first level, there are cracks on the first level as well. Now, they have sealed the crack on the first level, and the second, third, and fourth level is next … Furthermore, the higher the level, the harder it is to seal and it will have to defend against the devils. Therefore, the great powers in the Sacred Dan Realm have called for many Nirvana Stage s to seal the spatial crack. " Du Yanyao explained.

It was the same as the situation in the Chen Martial Continent back then, when many rankers were also summoned to seal the crevice.

"What is this fellow doing here?" And he's still so high-profile, is he usually like this? " Chen Xiang asked curiously, he suddenly wanted to go and meet such a person, after all, he was someone with a strong ability and a strong level of alchemy.

"Yes, that's why I hate him! "Oh right, Young Master Shen, you seem to be able to forge pills as well, right? I can see that your pill forging abilities aren't weak at all. In that case, you can still..." As she spoke till here, Du Yanyao's face flushed red, and she blushed in front of the man. This was something she couldn't have imagined before.

At that time, Chen Xiang was being pestered by Du Yanyao who was in heat, to be able to calm down and concoct pills in that kind of situation, not just anyone could have such mental fort.i.tude!

City Lord Du is also a Alchemist, if we have the chance in the future we must discuss it thoroughly. " Chen Xiang coughed twice, thinking of how Du Yanyao was poisoned, his heart started to waver.

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